Oct 30, 2017

15 Cute Fox Themed Products.

We all know that fox is a very cunning animal and none wants them around, but these cute foxes we have for you aren't the ones who like the forest, but need a place in your home and your life. How about giving them a chance?

Fox Lamp: This cute little guy needs some space to stay in your home, and don't worry he wont go behind your neighbor's hens and is sure to look cute in your kid's room. Buy Now.

Fox Lamp
Fox Cup: The Fox cup is a cute design cup that has a bushy tail for holding, its made of ceramic and holds up to 275 ml of your favorite beverage. Buy Now.

Fox Cup
Fox Cowl: The Fox Cowl looks cute and is sure to provide you with comfort and warmth. You get knitting pattern and you can make one for yourself or for kids. Buy Now.

Fox Cowl
Fox Duffle Coat: The Fox Duffle Coat is handmade, features fuzzy little ears, chunky toggles, matching animal cotton lining and a fluffy tail that all combines to create this adorable fox themed duffle coat. Buy Now.

Fox Duffle Coat
Ceramic Fox Planter: Now this cute little fox is here for your succulents, ferns, or any small plant. It's a handbuilt stoneware fox planter that features a cute fox tail on its back, and comes with "z"s for the sleeping fox, and the word dream. Buy Now.

Ceramic Fox Planter
Fox Dress: The Fox Dress is a t-shirt style dress that comes with ears, and pockets and is sure to make you look cute. Buy Now.

Fox Dress
Knit Fox Mittens Gloves: How about letting these foxes keep your hands warm this winter? Buy Now.

Knit Fox Mittens Gloves
Toddler Fox Bag: The Toddler Fox Bag is just the thing your toddlers needs for their neighborhood adventures. It measures 6 inches wide and 5 inches long. Buy Now.

Toddler Fox Bag
Fox Keychain Wristlet: The Fox Keychain Wristlet is cute and functional, and just the thing you need for keeping your keys within reach. Buy Now.

Fox Keychain Wristlet
Fox Brooch: The Fox Brooch is a cute little fox brooch that's sure to brighten up any outfit and bring a smile on the onlooker's face. Buy Now.

Fox Brooch
Fox Keyring: This cute little fox keyring is handmade, measures approximately 3.5cm x 3cm at the widest points and is perfect for your keys. Buy Now.

Fox Keyring
Fox Hair Pins: You have great hair, but you lack something that makes them stand out? Now you have these cute foxes that are here to make your hairstyle stand out. Buy Now.

Fox Hair Pins
Fox Cushion: You have rested your head on cute dogs, rabbits, carrots and many other pillows and cushions, how about giving this cute fox a chance? Buy Now.

Fox Cushion
Crochet Fox Bookmark: This cute fox is here to encourage your little one to enjoy books and reading. Buy Now.

Crochet Fox Bookmark
Fox Cup Cozy: This adorable crochet fox cup cozy is perfect for take out cup and also travel cup, keeps your hands insulated from your beverages. Buy Now.

Fox Cup Cozy

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