Oct 25, 2017

15 Cool Narwhal Themed Products.

Do you agree that narwhal is the cutest of all the whales? Now, you can also be surrounded by the narwhal; don't believe us, then have a look at these 'Cool Narwhal Themed Products'.

Narwhal Night Light: The Narwhal Night Light is an adorable aquatic lamp that gives out bright yet soothing glow to light up your room. It features a one-hour turn-off feature to save energy and comes in white, pink and purple. Buy Now.

Narwhal Night Light
Narwhal Heated Slippers: The Narwhal Heated Slippers are just the thing you need to keep you feet warm. These wireless foot warmers warm your feet. On a full recharge it lasts up to 6 hours. Buy Now.

Narwhal Heated Slippers
Narwhal Earrings: The Narwhal Fabric Button Earrings are handmade, measures approx .5 inch wide, and the fabric buttons are made of 100% cotton. Buy Now.

Narwhal Earrings
Narwhal Hat: The Narwhal Hat is perfect to keep your ears toasty warm, its made from blue fleece and has side fins, a whale tail on the back, button eyes and a horn. Buy Now.

Narwhal Hat
Narwhal Cookie Cutter Set: How about baking cute narwhal shaped cookies with this Narwhal Cookie Cutter Set? Buy Now.

Narwhal Cookie Cutter Set
Narwhal Necklace: The Narwhal Necklace is perfect for letting the world know about your liking for narwhals. Buy Now.

Narwhal Necklace
Narwhal Leg Warmers: The Narwhal Leg Warmers are soft, comfortable and thicker, perfect for extra coverage for warmth under the pants, skirts and more. These are super stretchy knit; they wont lose their shape, cut into legs or fade in the wash. Buy Now.

Narwhal Leg Warmers
Narwhal Plushie: The Narwhal Plushie is handmade using super soft fleece, its horn is flexible, and measures approx. 6" tall and 12" long. Buy Now.

Narwhal Plushie
Narwhal Costume: The Narwhal Costume is perfect for everyday dress up play. Its handcut narwhal cape comes with attached hoodie, made from soft grey-blue fleece, hoodie comes with felt eyes and horn. Buy Now.

Narwhal Costume
Narwhal Keychain: The Narwhal Key Lanyard makes it easy for you to find your keys; you can even wear it around the wrist to keep keys accessible. Buy Now.

Narwhal Keychain
Narwhal Kigurumi: You must have worn many pajamas and onesies, how about giving Narwhal Kigurumi a try? Buy Now.

Narwhal Kigurumi
Narwhal Bbq Skewers: The Narwhal Bbq Skewers are cleverly designed skewers that beautifully utilize the natural tusk of the narwhal as a skewer. These come in set of two, and are made from stainless steel. Buy Now.

Narwhal Bbq Skewers
Narwhale Toothpick Holder: The Narwhale Toothpick Holder is another interesting toothpick holder that makes the toothpicks part of its design. Its made of matte-finished porcelain with a removable plug for filling and comes with 25 toothpicks. Buy Now.

Narwhale Toothpick Holder
Narwhal Coffee Cup: This cute Narwhal was born different, has blushing cheeks, lengthy eyelashes and modest horn. Comes with an oversized blowhole that's perfectly shaped for sipping your tea or coffee or use it to store your stationary, its your choice. It measures approximately 18cm tall x 14cm wide x 14.5cm deep. Buy Now.

Narwhal Coffee Cup
Narwhal Party Picks: These Narwhal Party Picks can be a conversation starter for your next party, these come in set of 24, and just the thing you need for hors d'oeuvres, desserts and more. Buy Now.

Narwhal Party Picks

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