Dec 1, 2017

15 Useful Gifts For Tea Drinkers.

Looking for the best gifts for tea drinkers? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Gifts For Tea Drinkers' from all over the world for you.

Transparent Electric Kettle: The Hamilton Beach's Glass Electric Kettle provides a 360-degree view (most of it, anyway). The 1.7-liter electric kettle comes with a corded stainless steel base, 1500-watt heat coil, features auto shutoff with boildry protection and blue illumination in the glass kettle makes the water inside glow. Buy Now.

Transparent Electric Kettle
Bendable Sofa Tray Table: The bendable sofa tray is a wooden tray that can be placed on the armrest of the sofa and it bends to give a makeshift table to keep tea and eatables. It comes with a linen fabric on the backside that is almost wearproof and provides the needed flexibility to the tray. It measures 22.5" x 14" (57 x 35 cm) and is perfect with every rectangular armrest. Buy Now.

Bendable Sofa Tray Table
Tea Diver: These creative tea infusers are inspired by the shape of Meoguri. Buy Now.

Tea DiverDonut USB Cup Warmer: The Donut USB Cup Warmer lets one enjoy a warm cup of tea at the right temperature, just simply connect it to a USB port and its good to go. This Freshly Baked Donut shaped Cup Warmer even has sprinkles, enjoy. Buy Now.

Donut USB Cup Warmer
Tipping Teacup: It has an unusual angled bottom that allows it to rest in two different ways. Just place loose leaf tea in the container with the screen, pour hotwater through, allow it to steep, and simply tip the cup in the other direction to lift the leaves out of the water. Buy Now.

Tipping TeacupVolkswagen Campervan Travel Cup: The Volkswagen Campervan Travel Cup is perfect for taking one's beverage along and it keeps the beverage the way they want it. It features dual wall insulation, a quick closure and a secure cover making it perfect for those who are on the move. Its made of stainless steel and holds 450ml. Buy Now.

Volkswagen Campervan Travel Cup
Tea Matter Tea Strainer: Designed by Alan Chan for Alessi, it features a tea strainer bird. Use it to strain tea while pouring from a teapot and place it back inside; it tweets melodically when removing and placing back inside. Buy Now.

Tea Matter Tea Strainer
Cacti Coasters: The Cacti Coasters does all the things one expects from the regular coasters, but in addition to this it turns into a decorative succulent when not in use. The set includes six cork covered wooden mats stored neatly inside a terracotta flowerpot. One can arrange the six drink mats in the included planter and create an artificial cactus plant. Buy Now.

Cacti Coasters
Narwhal Cup: This cute Narwhal was born different, has blushing cheeks, lengthy eyelashes and a modest horn. It comes with an oversized blowhole that's perfectly shaped for sipping tea or use it to store stationary. It measures approximately 18cm tall x 14cm wide x 14.5cm deep. Buy Now.

Narwhal Cup
Penguin Teaboy: With this, one can create the perfect cup of tea everytime they need; all one needs to do is set the timer from 1 minute to 20 minutes. Buy Now.

Penguin TeaboyAppkettle: This smart kettle allows one to control its temperature, volume, timings and energy usage using its app. Its Wi-Fi enabled and comes with Cloudsupport that allows one to remotely access it outside the WiFi areas. One can schedule it, set temperature, time, save preferences and more. Buy Now.

Balaclava Teapot: This unusual tea set includes the teapot and the balaclava tea cozy. Buy Now.

Balaclava TeapotRock Climbing Cup: If one is into rock climbing and has been too busy to be part of it, this Rock Climbing Cup is prefect for them. It's sure to give a bit of challenge for the morning tea. It comes with a rock climbing hold attached for a handle. Buy Now.

Rock Climbing Cup
Tea Sub: Cool teasub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of the cup, creating a perfect cup of tea. Buy Now.

Tea SubTie Tea Cup: Simply tie the tea bags to it and no more fishing around for it in the cup. Buy Now.

Tie Tea Cup

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