Dec 14, 2017

15 Useful Bedroom Gifts.

Looking for the best bedroom gifts? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Bedroom Gifts' from all over the world for you.

DreamMe: DreamMe uses a special optical system and shows the information from the smartphone right onto the roomceiling. Its app can be used to choose different categories of information to be displayed and the appropriate placement. One can display a clock, weather report, count sheep to fall asleep and more. Buy Now.

2breathe: 2breathe is a smart device that works along with its app on the smartphone and guides breathing to induce sleep. Strap this wearable gadget around the waist and the breathing is transformed in real time into tones that gradually guide to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing. Buy Now.

2breathe is a smart bed light that automatically turns on when one gets out of bed and walks. So no more walking in dark to the bathroom, one gets an illuminated floor as soon as they get out of bed. Buy Now.

Eight: Eight is a smart mattress cover that turns a regular bed into a smart bed that can intelligently manage the temperature of the bed, track sleep, and integrate with the smart home. Buy Now.

Eight smart mattress cover

SmartShaker: The SmartShaker is an app enabled bed alarmshaker that wakes one up from deep slumber. It connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone, and lets one set time and day and choose to be woken up by buzzing, alarmtone or both. It can be place under the pillow, and when it buzzes to wake up, others aren't disturbed. Buy Now.


The Holding Cellphone Holder: The Holding Cellphone Holder is a simple device that gives storage space for the smartphone. It comes with a built-in recharging cord holder, can hold any smartphone or baby monitor, and keeps the device within reach. Buy Now.

The Holding Cellphone Holder

Ruggie Alarmclock: If getting out of the bed is an issue in the mornings, then Ruggie Alarmclock is a must for them. This floor mat alarmclock gives out sounds ranging from 90-120 decibels and one needs to step on it for 3 seconds to turn off the sound. One can upload their favorite MP3 files, motivational speeches and more. Buy Now.

Ruggie Alarmclock

Urban Shelf: The Urban Shelf is a space saving bedside storage system for smart phones, smart devices and other essentials; it folds flat to only 1/2" thick. Buy Now.

Urban Shelf
Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor: The Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker is an extremely thin device that stays hidden under the bed sheet and analyzes sleep quality. It gets the personal insights of why one sleeps well or why not. Its app gives all the data needed to improve sleep quality. Buy Now.

Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor
The Man Table: The Man Table - don't judge a book by its cover perfectly suits here. It may look like any other side table, but underneath this exterior is a refrigerated cooler, perfect for keeping one's favorite beverage chilled by their bedside. Buy Now.

The Man Table
Bed Butler Bedside Caddy: The Bed Butler Bedside Caddy holds laptops up to 17", magazines, smart devices, books, smart phones, remotes, pens, glasses and more, all within reach while one rests in the bed. Buy Now.

Bed Butler Bedside Caddy
Hue Go: The Hue Go is a smart portable light that can be taken everywhere around the home. Use iOS or Android device via the Philips Hue app for setting timers, notifications, and more. And if there is no smart device around, one can also control the light using the on-product control. It features 5 natural dynamic effects, 16 million colors, is Hue connected, and IFTTT friendly. It lasts up to 3 hours on a recharge. Buy Now.

Hue Go

Pretty Smart Lamp: The Pretty Smart Lamp is a smart Bluetooth-enabled lamp that lets one find their phone, recharge gadgets, alerts notifications, and works with the smart thermostat. To find the phone, double tap it and the phone's flashlight will activate and the phone will ring. The USB cable can be used to recharge the phone directly from the lamp. It can detect the surrounding temperature and communicates with the smart thermostat to keep the comfortable. Using its app one can select any color they like and control the brightness. Buy Now.

Pretty Smart Lamp

Illuminated Table: The KVAD Illuminated Table by Rotoluxe features a flat top surface that allows one to use it as a sleek end table, podium or seat. Buy Now.

Illuminated Table
Stars Projector: This Stars Projector transforms the bedroom into a private star-filled universe. Buy Now.

Stars Projector

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