Nov 30, 2017

15 Useful Gifts For Coffee Drinkers.

Looking for the best gifts for coffee drinkers? Look no further; we have the most 'Useful Gifts For Coffee Drinkers' from all over the world for you.

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker: The Hyperchiller makes cool, refreshing chilled coffee with zero dilution in a minute. It features multi container design, works using icecubes and cools coffee by as much as 130+ degrees in a single minute. Buy Now.

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker

Ember: Ember keeps coffee or tea at the perfect temperature and lets one enjoy the beverage exactly the way they like it. All one needs to do is pour the beverage, adjust the temperature by rotating the dial at its bottom. And it keeps the content at the perfect temperature for up to 2 hours on the go, or all day when used with its recharging coaster. Using its app one can name the cup, create temperature presets, choose notification preferences, and more. Apart from these one can remotely adjust it to their ideal temperature. Buy Now.


Minipresso: Minipresso from Wacaco is a compact, portable and handpowered espresso machine. Buy Now.


Cookie USB Cup Warmer: Next time anyone is busy working on their laptop, this cool Cookie USB Cup Warmer is going to keep the coffee warm for them. One has to just plug it into the USB port, and it keeps their coffee, tea, and more at 50°C. It features on/off switch, comes with stainless steel heating element and measures 4.09 x 1.00 x 4.17 inches. On a second thought, they shouldn't get too engrossed in the system and try to eat of this delicious looking cookie, its not edible. Buy Now.

Cookie USB Cup Warmer
Mightymug: This travel cup grips to any flat, smooth, solid surface using its Smartgrip Technology and doesn't fall off when anyone knocks into it like any other cup. It keeps the beverage heated for 6 hours and cool for 12 hours. Buy Now.


Mojoe: Mojoe is a travel cup-sized portable coffee maker that makes fresh coffee and tea anytime, anywhere one wants. Make coffee on the go using any temperature water, own coffee grounds and power from the Mojoe car adapter. Apart from the car adapter one can power it up via wall adapter, or portable power source. It can be placed in the cupholder; it heats the water up to about 200 F/100 C for perfect taste and one can drink directly from the Mojoe. Buy Now.


Handpresso Auto Set: The Handpresso Auto Set is an espresso machine for the car, comes with two unbreakable cups and a towel and is powered through a car adapter. Buy Now.

Handpresso Auto Set
Batman Cup: The Gotham city's famous hero needs to be ready for any challenge that can come in his way, that includes working late nights, fighting sleep and more. Bruce Wayne may go without coffee but Batman needs his cup of Joe. This cool Batman Shaped Cup features Batman design for the perfect 'Dark Knight' feel. What better can be than a cup of coffee to keep one moving. Buy Now.

Batman Cup
Primula Coldbrew Bottle: The Primula Coldbrew Bottle is perfect for coffee on the go. It's a 20 oz. borosilicate glass coffee bottle with a stainless steel filter and black neoprene sleeve. All one needs to do is fill the coffee filter with 4 tablespoons of coffee, fill the water 1.5 inches from the top and store in the fridge for 12 hours and shake during the brewingprocess. Buy Now.

Primula Coldbrew Bottle

Muki: The Muki smart coffee cup comes equipped with a heat-activated e-ink display, and uses the thermal energy from the coffee to power it. Using its app on the smartphone one can upload the images. Buy Now.

Muki Smart Coffee Cup

GoJoe Coffee Cup: GoJoe is a travel-sized coffee cup that lets one make coffee anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button. Just insert the coffee pod, pour water, and press the power button and get a fresh cup of coffee. This rechargeable cup comes with 14 coffee pods and a recharger. Buy Now.

GoJoe Coffee Cup

Behmor Connected Coffee Maker: The Behmor Connected Coffee Maker features customizable temperature control; it can be controlled using iOS or Android devices. One can create own profile or select one from the app's library. It comes with a double walled thermal carafe that holds 8 5oz. Buy Now.

Behmor Connected Coffee Maker
Cafflano: Cafflano is a portable all in one coffee maker that looks like any other travel cup, it comes with foldaway handgrinder and a drip filter. The upper cup can be used as a drip kettle, while the tumbler cup can hold 255ml of liquid. Buy Now.

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster: The Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster is a smart elegant device that roasts coffee at the push of a button. It works with any green coffee, comes with iOS and Android compatible app that lets one adjust the recipes easily. Buy Now.

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

Mr. Coffee Pour: It lets one make a quick cup of coffee; its easy to use and clean, and comes with a travel cup. Buy Now.

Mr. Coffee Pour

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