Oct 4, 2017

15 Cool Record Themed Products.

With digitalization and technological advancement, records and turntables are things of the past; but if you are among those who still like these analog sound storage media, we have just the thing for you - Cool Record Themed Products.

Turntable Grater: The DJ Grater is a stainless steel cheese grater that looks like a little turntable. It's also a spaghetti measurer. Buy Now.

Turntable Grater
Record Coasters: The Record Coasters look like mini records and these are just the things you need to protect your tabletop. Buy Now.

Record Coasters
Turntable Trivet and 3-In-1 Tray: It's a trivet set, it's a placemat, it's a tray and what more, he'll throw in a coaster too. Buy Now.

Turntable Trivet and 3-In-1 Tray
Turntable Clock: Turntable is a thing of gone by days, how about having it right in your living room but it wont play music for you but instead it will show you the time. Buy Now.

Turntable Clock
Record Bowls: These decorative Record Bowls are made from records. Buy Now.

Record Bowls
DJ Turntable Keychain: The DJ Turntable Keychain comes fully equipped with light effects and a realistic DJ sample that you can now play. Buy Now.

DJ Turntable Keychain
Record Wall Decal: The Record Wall Decal is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your space. Buy Now.

Record Wall Decal
Old 45 Vinyl Record Cufflinks: The Old 45 Vinyl Record Cufflinks look like classic replica of a 45 record from the 70's and is perfect for the musician or the vinyl collector, audiophile and DJ's. Buy Now.

Old 45 Vinyl Record Cufflinks
Birds Record Wall Clock: The Birds Record Wall Clock is made from used record and is sure to look really great on your wall. Buy Now.

Birds Record Wall Clock
Record Cushion Cover: This adorable record pillow is just the thing you need to remind you of gone by days of records. Buy Now.

Record Cushion Cover
Record Pendant: The Record Pendant is just the thing you can wear around your neck and let the world know of your liking for records. Buy Now.

Record Pendant
Record Earrings: These groovy earrings are handcrafted from used record and sure to look cool. Buy Now.

Record Earrings
Record Bookends: How about giving your shelf a retro look with these cool record bookends. Buy Now.

Record Bookends
Record Placemats: The Record Placemats are perfect for putting a new spin on your dining table. Buy Now.

Record Placemats
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