Nov 7, 2017

15 Cool Gifts for Kids.

Looking for gifts for kids? Look no further we have the best gifts for kids from all over the world.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid: The R2-D2 is an astromech droid from a far away galaxy that you can control with your smart device. It comes complete with sounds and bright lights, and his front legs retract to go from driving to waddling, just like on screen. Buy Now.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

Drumstick Pen Set: The Drumstick Pen Set lets you write when you need and even gives a solo drum performance, and what more these are kinder on your neighbors too. Buy Now.

Drumstick Pen Set
Doodle Pencil Case: The Doodle Pencil Case lets you color in, personalize and doodle it. It comes with 10 double-ended washout pens, personalize and doodle, then wash and re-use. Buy Now.

Doodle Pencil Case
Fox Duffle Coat: The Fox Duffle Coat is handmade, features fuzzy little ears, chunky toggles, matching animal cotton lining and a fluffy tail that all combines to create this adorable fox themed duffle coat. Buy Now.

Fox Duffle Coat
Owl Backpack: The Owl Backpack comes in the shape of a cute owl, is perfect for holding your important things. Buy Now.

Owl Backpack
Full Moon Floor Pillow: The Full Moon Floor Pillow is perfect for taking you away from the real world to the dream world, where you can even sleep on the moon. Buy Now.

Full Moon Floor Pillow
Wooden Elephant Carved Pen Holder: The Wooden Elephant Carved Pen Holder is just the thing needed to organize the desk; it stores pens, pencils and more. It looks so attractive that it can be used as a decoration. Buy Now.

Wooden Elephant Carved Pen Holder
Voice Interactive Spider-Man: Now have the Spiderman as your ally, he is interactive, immersive, and intellectual. He is here to guard your room to stop snooping siblings, or set him to wake you up or just watch him react to people passing by. Comes with fully animated eyes and motiondetection, and its Wi-Fi capabilities allow for new stories, jokes, and other content updates. What more, you can talk to Spidey using a variety of phrases. Buy Now.

Voice Interactive Spider-Man
BB 8 Talking Plush: The BB 8 Talking Plush measures 9 inches tall and makes the original sounds of the character BB-8. Buy Now.

BB 8 Talking Plush
Astronaut USB Light: The Astronaut USB Light is a USB powered light that comes in the form of an astronaut, works with laptops, computers and any other USB power source. To turn it on, just push the helmet and to turn it off, close the helmet. You can adjust the light to different angles to brighten needed areas. Buy Now.

Astronaut USB Light
Chewbacca Lunch Bag: Now you have Chewbacca to get you your lunch, this Chewbacca Lunch Bag is an insulated lunch box to keep the contents fresh longer. Buy Now.

Chewbacca Lunch Bag
Submarine Spray Station: The Submarine Spray Station features a water circulating pump system that attaches to the tub, draws the water up through the submarine to the diver showerhead. It's designed to encourage independent play and exploration. Buy Now.

Submarine Spray Station
Car Crayons: These Car Crayons aren't here to let your kids zoom around the roads, but these are just perfect for letting your kids color. Buy Now.

Car Crayons
Outer Space Lollipops: These lollipops are sure to impress kids and grownups alike. Buy Now.

Outer Space Lollipops
Bird Bookmarks: The Bird Bookmarks are perfect to mark your page. Buy Now.

Bird Bookmarks

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