Oct 24, 2017

15 Must Have Party Picks.

Why opt for boring toothpicks when you got the best party picks that are sure to be conversation starters and attention getters on any table. These are just the thing you were looking for hors d'oeuvres, desserts and more.

Seagull Party Picks: You don't want to have a group of seagulls while at picnic on the beach? But these gulls aren't the ones who are here for your food; instead these are here so you can pick your appetizer. These come in set of sixteen plastic picks. Buy Now.

Seagull Party Picks
Moby Pick: Moby Pick is a cool porcelain pick holder shaped like a whale, comes with 32 food safe food picks spouting from his blowhole. Its ready with food picks for you to get appetizers. Buy Now.

Moby Pick
Koziol Pi:p with Tree: Its an attention-getter on any buffet; best suited for fingerfood, and everything else that's needed to be picked up. Buy Now.

Koziol Pi:p with Tree
Pinocchio Party Picks: If we get the story of Pinocchio right, it was something like the more he lies the longer his nose grows. Then we have him here as party picks and with a pretty long nose too, that makes it easy for anyone to pick up the party snacks. These are sure to give the needed touch of humor to your appetizer tray and everyone to enjoy using them. Buy Now.

Pinocchio Party Picks
Music Note Party Picks: The Music Note Party Picks are sure to give a musical touch to your next party, don't you think so? These are double sided, comes in black, and are a set of 24. Buy Now.

Music Note Party Picks
Fall Leaves Food Picks: Its during the autumn most of the normal green leaves change their color to various shades of yellow, red, purple, orange, pink and more. And now we have for you these autumn colors in your food picks to make your next party a more colorful one. Buy Now.
Fall Leaves Food Picks
Ant Party Picks: Ants aren't something you look forward to while having food. But these little ones aren't going to run off with your food, but instead lets you serve party nibbles to your guests. These come in set of 20 reusable picks. Buy Now.

Ant Party Picks
Bat Party Picks: Do you like bats? No we aren't talking about the Gotham, who doesn't like Batman? These Bat party picks surely look cute, don't they? Buy Now.

Bat Party Picks
Cow Party Picks: These humble cows are here to serve cheese at your next party. The set consists of a ceramic cow with six mini cow forks. Buy Now.

Cow Party Picks
Airplane Party Picks: So what you have got to say about these cool Airplane Party Picks? Buy Now.

Airplane Party Picks
Balloon Party Picks: The Balloon Party Picks are just the thing you need to give a whimsical touch to your next party. These come in set of 12 reusable party picks and are perfect for cheese plates, finger foods and more. Buy Now.

Balloon Party Picks
Narwhal Party Picks: These Narwhal Party Picks can be a conversation starter for your next party, these comes in set of 24, and just the thing you need for hors d'oeuvres, desserts and more. Buy Now.

Narwhal Party Picks
Skewer Set: The Skewer Set is an unusual serving tray that consists of a bowl centered on a platform that houses a figurine that holds 10 stainless steel skewers. Buy Now.

Skewer Set
Hummingbird Party Fork: The hummingbirds look beautiful and these are here to make your party lively and joyful. Buy Now..

Hummingbird Party Fork
Snack Markers: These colorful party skewers go great with snacks. Buy Now.

Snack Markers
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