Oct 31, 2017

15 Cute Candles For Your Home.

Why you need candles we leave that to you; whether it's for illumination, aroma, celebration, home d├ęcor or to place them around your bathtub or bedroom, and more. We got the best candles from all over the world for you.

Cactus Candles: The Cactus Candles look real, but these are tea lights that lasts about 30 minutes. Buy Now.

Cactus Candles
Dinosaur Candle: Remember the movie 'How to Train Your Dragon'? Well with the Dinosaur Candle you do get your own dinosaur but you wont be able to train it as it is an adorable porcelain raptor that is revealed as the candle lights on. Buy Now.

Dinosaur Candle
Baby Owl Candles: The Baby Owl Candles look cute and comes with a wick on the top of their heads. These comes in set of four, and measures approximately 1 3/4" h x 1 1/4" in diameter. Buy Now.

Baby Owl Candles
Polaroid Candle: Before the smartphone era, the instant camera was just perfect for those "special moments". And now this Beeswax Instant Camera Candle is here to give you light for about 50 hours. Buy Now.

Polaroid Candle
Pineapple Scented Candle: The Pineapple Scented Candle is crafted from ceramic, comes with a gold-stemmed cover and its fragrance is sure to remind you of your tropical vacation. Buy Now.

Pineapple Scented Candle
Lumir C - Candle Powered Lamp: The Lumir C is a thermal powered cool lamp; it beautifully combines the ambience of a candle with modern technology. It transforms the tea light's heat into electrical light and you can also use a scented candle. Buy Now.

Lumir C - Candle Powered Lamp
Refillable Glass Candles: The Refillable Glass Candles looks elegant, can be used multiple times, all you need to do is refill them and you are done. Buy Now.

Refillable Glass Candles
Icescape Candle: The clever Icescape candle comes with a message, it gives you a visual representation of what's happening to our icebergs as whenever you use the candle a little bit of the candle disappears. Buy Now.

Icescape Candle
Pyropet Hoppa Candle: Rabbits are supposed to be cute, but this Hoppa comes with a hidden secret and will make you jump when she reveals her true character. Just one other thing Hoppa means "jump" in Icelandic. Buy Now.

Pyropet Hoppa Candle
Apple Candle: This apple-shaped fragrant candle goes on for up to 10 hours to give you light. Buy Now.

Apple Candle
The Barber Shop Candle: The Barber Shop Candle is handmade from 100% soy wax and gives out the scent of a classic barbershop when used. It goes good up to 80+ hours. Buy Now.

The Barber Shop Candle
Beehive Candle: The Beehive Candle is rustic and innovative, its made out of 100-percent beeswax, lights up to 70 hours, and extinguishes when it reaches the clip. Buy Now.

Beehive Candle
Pizza Scented Candle: If pizza makes up your breakfast, lunch and dinner then you are sure to like the fragrance of baking dough, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. That's what you get with this cool Pizza Scented Candle. Buy Now.

Pizza Scented Candle
Sushi Candles: Do you like sushi? These cute looking Sushi Candles are sure to make you hungry but just remember these aren't edible. Buy Now.

Sushi Candles
Pokeball Candle: The Pokeball Candle is a handmade soy candle, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day of training. This unscented candle weighs 3.5 ounce and measuring 2.5" in diameter. Buy Now.

Pokeball Candle


Rekindle Candle: If you are among those who regularly use candles in your home, you know that the wax gets collected in the candlestick or candle stand. Wont it be cool if we can reuse the wax? This is what exactly Rekindle Candle does for you. The rekindle candle is a candleholder that creates a new candle from the used wax while holding your candle. It collects the used wax inside the transparent container where a wick is placed directly in the center, once it cools and hardens, its ready to be used. The rekindle candle is a concept designed by Benjamin Shine. More info.

Rekindle Candle
(Image: Credit).

Bird Candle Wax Warmer: The Bird Candle Wax Warmer features a delightful design and is perfect for adding fragrance to your home. Buy Now.

Bird Candle Wax Warmer
Nautical Lighthouse Candle Holder: This miniature lighthouse holds a candle and brightens your evening with a cheery seaside glow. Buy Now.

Nautical Lighthouse Candle Holder
Charmander Candle Holder: This cool ceramic candle holder that looks like Charmander comes with a small cup at its tail to hold a small candle and once you light it, its sure to look like the Charmander in the anime. Sort of! Buy Now.

Charmander Candle Holder
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Oct 30, 2017

15 Cute Fox Themed Products.

We all know that fox is a very cunning animal and none wants them around, but these cute foxes we have for you aren't the ones who like the forest, but need a place in your home and your life. How about giving them a chance?

