Nov 1, 2017

15 Best DC Heroes Themed Products.

Do you like super heroes? Do you want to be a part of their team? Do you want to be around super heroes? Now we have for you the 'Best DC Heroes Themed Products' so that you can be surrounded by super heroes the whole time.

Superman Bookshelf: The Superman Bookshelf is a beautiful bookcase that's shaped like the symbol 'S' of Superman. The bookshelf comes with multiple shelves for organizing your books and is sure to be an attention seeker for your guests. More info.

Superman Bookshelf
Batman Mirror: When you look into the mirror, what do you see? It's a million dollar question and surely the answer varies from person to person. But one thing is for sure, this Batman Mirror is sure to remind you that even though Batman has no superpowers, he uses his intellect, gadgets, and physical prowess to defeat his opponents. So next time you see in this mirror, we are sure its going to inspire you to do your best and come out victorious. Buy Now.

Batman Mirror
Wonder Woman Bathrobe: Wonder Woman has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, longevity and a lot more. This Wonder Woman Bathrobe is perfect for you to cuddle up in it, but it won't give you any superhuman power. On a second thought (just hypothetically) if given a choice what would you choose? Being ageless? Buy Now.

Wonder Woman Bathrobe
Supergirl DC Comics Outlet Cover: This cool outlet cover comes decoupaged with pictures of various characters from the comic book. Its made from nylon and is 3 3/16" x 4 15/16", making it slightly larger than normal plates for better coverage. Buy Now.

Supergirl DC Comics Outlet Cover
Green Lantern Outlet Cover: This cool outlet cover comes decoupaged with a picture from the comic book - Green Lantern. Its made from nylon and is 3 3/16" x 4 15/16", making it slightly larger than normal plates for better coverage. Buy Now.

Green Lantern Outlet Cover
Superman Bookend: The Superman Bookend comes with nearly invisible metal support that creates an illusion as if the books are falling while the Superman in holding them in mid air. You need to place the magnetic book holder between the cover and the first page of your first book and the superhero connects to the book holder using a magnet. Buy Now.

Superman Bookend
Batman Coffeepot: Bruce Wayne may go without a cup of java, but Batman needs his regular supply of coffee to keep him going, after all he needs to work at night. Well in our case, though we don't work mostly at night still without coffee we can't get going, it fuels us. Getting back to Batman Coffeepot; it comes with cloak-shaped holder, mask-shaped knob, and a Batman symbol on the top of the coffee maker. It's available in size for 1 or 3 cups. Buy Now.

Batman Coffeepot
Superman Tie Clip: The Superman Tie Clip features a bold Superman Shield, comes in silver color, and is made of stainless steel. You can use it as a tie clip or a money clip, its your call. Buy Now.

Superman Tie Clip
Batman Best Friend Necklaces: Batman and Robin together form a formidable team of the Dynamic Duo. These two are there for each other in whatever situation that might be. We have this cool Batman Best Friend Necklaces that when joined together forms the Bat Symbol. And if you have someone who completes you or on whom you can depend on, then its perfect to get these necklaces customized with your names or whatever you think suits you. Buy Now.

Batman Best Friend Necklaces
Superman Bottle Stopper: Superman isn't involved in trivial matters, but this time he is going to make an exception and is going to take care of your beverage bottle. Buy Now.

Superman Bottle Stopper
Batman Shelf: We have come across many shelves for more than 10 years with over 3,500 posts as active full time bloggers, but the Batman Shelf speaks for itself and we need not say a thing about it. On the second thought, just want to say that the Batman Shelf shadows the rest of the shelves. Buy Now.

Batman Shelf
Superman Bookmark: This handmade wooden Superman Bookmark waits patiently in your book and lets you return to the right page. Buy Now.

Superman Bookmark
Batman Multi-Tool: Batman is always nifty with tools and gadgets. So we have this clever Batman Multi-Tool for you that functions as a bottle opener, has crosshead and flathead screwdrivers in the wings and comes with a keyring attachment. Buy Now.

Batman Multi-Tool
Batman Bathrobe: Batman is always there for Gotham and its people, ready to take on every challenge that comes his way, and this Batman Bathrobe is perfect for you if want to get a feel of Bruce Wayne.. Buy Now.

Batman Bathrobe
Batman Light: Though Batman works in the night, Bruce Wayne has no super powers and can't get around in the dark like a real bat; so he needs a light in his Batcave to illuminate the surroundings and what can be better than Bat Light? So if you want to create a feel of Batcave right in your home, then you're surely going to need a Bat Light. Its USB powered, just plug it into your laptop and it gives out light. Buy Now.

Batman Light

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