Jan 8, 2018

15 Best Carpets For Your Home.

Looking for some cool carpets to decorate your home? Look no further we have the best carpets that are sure to look great in your home while adding to the décor.

Tree Trunk Carpet: The Tree Trunk Carpet is your perfect choice for getting the calming shapes and colors of nature into your home. Tree Trunk Wool and Silk is a contemporary carpet that gives an impression of a very thin section of a tree trunk. It's a limited edition modern carpet that goes even on a wall; it's your call. Buy Now.

Tree Trunk Carpet
Piñata Carpet: The Piñata Carpet is an art piece and not best suited for walking on. It can go on the wall, or you can use it to sit, play on, read or relax. Just another small detail: no Piñata was involved anyway in making of this carpet. Buy Now.

Piñata Carpet
Marvel Carpet: The Marvel Carpet is just the thing you need to have for the symbolic representation of superpower of the super heroes. Buy Now.

Marvel Carpet
Space Carpet: For those who have always been fascinated by space, this Space Carpet takes its inspiration by Hubble telescope images and brings the space into your home right under your feet. Buy Now.

Space Carpet
Woody Carpet: The Woody Carpet is a geometric, linen carpet that comes with an integrated wooden board in the center. Just the thing you need to sit on the floor, read a book, play or just relax. Buy Now.

Woody Carpet
Wool Pebble Carpet: The Wool Pebble Carpet is a beautiful combination of smooth natural riverstones with the warmth of wool. Buy Now.

Wool Pebble Carpet
Hopscotch Carpet: The Hopscotch Carpet lets you get the classic hopscotch right in your living room so your little ones can play anytime. Buy Now.

Hopscotch Carpet
Beach Sea and Ocean Wave Area Carpet: The Beach Sea and Ocean Wave Area Carpet brings the beach scenery right under your feet in your own home. Buy Now.

Beach Sea and Ocean Wave Area Carpet
Knit Carpet: The Knit Carpet is a decorative carpet best suited for kid's room, and not suited for much walking on. Buy Now.

Knit Carpet
Icelandic Curly Sheepskin Carpet: The Icelandic Curly Sheepskin Carpet is made from the softest, thickest natural sheepskins and lets you give a touch of luxury to your home. Buy Now.

Icelandic Curly Sheepskin Carpet
Area Carpet: The Area Carpet features a simple modern design that makes it the perfect choice for any floor. Buy Now.

Area Carpet
Han Solo in Carbonite Carpet: The Han Solo in Carbonite Floor Runner is perfect for letting your guests know whoever enters your home, you are not to be trifled with. Buy Now.

Han Solo in Carbonite Carpet
Starwars Themed Carpet: This Starwars Themed Carpet is handmade; it measures 6'x6', and is handknotted in wool and bamboo. Buy Now.

Starwars Themed Carpet
Blue Moon Waltz Mat: The Blue Moon Waltz is a glow in the dark carpet that absorbs light during the day and illuminates during the night. It's designed to give you a surreal experience as if you are dancing on the Moon. Buy Now.

Blue Moon Waltz Mat
Chewbacca Carpet: Do you think Chewbacca looks like a carpet to you or let us rephrase this, does Chewbacca's fur looks like carpet to you? Princess Leia calls Chewie a walking carpet while Fett wanted to turn Chewbacca into a carpet. Well we have this cool carpet that looks just like Chewbacca's fur, and don't worry the Wookiees are safe. Buy Now.

Chewbacca Carpet

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