Jan 25, 2018

15 Cool Cat Themed Products.

If you are a cat person then we don't need to tell you anything about these cool cat themed products. And if you don't have a cat at home but want one but cant have due to limited time and resources, then these cool cat themed products are here to make your day. These are just purrrfect!

Cat Peeler: This cool cat vegetable peeler makes your kitchen chores a little bit interesting. It sits on your countertop, and sticks out its tongue whenever you peel your vegetables. Buy Now.

Cat Peeler
Cat Tail: If you are into reading then you do need a bookmark and what better can be than this cool cat tail bookmark. Buy Now.

Cat Tail
Cat Face Pore Cleansing Brush: The Cat Face Pore Cleansing Brush is here to make you look beautiful, it provides four different types of cleaning patterns on your skin to clean it. Buy Now.

Cat Face Pore Cleansing Brush
Cat Ring: The cat ring consists of three parts; its Persian head, paws and a bell. Buy Now.

Cat Ring
Cat Tights: These cool Cat Tights are here so you can have two cute feline friends right on your legs. It gives you a cat head on the front and a curling cat tail on the back. Buy Now.

Cat Tights
Cat Measuring Spoons: Its really important that you make the perfect measurements of your ingredients to make a delicious meal. And what better can be than these Cat Measuring Spoons? These are here to give a touch of humor and fun to your cooking. Buy Now.

Cat Measuring Spoons
Cat Face Cat Bed: The Cat Face Cat Bed is just the thing you need for your favorite cat, its comfortable and indestructible and makes a cool bedroom. So your cat is sure to sleep tight tonight in it. Buy Now.

Cat Face Cat Bed
Cat Clock: The Cat Clock features moving eyes, is designed to cheer you up during tough times and bring a smile to your face. Buy Now.

Cat Clock
Cat Tail Car Decal: The Cat Tail Car Decal is designed for cars with a rear window wiper. The cat sticks on your rear window while its tail sticks on to your rear window wiper. And when you power on the rear window wiper, it creates an illusion as if the cat is moving its tail and cleaning your rear window. Buy Now.

Cat Tail Car Decal
Cat Napkins: We aren't much of a cat people, we for sure know that dogs do come and ask for food at the dinner table but we aren't sure about cats. But these cat napkins come in 4 different designs per pack and we aren't sure if they are here for your food or just to nap on your lap. Buy Now.

Cat Napkins
Cat Bike Bell: The Cat Bike Bell is here to give your bike some cat-titude. It's a simple brass bell that's sure to get attention of even the most oblivious dog walker. Buy Now.

Cat Bike Bell
Cat and Dog Paper Clips: These Cat and Dog Paper Clips come in set of 5 gold clips to keep all your papers organized. Buy Now.

Cat and Dog Paper Clips
Cat Pendant: This cool cat head pendant is handmade, its eyes are made from green phianite, and is sure to get everyone's attention. Buy Now.

Cat Pendant
Cat Coin Bank: The Cat Coin Bank saves coins in style, just place the coin on its plate and the cat reaches from inside the box and takes the coin inside his cardboard home. Buy Now.

Cat Coin Bank

Customized Cat Ring: You can't be away from your favorite cat, but duty calls. Now you can have your favorite cat made into jewelry and have it on your fingers all the time. Buy Now.

Customized Cat Ring

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