Nov 11, 2017

15 Best Gifts For Home Cooks.

Looking for cool gifts for home cooks? Look no further; we have the 'Best Gifts For Home Cooks' from all over the world for you.

Leaves Pancake Shaper: Do you believe there is a lot to food presentation? Or can we say how the food looks makes a big difference? Well everyone likes his or her food to look good and taste good. So we got a solution for the look - Leaves Pancake Shaper and for the taste you got to improve the culinary skills. Buy Now.

Leaves Pancake Shaper
NASA Kitchen Apron: The space explorers don't need a kitchen apron, or do they? But one needs it for cooking, don't they? The NASA Kitchen Apron is just the thing one needs. Buy Now.

NASA Kitchen Apron
Turntable Grater: The DJ Grater is a stainless steel cheese grater that looks like a little turntable. It's also a spaghetti measurer. Buy Now.

Turntable Grater
BB-8 Oven Mitts: BB-8 is here, and he comes with the force to make cooking a lot easy, and to protect hands while at cooking, baking or grilling. Buy Now.

BB-8 Oven Mitts
Self-Locking Knife Block: The Self-Locking Knife Block features a cam-lock mechanism and one needs to press the button on the either side that releases the knives; its designed to keep knives inaccessible to the kids and keep them safe. Buy Now.

Self-Locking Knife Block
Watermelon Serving Bowl: Do you think a cute or beautiful bowl can make food look more delicious or appetizing? This cool bowl looks like a watermelon, comes with a bright green exterior and a bright pink interior. Buy Now.

Watermelon Serving Bowl
Pineapple Shaped Cutting Board: The Pineapple shaped Bamboo Cutting Board serves as a cutting and serving board. This multi functional bamboo chopping board is best suited for minor food preparation and as a conversation starter when entertaining guests. Buy Now.

Pineapple Shaped Cutting Board
Steam Ship Steamer Cover: The Steam Ship Steamer Cover is a beautiful combination of design and functionality. It keeps in the goodness as one cooks, lets out the steam through the funnels of the little ship and creates the impression of a little ship cruising. Buy Now.

Steam Ship Steamer Cover
Rocket Baking Cups: The Rocket Ship Baking Cups are perfect for baking muffins for thr little astronaut. These baking cups are shaped like the base of a rocket ship, just mix up some cake batter and pour it directly into the rocket ship base, bake according to the recipe, once they are done one can decorate and serve them in the cups. Just make sure that these freshly baked goodies from outer space land in the mouth or else these rocket shaped muffins are ready to take off to reach the other planets. The set consists of 6 Rocket Ship Baking Cups. Buy Now.

Rocket Baking Cups
Pikachu Ricemold: Its difficult to manage fuzzy eaters? And how about their lunch? When at home itself they trouble to eat, and when they take lunch to the school how much of it will they eat? How about making their food interesting? With this cool kitchen tool, you can create a 3D silhouette that looks like Pikachu's head, and kids are sure to enjoy it. Buy Now.

Pikachu Ricemold
Moby Whisk: Moby Whisk is a cool whisk that looks like a whale, or we can say it's a whale tale along with two of the whisk wires shaped to look like fins. When whales move, water displacement is natural; so while one puts this clever kitchen tool to work, they can be assured that it does what its designed for aptly. It's made from plastic, stainless steel wires, and measures 3.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches high x 14 inches long. Buy Now.

Moby Whisk
Pizza Scissors: If one is a perfectionist, they want everything in its precise order, then slicing pizza pieces shouldn't be different. Or lets put it this way, if one doesn't want others to have a bigger piece, the Pizza Scissors lets them cut exact pieces as per his or her liking. Buy Now.

Pizza Scissors
Your Slyce: When preparing a pizza if there is always a disagreement over thepizza topping, then Your Slyce is perfect. Your Slyce is a customizable pizza slice toppings divider that lets one top each slice of pizza with his or her favorite pizza ingredients. Buy Now: $9.81-$29.99.

ustomizable pizza slice toppings divider
Gourmet Iced Coffee Maker: The Gourmet GCM9825 Iced Coffee Maker lets one enjoy barista-quality coldcoffee right at home. All one needs to do is just fill the removable column with coffee grounds, and watch the water extract their rich, bold color and flavor. And in just few hours, a smooth cup of café energy is perfectly ready. Buy Now: $19.94.

Gourmet Iced Coffee Maker
Fry Potato Chips Cutter: The Fry Potato Chips Cutter makes making of French fries really easy right in the kitchen. Buy Now: $5.

Fry Potato Chips Cutter

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