Dec 12, 2017

15 Useful Bath Gifts.

Looking for the best bath gifts? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Bath Gifts' from all over the world for you.

Shower Gel: The Bag Shower Gel comes with 13.5-ounces of cherry scented shower gel in a bag along with a rope cord for holding. Buy Now.

Shower Gel
Aroma Plus Home Planetarium: Now one can enjoy aromatic experience while star-gazing in complete relaxation while bathing. Buy Now.

Aroma Plus Home Planetarium

Wooden Bathtub Caddy: If one likes to soak up in the water and relax, then this Wooden Bathtub Caddy is a must for them. It sits on the bathtub, and holds the drink while they enjoy their favorite movie on the smartphone or smart device. Buy Now.

Wooden Bathtub Caddy
Moen U Smart Shower Controller: The Moen U Smart Shower Controller creates an ideal showering experience with the push of a button on the sleek controller or a tap of the app on the smartphone. One can warm up the shower from the app to a preset temperature. It provides up to 12 personalized presets including name, greeting, outlets used, water temperature, shower timer, notifications and more. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android. Buy Now.

Moen U Smart Shower Controller
Starwars Inspired Handheld Showerhead: This handheld shower features multiple nozzles on helmet for a relaxing spray of water. Comes with three powerful spray settings that release water from strategic points to rinse and clean faster. It features a control lever for adjusting the water pressure, anti-clog nozzles, rubber grip, and 2.0 GPM flow rate. It measures 6 inches diameter for the showerhead and 6 feet for the hose. Buy Now.

Starwars Inspired Handheld Showerhead
TV Mirror: This finely crafted mirror features a built-in TV; the TV completely disappears when turned off leaving only the true mirror reflection. Buy Now.

TV Mirror
Aqua Planetarium: The Homestar Aqua Planetarium lets one enjoy the spectacle of the night sky while soaking up in water and relaxing. Its pinhole projection spreads out in a beautiful pattern of stars around. It's splash proof and surrounds one with 180 degrees of stars along the 6th parallel north circle of latitude. Buy Now.

Aqua Planetarium
Delta Faucet 75668 Temp2O Shower Head: The Delta Faucet 75668 Temp2O Shower Head displays the water temperature that's coming and takes out the guesswork. Apart from this, showerhead light changes colors depending on the temperature of the water. Buy Now.

Delta Faucet 75668 Temp2O Shower Head

Mobeli Dual Grab Handles: The Mobeli Dual Grab Handles are easy to setup and can be of assistance if need arises. Buy Now.

Mobeli Dual Grab Handles
8" Square 7 Colors Changing Shower Head: One can have a colorful bathing experience with this colors changing showerhead; it transforms the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light. The multi color lights will automatically light up when water flows. Buy Now.

Drop Bath Light: The Drop Bath Light is a water drop-shaped lamp that illuminates when it's base comes into contact with water. This waterproof lamp floats while slowly cycling through the entire color spectrum making the bath more relaxing. Buy Now.

Drop Bath Light
Rinse Kit Portable Shower: This impressive portable shower system requires no power source to generate pressure; all one needs to do is fill it with water right at home and it recharges the kit with the same water pressure one had at the home. It comes with 6 different sprays on the adjustable nozzle and weighs just 15 lbs when fully filled with water. Buy Now.

Rinse Kit Portable Shower

Nebia Shower: Nebia Shower transforms water into millions of tiny droplets with 10 times more surface area than the regular shower. This ensures more water comes into contact with the body, while it uses 70% less water than a standard showerhead. It's a fully self-installed shower system and comes with an adjustable bracket and a portablewand. Buy Now.

Nebia Shower

Footmate Massager and Scrubber: The Footmate Massager and Scrubber can be used in the bathtub or shower, cleans the feet and also massages them. Just put some gel (included) or soap on it and rub the foot back and forth. Its gentle inner brush massages the tender sole, while stiffer outer bristles smoothens rough skin and more. Buy Now.

Footmate Massager and Scrubber

Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium: The Homestar Spa is a waterproof planetarium that floats in water and projects out bright light into the room. Buy Now.

Homestar Spa Bath Planetarium

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