Dec 19, 2017

15 Useful Gifts for Avid Readers.

Looking for the best gifts for avid readers? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Gifts for Avid Readers' from all over the world.

Bookmark Rockmark: The Bookmark Rockmark is perfect for those who are into music and reading. Buy Now.

Bookmark Rockmark
Storybook Carpet: The Storybook Carpet looks real sweet and for sure is going to be a perfect addition in a kid's room. Its called the Pop Up Book Carpet designed by the Bob Foundation, and comes from Japan. Its one side says Once Upon a Time and the other side says Happily Ever After. It a cool way to initiate interest in kids for reading books. Buy Now.

Storybook Carpet
Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder: The Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder is perfect for holding pencils and glasses, features bright red lips and the words You're Spectacular. Buy Now.

Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder
Books Shower Curtain: The Books Shower Curtain is 100% polyester with image printed directly on the curtain that lets one give a of literary touch to their bathroom. Buy Now.

Books Shower Curtain
Paperback Shelf: The Paperback Shelf is made of 1.5 mm sheet steel that is folded into a stable shape, comes with hardly any visible support and is perfect for one's favorite books. Buy Now.

Paperback Shelf
Book Stair Decals: How about turning a staircase into a distinguished library using these cool book stair decals? These are customized, so one can choose any title they want or can come up with something of their own. Buy Now.

Book Stair Decals
DSLR Camera Bookends: The DSLR Camera Bookends is handcrafted with detailed carvings, is 2/3 of real life size of the popular Canon 7D camera with zoom kit lens, keeps the books in order and is perfect for those who are into photography. Buy Now.

DSLR Camera Bookends
Book Plates: The Book Plates are perfect for a wide variety of cuisines. Buy Now.

Book Plates
Folding Book Night Light: The Folding Book Night Light folds right back on itself and gives out light around 360 degrees. Its USB rechargeable; lasts up to 6 hours, and comes with 2500mAh. There are two lighting color options to choose from - yellow and white. Buy Now.

Folding Book Night Light
Bibliotek Vase: The Bibliotek Vases from Seletti are made out of porcelain, looks like a set of books, makes a perfect addition to home library. Just put the favorite flower in them or use them to hold stationary like ruler, brushes, pens and more. What more, it can be even used as bookends. Buy Now.

Bibliotek Vase
Freestanding Bookshelf: Hoja is a freestanding bookshelf that holds about 40 books or multiple magazines in a small space. Buy Now.

Freestanding Bookshelf
Book Page Luminary Bag: The Book Page Luminary Bag is fashioned out of vintage book pages, looks cool as table centerpieces for homes, parties, events and more, available in three sizes. Buy Now.

Book Page Luminary Bag
Book Bench: Book Bench is part of a book-themed furniture created by Big Cozy Books. It has perfect height for sitting and are available in 6', 7' and 8' lengths. It's sure to create the right type of setting in a home library. Buy Now.

Book BenchSuperman Bookmark: This handmade wooden Superman Bookmark waits patiently in the book and lets one return to the right page. Buy Now.

Superman Bookmark
Books Pillow Cover: The Old Books Pillow Covers are sure to look great in the library. These come with print on both sides and feature a hidden zipper. These are available in three sizes: 16x16, 18x18 or 20x20. Buy Now.

Books Pillow Cover

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