Oct 13, 2017

20 Must Have Products for Your Kid's Room.

We always try our best to provide the best to our kids, and when it comes to their comforts or their room, why should it be different?

Voice Interactive Spider-Man: Now have the Spiderman as your ally, he is interactive, immersive, and intellectual. He is here to guard your room to stop snooping siblings, or set him to wake you up or just watch him react to people passing by. Comes with fully animated eyes and motiondetection, and its Wi-Fi capabilities allow for new stories, jokes, and other content updates. What more, you can talk to Spidey using a variety of phrases. Buy Now.

Voice Interactive Spider-Man
Chewbacca Carpet: Do you think Chewbacca looks like a carpet to you or let us rephrase this, does Chewbacca's fur looks like carpet to you? Princess Leia calls Chewie a walking carpet while Fett wanted to turn Chewbacca into a carpet. Well we have this cool carpet that looks just like Chewbacca's fur, and don't worry the Wookiees are safe. Buy Now.

Chewbacca Carpet
$100 Beanbag: The $100 Beanbag is a comfy beanbag that comes in the shape of a playful $100. Now you don't need to be super rich to relax on banknotes.. Buy Now.

$100 Beanbag
BB-8 3D Deco Wall Light: The BB-8 3D Deco Wall Light is a cordless, decorative wall light that creates an impression as if it breaks out of your wall. Buy Now.

BB-8 3D Deco Wall Light
Captain America Retro Table Lamp: The Captain America Retro Table Lamp is perfect to brighten up your room. Buy Now.

Captain America Retro Table Lamp
Dragon Night Light: The Orochi Dragon Night Light is perfect to guard you in the darkness, it powers off after one hour, and is available in 3 colors. Buy Now.

Dragon Night Light
Galaxy Bedding: The Galaxy Bedding is perfect for your kid's room, let them enjoy the time in space, on stars. Buy Now.

Galaxy Bedding

Han Solo Frozen Light Switch Cover: The Han Solo Frozen Light Switch Cover is perfect for your Starwars themed room or in your kid's room. Buy Now.

Han Solo Frozen Light Switch Cover
Dinosaur Candle: Remember the movie 'How to Train Your Dragon'? Well with the Dinosaur Candle you do get your own dinosaur but you wont be able to train it as it is an adorable porcelain raptor that is revealed as the candle lights on. Buy Now.

Dinosaur Candle
Skyline London Wall Clock: You might have many wall clocks, but how about the Skyline London Wall Clock? This wooden wall clock is sure to look stylish and is perfect for any d├ęcor. Buy Now.

Skyline London Wall Clock
Polaroid Magnetic Photo Frames: The Polaroid Magnetic Photo Frames are designed to make your photos appear to be real Polaroid pictures. Just place your pictures in the frames and decorate your fridge or any other place of your choice. It comes with a transparent protective overlay and dry-erase functionality; you can personalize these with messages, and doodles. Buy Now.

Polaroid Magnetic Photo Frames
Giraffe Throw Pillow Cover: The Geometric Giraffe Throw Pillow Cover is handsewn and features double side print and is sure to look great in your home. Buy Now.

Giraffe Throw Pillow Cover
Full Moon Floor Pillow: The Full Moon Floor Pillow is perfect for taking you away from the real world to the dream world, where you can even sleep on the moon. Buy Now.

Full Moon Floor Pillow
Carrot Cushion: The Carrot Cushion looks really cute, and kids are sure to like it a lot. It measures approximate width 22 cm x height 60 cm, is handsewn and perfect for your kid's room. Buy Now.

Carrot Cushion
Superman Shield Glass with Cape: The Superman Shield Glass can hold 16 ounces of your chilled beverage and mimics the Man of Steel's costume. Buy Now.

Superman Shield Glass with Cape
Minion Bed: Generally Minions are small, but now to serve you even better they are growing. The Minion Bed is a double bed made of super short plush, that lets you sit back, relax and enjoy. Buy Now.

Minion Bed
Train Candle Holder: The Train Candle Holders are perfect for holding birthday candles, and kids are sure to enjoy it. Buy Now.

Train Candle Holder
Elli Coin Bank: Elli is a baby elephant bank that's here for storing your change until you need it. Just place the coins along Elli's trunk and rest is taken care of. Buy Now.

Elli Coin Bank

Skateboard Bookends: The skateboard bookends are a cool addition to your kids room, keeps the books organized while giving a touch of your personality. Buy Now.

Skateboard Bookends
Harry Potter Clock: If you are into records and Harry Potter, then this Harry Potter Clock is perfect for you. Buy Now.

Harry Potter Clock

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