Nov 15, 2017

15 Cool Gifts for Your Wife.

The secret of a happy marriage is always to keep your better half happy and what can be better than gifts? Look not for the occasion for gifting but rather make your own special occasions to make others happy.

Cordless Vanity Mirror: The Cordless Vanity Mirror saves the electrical work and is perfect for those spaces where there is no power outlet. This wall fixable-lighted mirror is portable power sourced, and can be installed anywhere. Its glass rotates 360 degrees, gives 10X magnification making it perfect for applying makeup, and features bright ring light. Buy Now.

Cordless Vanity Mirror
Narwhal Heated Slippers: The Narwhal Heated Slippers are just the thing needed to keep the feet warm. These wireless foot warmers warm the feet. On a full recharge, it lasts up to 6 hours. Buy Now.

Narwhal Heated Slippers
Owl Scarf: The Owl Scarf is sure to look great with any outfit, and when one spreads hands holding the scarf, the owl with its wings fully spread is seen. Buy Now.

Owl Scarf
Dragon Neck Sculpture: The Daenerys Dragon Neck Sculpture is a beautiful necklace that comes in the shape of a dragon. Buy Now.

Dragon Neck Sculpture
Full Moon Floor Pillow: The Full Moon Floor Pillow is perfect for taking one away from the real world to the dream world, where they can even sleep on the moon. Buy Now.

Full Moon Floor Pillow
Wonder Woman Bathrobe: Wonder Woman has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, longevity and a lot more. This Wonder Woman Bathrobe is perfect for one to cuddle up in it, but it won't give any superhuman power. On a second thought (just hypothetically) if given a choice what would you choose? Being ageless? Buy Now.

Wonder Woman Bathrobe
Mapo Beauty Mask: Mapo is a connected beauty mask that features flexible electronics that are safely integrated to measure characteristics of the skin and more. This smart beauty mask connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and also creates one's own personalized tracking profile. It features different heating zones, which are able to reach 40°C (104°F). It can be placed on the forehead and the cheeks, to boost the efficiency of applied skin care. Buy Now.

Mapo Beauty Mask

Solar System Silver Rings: There were times when many believed earth is flat, now we know for sure it isn't; and similarly there were also times when it was believed we are the only inhabitants of the universe or life exists only on earth, but with time things are changing and that too at a fast pace. Though it's for sure that in this lifetime we wont make it to any other planet or to put it this way, this beautiful blue ball will only be our home. May be the coming generations over the years will come with scientific advancement may/will call the other planets as their home but for those who like us won't make it, we have these Solar System Silver Rings. Least we can wear these planets as rings on our finger if we cant stay on it, what do you think? Buy Now.

Solar System Silver Rings
Math Necklace: This cute Pi Symbol Necklace made of sterling silver is a perfect way to let the world know about one's liking for math. Buy Now.

Math Necklace
Air Vent Hidden Safe With RFID Lock: The Quick Safe air vent hidden safe uses Radio Frequency ID cards to keep the valuables safe and secure. It looks like an HVAC vent so it blends into any wall, and effectively hides the valuables in plain sight. Buy Now.

Air Vent Hidden Safe With RFID Lock
Smartduvet: Smartduvet is a self-making bed system that makes the bed easily. All one needs to do is use its inflatable sheet between the duvet and cover. Once activated, it inflates the air chamber and puts the duvet and sheets back in their place. One can use its app to preset a different bed-making time for each day of the week. Buy Now.


Foreo Luna: Luna is a facial brush and anti-aging device that is sure to transform the daily skin care routine. Its said to bring the skin that appears visibly healthier and more radiant in just 3 days. Its continuous use is said to leave skin looking enviably younger and smoother. It also features siliconetouch-points that gently exfoliate skincells, unclogs pores of makeup residue and more. Buy Now.

Foreo Luna
Pavlok: Pavlok is a wearable personal coach that transforms and unlocks one's true potential. Buy Now.


Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow: The Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow is designed to provide the benefits of yoga along with good sleep while comfortably improving the posture while sleeping. Buy Now.

Sleep Yoga Posture Pillow
Oura Smart Ring: The Oura Smart Ring measures, analyses the body, learns about one's lifestyle and it's designed for wellness. Its app visualizes the measured data, providing one with personalized recommendations. It lets one understand how well they have slept and recharged and lets them balance the life, get more restful sleep and perform better. Buy Now.

Oura Smart Ring

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