Oct 26, 2017

15 Cool Nutella Themed Products.

Its beyond any doubt that kids like Nutella, what you got to say about the hazelnut spread? Do you think if Nutella surrounds you all the time, then you are going to think food all the time?

Nutella Jar Necklace: The Nutella Jar Necklace features a Nutella jar along with a spoon inside, makes it a unique jewelry. Buy Now.

Nutella Jar Necklace
Nutella Ring: The Nutella Ring is just the thing you need to let the world know of your liking for Nutella. Buy Now.

Nutella Ring
Nutella Jars Earrings: You must have tried various earrings, how about giving these Nutella Jars Earrings a try. These are handmade and the jars measure 15 x 20 mm. Buy Now.

Nutella Jars Earrings
Nutella Hair Clips: These hair clips are handdrawn onto plastic that's shrunk during the baking, once cooled varnish is applied and the earring hooks are attached. Buy Now.

Nutella Hair Clips
Nutella Kid's Pillow: The Nutella Kid's Pillow is just the thing for your kid's room. Its handmade, water based inks are used on cotton for digital printing, and the back of the pillow features plain cream fabric. Buy Now.

Nutella Kid's Pillow
Nutella Smartphone Case: The Nutella Smartphone Case is a simple case designed to protect your smartphone while showing off its beautiful design. It comes with flexible rubber sides that easily wrap around all four sides of your smartphone to better protect against minor drops. Buy Now.

Nutella Smartphone Case
Nutella Keychain: The Nutella Keychain is just the thing you need for your keys to keep them organized and accessible. Buy Now.

Nutella Keychain
Nutella Cup: Do you think this 11oz white ceramic Nutella Cup will make your beverage more tastier? If looks didn't matter then why would the best chefs waste their time in food presentation? Buy Now.

Nutella Cup
Nutella Sweater: The Nutella Sweater is made from ring-spun cotton; it has a soft feel, and is comfortable while keeping up with the fashion. Buy Now.

Nutella Sweater
Nutella Pillow: How about having this Nutella Cushion of your sofa? Buy Now.

Nutella Pillow
Nutella Magnetic Bookmark: You must have had many bookmarks, how about the hazelnut spread? Buy Now.

Nutella Magnetic Bookmark
Nutella Greeting Card: All your friends and family members know that you like Nutella the most and when you sent this greeting they know you mean it. Buy Now.

Nutella Greeting Card:
Nutella T-Shirt: The Body Made by Nutella T-Shirt is just the thing you need to let the world know that the credit of your fabulous body goes to Nutella. Those guys who are on to protein milkshakes and more are a different set, and those who opt for hazelnut spread are altogether a different ballgame. Buy Now.

Nutella T-Shirt
Nutella Themed Shoes: These canvas plimsolls are handpainted with acrylic paint and permanent markers while taking the inspiration from Nutella. Buy Now.

Nutella Themed Shoes
My Nutella Spoon: The My Nutella Spoon is handstamped with a message that says "My Nutella Spoon". Buy Now.

My Nutella Spoon

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