Oct 12, 2017

15 Best Kitchen Gadgets and Tools.

Proper kitchen tools and gadgets make cooking a lot easier and simple; don't you think so? Do you like to work with blunt knives, or you don't?

Space Potato Masher: The Space Potato Masher looks like a rocket is taking off in the air, while the potatoes gets mashed. Buy Now.

Space Potato Masher
Gratiator Cheese Grater: Grating cheese is no fun, but now with Gratiator Cheese Grater things are sure to be more adventurous right in your kitchen. Buy Now.

Gratiator Cheese Grater
Chef Assistant 3-In-1 Chef Hero: Most of us aren't staying in palatial homes and nor do we have big kitchen, in a small kitchen you need space saver design tools. And Chef Hero comes with three functions - it works as a spoonrest, spoonholder and a cover riser. Buy Now.

Chef Assistant 3-In-1 Chef Hero
Ravanello Radish Shaper: Kids are fuzzy eaters and you need to make things interesting for them to get them to eat. The Ravanello Radish Shaper lets you create mushroom shapes from radishes. Buy Now.

Ravanello Radish Shaper
Agatha Spoonholder and Steam Releaser: While cooking if you need to release the steam from your vessels, how do you do? Mostly we partly cover the vessels, but than that we have a much better solution. The Agatha Spoonholder and Steam Releaser is just the thing you need. Buy Now.

Agatha Spoonholder and Steam Releaser
Leaves Pancake Shaper: Do you believe there is a lot to food presentation? Or can we say how the food looks makes a big difference? Well everyone likes their food to look good and taste good. So we got a solution for the look - Leaves Pancake Shaper and for the taste you got to improve your culinary skills. Buy Now.

Leaves Pancake Shaper
Rocket's Pourer: The Rocket's Pourer is a Plug n Play solution that works with any standard sized bottle for condiments. Buy Now.

Rocket's Pourer
Snap Washbasin Faucet Cradle: Looking for options to keep your countertop clean or way to keep your peeler, kitchen tools and more in one place? The Snap Washbasin Faucet Cradle is just the thing; it lets you organize your kitchen. Buy Now.

Snap Washbasin Faucet Cradle
Concrete Spices Caddy: The Concrete Spices Caddy is a minimalist caddy that's handcrafted from used concrete and just the thing you need to keep your spices handy. Buy Now.

Concrete Spices Caddy
Yakitori Grill: Do you like those restaurants where they cook in front of you? Yes, then the Yakitori Grill is just the thing for you. It sits on your dinning table, and this practical electric grill lets you enjoy some of the best kinds of Japanese cuisine right in your home. Buy Now.

Yakitori Grill
Vegetable Chopper: The Vegetable Chopper lets you slice uniform pieces of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and more. Buy Now.

Vegetable Chopper
NASA Kitchen Apron: The space explorers don't need a kitchen apron, or do they? But you do need one for cooking, don't you? The NASA Kitchen Apron is just the thing you need. Buy Now.

NASA Kitchen Apron
Palette Trivet: The Palette Trivet is perfect for keeping your countertop and table safe from heated cooking vessels. Buy Now.

Palette Trivet
Baseball Bat Rollingpins: We all know that baseball bat is good for the play, but did you ever think it can also be used as rollingpin? No it's not a regular baseball bat, but it's a rollingpin that comes in the shape of a baseball bat. Buy Now.

Baseball Bat Rollingpins
Mark Eat Basting Brush and Pump: The Mark Eat Basting Brush and Pump is perfect for spreading butter, oil or glaze on food. It looks more like a marker and makes its easy for you to sop up juices and make the surface crispy. Buy Now.

Mark Eat Basting Brush and Pump
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