Nov 21, 2017

15 Useful Gifts for Mom.

Looking for the best gifts for mom? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Gifts for Mom' from all over the world for you.

Cityscape Ring: Is there a city in the world that your mom longs to be there? May be during her travel she must have come across a city she feels connected to, belongs to and didn't want to move on? Now Cityscape Ring gives her a perfect opportunity to wear it on her finger. The Cityscape Ring recreates the skyline of the famous cities - Paris, London, New York and San Francisco, and is available in silver and gold plated over brass. The metal is cut to replicate the shapes of some of the most famous buildings of these cities. For example Paris ring features Eiffel Tower, the New York City has the Empire State Building, and the London ring displays London Eye. The rings are available in various sizes ranging from 5 to 9. Buy Now.

Cityscape Ring
Whale Aquarium: The Whale Zooquarium is a small fish bowl that comes in the shape of a whale. It has protruding glass panels through the sides of the whale that display the fishes in the aquarium. The glass panels create an illusion as if small fishes are inside of the whale. Its best suited for goldfish, betta, crustaceans, or other small fishes that don't require lots of room to swim. It has a 1/2-gallon water capacity, has a removable cover that keeps the fish contained in the bowl and not jump out. It measures 7 inches tall x 6 inches deep x 11 inches long. Buy Now.

Whale Aquarium
Photo Cup: The Retro Camera Cup is a ceramic coffee cup that comes with a printed camera design, perfectly combines the worlds of photography and java. Buy Now.

Photo Cup
Pillow Safe: The Pillow Safe is a personal pillow that comes with a secret safe; it features a patent leather pouch within the pillow that holds jewelry, passports, and other valuables. The hidden pouch is secured by powerful magnets that close shut automatically. Buy Now: $28.99.

Pillow Safe
Tomato Success Kit: The Tomato Success Kit is perfect for those moms who have limited knowledge about gardening or limited space. It comes with everything one needs to grow their own delicious tomatoes. Its self-watering, includes planter, support system, soil mix and more and lets one grow big crops of tastier tomatoes. Buy Now: $79.95.

Tomato Success Kit
Pineapple Table Lamp: The Pineapple Table Lamp features a pineapple base, is made of ceramic, comes with a push-through on/off switch and is sure to look cute in the room. Buy Now.

Pineapple Table Lamp
Refillable Glass Candles: The Refillable Glass Candles look elegant, can be used multiple times, all one needs to do is refill them and it is done. Buy Now.

Refillable Glass Candles
HoodiePillow Beach Towel: The HoodiePillow 5-in-1 Beach Towel is a beach towel that features a protective hoodie and an inflatable pillow. It conveniently folds up into a shoulder bag. Buy Now: $24.95.

HoodiePillow Beach Towel

Owl Purse: The Owl Hold That Coin Purse is durable and adorable, holds cards, hair ties, balm, and other important things. Buy Now.

Owl Purse
Zip and Flip Elephant Travel Pillow: A travel pillow is must if one wants to rest their head on a prolong travel and this cute elephant unzips into a travel pillow and when not in use can be placed on the suitcase or backpack. Buy Now.

Zip and Flip Elephant Travel Pillow
Squirtle Ceramic Planter: Squirtle is a small Pokémon that looks like a light blue turtle, capable of swimming at high speeds, and sprays water at the unfriendly. But the Squirtle Ceramic Planter is perfect for small plants and one doesn't need to worry; it wont spray water at them. Buy Now.

Squirtle Ceramic Planter
Solar Powered Hummingbird: The Solar Powered Hummingbird is a decorative piece that one can place in the porch or garden; it comes with a beautiful blue glass ball in the center along with a solar-powered light that turns on at night making it more colorful. Buy Now.

Solar Powered Hummingbird
Watermelon Beach Blanket: On a summer day a chilled watermelon would be perfect for your mom, though this Watermelon Beach Blanket isn't going to get chilled anyway, but she will be glad to have it between herself and the sand on the beach. Buy Now.

Watermelon Beach Blanket
Cactus Soap: Cactus isn't something that one wants next to their skin, but this coconut and lime scented soap comes in the shape of a cactus on a rope. Buy Now.

Cactus Soap
Animated Butterfly in a Jar: Does your mom likes to keep a butterfly without catching one? Then the Animated Butterfly in a Jar is perfect, just tap the jar in certain rhythms, and the Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly flies in true-to-life random patterns. Its driven by patented animatronics technology, and the jar measures approx. 17 cm x 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm. Buy Now.

Animated Butterfly in a Jar

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