Dec 2, 2017

15 Useful Gifts for Gardeners.

Looking for the best gifts for gardeners? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Gifts for Gardeners' from all over the world for you.

Tomato Success Kit: The Tomato Success Kit is perfect for those who have limited knowledge about gardening or limited space. It comes with everything one needs to grow delicious tomatoes. Its self-watering, includes planter, support system, soil mix and more and lets one grow big crops of tastier tomatoes. Buy Now.

Tomato Success Kit
Urbio Magnetic Modular System: The Urbio Magnetic Modular System is an attractive way to stay organized while adding a touch of greenery to the walls. It attaches to the wall, and one can attach the containers of their choice. The magnetic containers attach to the wall plate. Buy Now.

Urbio Magnetic Modular System
Grow and Glow Groot: How about creating one's own Groot plant? Now one can grow two different plants that surround the Groot, turn on the light-up branches and display the growing Groot. Buy Now.

Grow and Glow Groot
Gloves With Built In Claws: These gardening gloves come with built-in claws on the ends of the fingers that makes digging, planting, and more fast and easy. These gloves are completely waterproof, features a flexible design, are durable and punctureresistant to protect the hands. Buy Now.

Gloves With Built In Claws

Véritable Indoor Garden: The Véritable Indoor Garden is a complete autonomous device that takes care of irrigation, lighting and nutrients of the garden on its own. It provides perfect growing conditions for herbs and plants all year round. The Véritable Lingots are specially engineered blocks to adapt to the needs and development of different plant types and contain organic seeds, natural soil substrate and essential nutrients. Its lighting system automatically stays on for 16 hrs a day, mimics natural daylight and ensures an optimal growth rate for plants. One can adjust the two separate lightings to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant. One can place 4 Lingots of their choice in the Véritable Garden; it's easy to set up and requires surface area equal to a letter size sheet of paper. In another variant, the Intelligent Véritable Garden adapts to the interior's brightness and adjusts the lights' intensity to the right amount of light. Its app lets one manage the plant's growth and provides various useful tips. Buy Now.

Véritable Indoor Garden
Bulbasaur and Oddish Planter: The Bulbasaur and Oddish make really cool planters, what more, the designer has beautifully designed the planters integrating the physical attributes of these Pokemon characters. These two guys are here to keep company on the desk or windowsill at home or at the office. These planters stand at about 2.5 inches high and are best suited for small plants. Buy Now.

Bulbasaur and Oddish Planter
Potato Barrel: The Potato Barrel is a frost proof potato planter that lets one grow delicious potatoes right on a patio or even a balcony and when one needs fresh potatoes, simply lift up the sides of the barrel to harvest just few at a time or as needed. It comes with 80 liters capacity, measures 60cm H x 43cm D and one can plant 5 seed potatoes. Buy Now.

Potato Barrel
Log Planter: Its not a log with a hollowed out trunk, but it's a log inspired planter that looks like the real thing and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Buy Now.

Log Planter
Smart Herbs Garden: This smart garden allows one to grow fresh herbs at home. To grow one's favorite herbs and spices at home, all one needs to do is just plug it into the wall and fill water; the smart device does the rest. No more need to worry about the plants having enough water, nutrients or light. Buy Now.

Smart Herbs Garden

AeroGarden: Aerogarden uses aeroponics to grow plants without the use of soil and instead uses air or mist. This automated indoor kitchen garden places plant's root system in a 100% humid, oxygenated and nutrient-rich growing area. One can easily grow herbs and vegetables in around 28 days. Buy Now.


Living Wall Planters: The Living Wall Planters makes it easy to grow herbs and put them on the walls. It features an integrated irrigation system that waters several plants in one go. These planters features removable containers that are designed to hold water to irrigate plants for several days. Its Grow "Picture" Light makes herbs grow as if they are in an outdoor space. Buy Now.

Living Wall Planters

AquaSprouts Garden: AquaSprouts Garden is a self-sustaining aquarium and garden. It turns any 10-gallon aquarium into an aquaponic garden. One can grow their favorite veggies, and herbs all-year-round. The fishes provide nutrients for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fishes. It uses clay pebbles to support the plants. The timer turns on the pump every hour for 15 minutes to bring water from the aquarium to the grow-bed. Buy Now.

AquaSprouts Garden
Microfarm: The Microfarm is an aquaponic garden that requires almost no maintenance. It goes right on top of a 10-gallon aquarium and lets one grow their favorite veggies, and herbs all-year-round. Buy Now.


Bottle Plantnannies: Made of terracotta, these can be fitted on bottles. One has to refill the bottle full of water and push it in the plant's soil; it waters the plants while they are away. It creates an interesting and practical use for old bottles. Buy Now.

Bottle PlantnanniesGardener's Hollow Leg Tote: Just strap to the waist, use it for holding fruits, herbs and more, it can hold more that 5 gallons. Buy Now.

Gardener's Hollow Leg Tote

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