Jan 1, 2018

15 Cool Mountain Themed Products.

Now who doesn't like relaxing in serene surroundings where nature is at its best; mountains, greenery and just you relaxing? If you are a climber or into trekking, then its much more better. But for the rest who wish to be around such surroundings and yet are sitting in front of their screen, we have these cool mountain themed products that are sure to make you feel happy looking at them.

Mt. Fuji Sauce Dish: This ceramic Mt. Fuji Sauce Dish is sure to make your sushi eating experience a lot more interesting; thought it got nothing to do with the taste, that's the chefs doing, but its clever design is sure to make a strong presentation. The sauce dish is shaped like Mt. Fuji at 1:80,000 scale, features a special space for spicy wasabi, while a lake-like basin in front of the mountain creates a soy sauce lake for your sushi. More info.

Mt. Fuji Sauce Dish
Fuji Miniature Chocolates: When it comes to chocolates we think the shape hardly matters. Don't you think so? We get it that the brand does matter and well presentation just can't be set aside. But when delicious chocolates and that too which look like mini replicas of Fuji is available, its mouth watering. The Fuji Miniature Chocolates come in set of 16 chocolates, each a mini replica of Fuji to a scale of 180,000:1 and complete with a topping at the peak. Buy Now.

Fuji Miniature Chocolates
Matterhorn Mountain Glass: How about enjoying your favorite beverage in a cool mountain themed glass? When you pour your favorite beverage in this Matterhorn Mountain Glass, your beverage washes down the mountain graciously and submerges it completely. Now this miniature peak from the Alps waits patiently for you to complete your beverage to rise again. Buy Now.

Matterhorn Mountain Glass
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Fujiyama Glass: On a simple first glance we are sure you aren't going to find this Fujiyama Glass interesting. But wait, its clever design completes when you pour your favorite beverage in it along with a bit of head, and then Mt. Fuji appears in all its glory. Buy Now.

Fujiyama Glass
Mountain Range Ring: Mountains have different meaning for different people, depending on how one associates with them. It can symbolize dream, determination, hard work or triumph. Climbing Mt. Everest is adventurous and a dream for many, and how you connect with mountains is up to you. But for sure no climber is going to miss out on this cool Mountain Range Ring. Buy Now.

Mountain Range Ring
Mountain Pillows: These Mountain Pillows are just the thing you need for creating an adventurous nursery for the young climber. Buy Now.

Mountain Pillows
Fuji on the Rock Iceblock Maker: Having your favorite beverage on the top of mountain appeals to you? Well this Fuji on the Rock Iceblock Maker isn't going to teleport you nor is it designed for such. It forms iceblocks in shape of the mountain and that includes the iconic tip too. So next time you are set for your favorite beverage, have these mini versions of Mt. Fuji in your glass to get the right feel. Buy Now.

Fuji on the Rock Iceblock Maker
Mt. Fuji Candle: How about having your own miniature Mt. Fuji (or "Fuji-san" for the Japanese) right on your coffee table, shelf or mantelpiece? Sounds interesting? Well this Mt. Fuji Candle is just the thing you need, what more it even gives out cherry blossom fragrance. Buy Now.

Mt. Fuji Candle
Mt. Fuji 360-Degree Book: The Mt. Fuji 360-Degree Book is a beautifully detailed three-dimensional diorama picture book that's part book, and part sculpture. Buy Now.

Mt. Fuji 360-Degree Book
Mountain Bulletin Board: It's a cork bulletin board in the shape of a mountain range with small fir trees as pins. Buy Now.

Mountain Bulletin BoardPlant Fuji: Plant Fuji is a ceramic mountain shaped planter that's perfect for your favorite plants. Buy Now.

Plant Fuji
Mountain Bookends: Aren't mountains supposed to be the strongest? If you say yes, then there isn't much to think anymore, just give these handcrafted mountain peak bookends the responsibility to keep your favorite books organized. Buy Now.

Mountain Bookends
Mountain Keyrack: Mountains are really big, runs into thousands of feet, while climbers make the most of it, their weight is of no issue to them, Now we have this miniature guy who is surely capable of holding your multiple keys securely. Buy Now.

Mountain Keyrack
Mountain Shelf: The Mountain Shelf looks artistic in itself while you can use it to house small succulents and air plants or artifacts; it's your call. Buy Now.

Mountain Shelf
Mountains Decals: These Mountains Decals comes in multiple colors and sizes and lets you create a mountain range right in your living room. Buy Now.

Mountains Decals

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