Oct 18, 2017

10 Cool Jerry Can Shaped Products.

Collection of 'Cool Jerry Can Shaped Products' from all over the world for you.

Jerry Can Floor Lamp: The Jerry Can Floor Lamp is handmade, illuminates the surroundings while bringing a special urban touch to your room. Its steel tripod base makes the design functional and modern. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Floor Lamp
Jerry Can Cufflinks: So what do you think about these Jerry Can Cufflinks? These are fashioned from metal with a green enamel finish and perfect for any aviation or motor enthusiast. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Cufflinks
Jerry Can Travelcase: The G-Case Matte Black is a cool suitcase made from a real jerry can, features a telescopichandle, rubber wheels, measures 460mm x 350mm x 160mm, comes with 20L capacity, and more. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Travelcase
Jerry Can Chanel Bag: The Limited Edition Chanel Jerry Can bag in clear plexiglass is a timeless essence of Chanel, comes with Chanel authenticity card, booklet, sleeper and gift box. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Chanel Bag
Jerry Can Bluetooth Speaker: The Bluetooth speaker box is made out of an old Jerry can, features a built-in shelf, 4" speakers, is rechargeable, and comes with wall and car recharger. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Bluetooth Speaker
Jerry Can Backpack: The G-Case Backpack is a cool backpack made from real jerry can, features adjustable shoulder straps, protective foam on the rear side, measures 320mm x 270mm x 110mm and 10L capacity. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Backpack
Fuel Micro-USB Recharger: This jerry can-shaped recharger features a 400mAh portable power source that gives you extra talk time. Buy Now.

Fuel Micro-USB Recharger
Jerry Can Beverage Storage: The Jerry Can Beverage Storage is handcrafted, made from a new 20l Jerry can, features a hinged door, holds two glasses, 4 beverage cans and two beverage bottles. And if you got snacks, then you got magnets to hold them on the door. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Beverage Storage
Jerry Can Beverage Holder: The Jerry Can Beverage Holder holds 6oz of your favorite beverage and makes sure that you don't run out of fuel anytime. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Beverage Holder
Jerry Can Luggage: The G-Case Mini is a mini travelcase made from real jerry can, measures 320mm x 270mm x 110mm, 10L capacity and more. Buy Now.

Jerry Can Luggage

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