Oct 11, 2017

15 Must Have Door Stoppers - Part 6.

Looking for some cool door stops to keep your doors open in style? Look no further; we have just the thing you need.

Cactus Door Stop: The Cactus Fabric Door Stop is made from green and white polka dot fabric, features a weighted design in the shape of a cactus. Buy Now.

Cactus Door Stop
Ship Doorstop: This cool Ship Doorstop creates an impression as if a ship is going out of the door. It's just the thing you need to keep your door open. Buy Now.

Ship Doorstop
Stoppo Doorstop: The Stoppo Doorstop is a playful doorstop that's shaped like a mouse, and peeks out from behind your door to keep it from closing. Buy Now.

Stoppo Doorstop
Iron Mouse Doorstop: The Iron Mouse Doorstop is practical and fun that keeps your doors open and it gives a nice decorative touch to your home. Buy Now.

Iron Mouse Doorstop
Chocolate Door Stopper: The Chocolate Door Stopper comes in the shape of a chocolate, and looks delicious and yet stops the doors from closing. Buy Now.

Chocolate Door Stopper
Leaf Doorstop Set: The Leaf Doorstop keeps your doors securely open, it wedges under the doors easily and won't scratch your door, wall, or floor. Buy Now.

Leaf Doorstop Set
Foot Shaped Door Stop: The Foot Shaped Door Wedge looks like little kid's foot, its wedge shape is functional and flexible, and easily suitable on all surfaces. Buy Now.

Foot Shaped Door Stop
Hooks Doorstop: The Hooks style door stopper locks the door in place and when not in use you can place it on the door holder. Buy Now.

Hooks Doorstop
Twindraft Guard: So what do you think of this Twindraft Guard? Buy Now.

Twindraft Guard
Animal Doorstop Set: The Animal Doorstop Set is just the thing you need for doors with 25 - 50 mm thickness, keeps kids fingers and baby safe. Buy Now.

Animal Doorstop Set
Door Stopper Porte: The Door Stopper Porte is perfect for those times when your hands are full of shopping bags. With this stopper you just need to press the top of the case that holds the doorstopper with your feet. Buy Now.

Door Stopper Porte
Maratha Door Stopper: The Maratha Door Stopper is made of stonewear, it stops your doors from closing and is sure to look good in your home. Buy Now.

Maratha Door Stopper
Opening Door Stopper: The Opening Door Stopper looks like a big clothespin and comes with a message 'when one door closes...another door opens'. Buy Now.

Opening Door Stopper
Pineapple Door Stop: The Pineapple Door Stop is a decorative and functional door Stopper and lets you welcome your guests with an open door and a pineapple. Buy Now.

Pineapple Door Stop
Cash Door Stopper: How about using a bundle of dollar bills as a door stopper? Let the others think you don't have a proper doorstopper and have used dollar bills as a doorstopper. Interested? Buy Now.

Cash Door Stopper
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