Oct 16, 2017

15 Cool Mushroom Themed Products.

Do you like mushrooms? Our bad, who doesn't like mushrooms? You have been having edible mushrooms till now and we have for you mushrooms that you can have as a part of your day-to-day life. Don't believe us, have a look.

Mushroom Pepper Grinder: The Mushroom Pepper Grinder is a wood grinder with ceramic mechanism and mushroom design. It doubles as a decorative piece for your kitchen and dining table. Buy Now.

Mushroom Pepper Grinder
Mushroom Pen: The Mushroom Pen on a plain sight looks like a decorative mushroom on your table and when you need a pen, you remove its top and it turns into a working pen. Buy Now.

Mushroom Pen
Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes: The Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes are pocket sized, comes in set of 180 stickies, you can stick these for a small notification or reminder like cookbooks, textbooks, school notes, important notes at work or anywhere else. Buy Now.

Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes
Mushroom Night Light: The Mushroom Night Light is a cute little mushroom night light that's perfect for kid's room, it turns on automatically when it is dark and turns off when it is daytime. Buy Now.

Mushroom Night Light
Mini Mushroom Vacuum: The Mini Mushroom Vacuum is a compact and portable vacuum that you can use to clean your desk, it's just the thing for mini things you need to clean. When not in use, place it on your desk as a decorative piece. Buy Now.

Mini Mushroom Vacuum
USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier: The USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier comes as a lighted mushroom, that increases the humidity of air, and can be used as a little night light in the darkness. Buy Now.

USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier
Mushroom Wall Décor: The Mushroom Wall Décor is made from steel, is handpainted and is just the thing you need for your wall to decorate it. Buy Now.

Mushroom Wall Décor
Mushroom Seat: Just any furniture wont workout in your garden, you need something that's special and unique that goes with the topography and layout of your garden. And this luminous seat that comes in shape of mushroom is just the thing you need. Buy Now.

Mushroom Seat
Mushroom Coffee Table: How about having a mushroom right in your living room? The Mushroom Coffee Table gives you two color options: orange and light blue. Buy Now.

Mushroom Coffee Table
Mushroom Ottoman: The Mushroom Ottoman is just the thing you need to lighten up your living room, its sculptural, functional and luxurious. It's easy to move, looks great as single or perfect as a group. Buy Now.

Mushroom Ottoman
Mushrooms Basting Brushes: The Mushrooms Basting Brushes are mushroom shaped, perfect for spreading butter, oil or glaze on food. It makes it easy for you to sop up juices and make the surface crispy. Buy Now.

Mushrooms Basting Brushes
Mushroom Lamp Night Light: The Mushroom Lamp Night Light is a light controlling mushroom shaped color change night-light that works as a flowerpot, and as a decorative nightlight. Buy Now.

Mushroom Lamp Night Light
Mushroom Lamp Light Bluetooth Speaker: The Mushroom Lamp Light Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a compact speaker yet gives you clear, full range sound. It supports Bluetooth, comes with music playback time up to 8 hours, and is sure to look cool and perfect for your home décor. Buy Now.

Mushroom Lamp Light Bluetooth Speaker
Mushroom Kitchen Timer: The Mushroom Kitchen Timer is here to be your little assistant, the timer can be set for up to 60 minutes and once it reaches zero it alerts you. Buy Now.

Mushroom Kitchen Timer
Ravanello Radish Shaper: Kids are fuzzy eaters and you need to make things interesting for them to get them to eat. The Ravanello Radish Shaper lets you create mushroom shapes from radishes. Buy Now.

Ravanello Radish Shaper

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