Nov 4, 2017

15 Coolest Starwars Themed Products - Episode 5.

From the far away galaxy comes these 'Coolest Starwars Themed Products' to be part of your daily life.

Light Side Starwars Socks: Here we have a line of socks dedicated to the various light side characters of the Starwars. As grown ups, we often don't have a liberty to dress the way we want; just think of this if you work in a bank and you meet with your clients wearing a Starwars t-shirt? How does this sound? But with these Light Side Starwars Socks you can always be connected to the force. Buy Now.

Light Side Starwars Socks
R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid: The R2-D2 is an astromech droid from a far away galaxy that you can control with your smart device. It comes complete with sounds and bright lights, and his front legs retract to go from driving to waddling, just like on screen. Buy Now.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

BB9E App-Enabled Droid: BB9E is a astromech droid of the First Order that you can control with your smart device. Its holographic simulation lets you explore the Starwars galaxy with the app and the Droid trainer. It interacts with other Starwars app-enabled Droids by Sphero. What more, you can even view films from the Starwars saga with BB9E by your side. It moves just like on screen and comes with vibrant lights. Buy Now.

BB9E App-Enabled Droid
Starwars Voice Changer Helmet: Which side are you, Dark Side or the Light side? If you are on the dark side then this Starwars Voice Changer Helmet is just the thing you need, it transforms you into a loyal follower of the dark side. Buy Now.

Starwars Voice Changer Helmet
Starwars BB-8 Anywhere Chair: This galactic-inspired comfort is just the thing you need for your kid's room. Its made from lightweight material and even your little one can easily tote their chair around the house. Buy Now.

Starwars BB-8 Anywhere Chair
Starwars Themed Desk: Starwars Themed Desk is sure to look perfect as a part of any home d├ęcor. Buy Now.

Starwars Themed Desk
Starwars Landspeeder Twin Panel Bed: The Starwars Landspeeder Twin Panel Bed's headboard features a black upholstered panel topped with a decorative turbine engine. Its footboard acts as a bench, and provides space for an extra guest to sit on. It also comes with two night tables that flank the bed; these are designed to match the look of turbine engines. Buy Now.

Starwars Landspeeder Twin Panel Bed
Starwars X wing Twin Bookcase Bed: You got a Starwars themed kids room planned, then you do need a perfect bed, don't you? Buy Now.

Starwars Xwing Twin Bookcase Bed
Starwars AT-AT Walker Twin Bunk Bed: The Starwars AT-AT Walker Twin Bunk Bed features durable canvas cover printed with AT-AT transport vehicle. The bunks are constructed from durable heavy gauge steel, and access to the upper bunk is through an opening in the top of the tent. It comes with guardrails on the top bunk to ensure your kid's safety. Buy Now.

Starwars AT-AT Walker Twin Bunk Bed
Starwars Wampa Carpet: You generally find a Wampa in the mountain caves of Hoth. But now you can catch your own Wampa and take him to decorate your home. Buy Now.

Starwars Wampa Carpet
Starwars Glasses: The Starwars Glasses set consists of C-3PO and R2-D2, and are sure to be the best buddies for your beverage. Buy Now.

Starwars Glasses
Starwars Straws: Now you can have your refreshing beverage in style with these Starwars Straws. Buy Now.

Starwars Straws
Starwars Kites: You must have flown numerous kites, how about fling these cool Starwars Kites? You can choose from Millennium Falcon, R2-D2, X wing and more. Buy Now.

Starwars Kites
Starwars Inspired Cup: Don't you think this Starwars Inspired Cup is going to make your coffee or soup more enjoyable. Buy Now.

Starwars Inspired Cup
Starwars Mighty Minis Power Bank: The Starwars Mighty Minis Power Bank runs on standard AA, gives you up to 3 hours extra use time and lets you get by till you get a proper recharger. You can put it on your laptop bag, backpack, or keychain. Buy Now.

Starwars Mighty Minis Power Bank
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