Fox Lamp: This cute little guy needs some space to stay in your home, and don't worry he wont go behind your neighbor's hens and is sure to look cute in your kid's room. Buy Now.

Fox Lamp
Fox Cup: The Fox cup is a cute design cup that has a bushy tail for holding, its made of ceramic and holds up to 275 ml of your favorite beverage. Buy Now.

Fox Cup
Fox Cowl: The Fox Cowl looks cute and is sure to provide you with comfort and warmth. You get knitting pattern and you can make one for yourself or for kids. Buy Now.

Fox Cowl
Fox Duffle Coat: The Fox Duffle Coat is handmade, features fuzzy little ears, chunky toggles, matching animal cotton lining and a fluffy tail that all combines to create this adorable fox themed duffle coat. Buy Now.

Fox Duffle Coat
Ceramic Fox Planter: Now this cute little fox is here for your succulents, ferns, or any small plant. It's a handbuilt stoneware fox planter that features a cute fox tail on its back, and comes with "z"s for the sleeping fox, and the word dream. Buy Now.

Ceramic Fox Planter
Fox Dress: The Fox Dress is a t-shirt style dress that comes with ears, and pockets and is sure to make you look cute. Buy Now.

Fox Dress
Knit Fox Mittens Gloves: How about letting these foxes keep your hands warm this winter? Buy Now.

Knit Fox Mittens Gloves
Toddler Fox Bag: The Toddler Fox Bag is just the thing your toddlers needs for their neighborhood adventures. It measures 6 inches wide and 5 inches long. Buy Now.

Toddler Fox Bag
Fox Keychain Wristlet: The Fox Keychain Wristlet is cute and functional, and just the thing you need for keeping your keys within reach. Buy Now.

Fox Keychain Wristlet
Fox Brooch: The Fox Brooch is a cute little fox brooch that's sure to brighten up any outfit and bring a smile on the onlooker's face. Buy Now.

Fox Brooch
Fox Keyring: This cute little fox keyring is handmade, measures approximately 3.5cm x 3cm at the widest points and is perfect for your keys. Buy Now.

Fox Keyring
Fox Hair Pins: You have great hair, but you lack something that makes them stand out? Now you have these cute foxes that are here to make your hairstyle stand out. Buy Now.

Fox Hair Pins
Fox Cushion: You have rested your head on cute dogs, rabbits, carrots and many other pillows and cushions, how about giving this cute fox a chance? Buy Now.

Fox Cushion
Crochet Fox Bookmark: This cute fox is here to encourage your little one to enjoy books and reading. Buy Now.

Crochet Fox Bookmark
Fox Cup Cozy: This adorable crochet fox cup cozy is perfect for take out cup and also travel cup, keeps your hands insulated from your beverages. Buy Now.

Fox Cup Cozy

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Oct 28, 2017

15 Coolest Pillows for You.

If you are looking for pillows or cushions then look no further, we have the best pillows and cushions from all over the world for you.

Jeep Pillow: The Jeep Pillow lets you keep your 4X4 close to you while indoors. You can personalize this pillow. Buy Now.

Jeep Pillow
Dog Pillow: Do you enjoy the warmth of your favorite dog next to you when you lie down or sleep? The Dog Pillow can be personalized and is here for you to give you some comfort. Buy Now.

Dog Pillow
Volkswagen Beetle Pillow: Now have a cool decorative convertible car as a pillow with this Volkswagen Beetle Pillow. Buy Now.

Volkswagen Beetle Pillow
Cactus Pillow: The Cactus Pillow comes with cactus print, don't worry it has no thorns and is here to give your head, back or neck support so that you can relax after a hard day's work. Buy Now.

Cactus Pillow
Banknote Pillow: Do you think if you sleep on banknotes, it will make any difference to your sleep? Though you may feel financially secure having a bundle of dollar bills under your head, but do you think it would be comfortable? This folded banknotes-shape pillow comes with knitted graphics and is just the thing you need if you want to rest your head on dollar bills. Buy Now.

Banknote Pillow
Vintage Violin Pillow: The Vintage Violin Pillow is a decorative pillow that measures 12x18, features a vintage image of a violin printed in black on duck canvas. Buy Now.

Vintage Violin Pillow
Full Moon Floor Pillow: The Full Moon Floor Pillow is perfect for taking you away from the real world to the dream world, where you can even sleep on the moon. Buy Now.

Full Moon Floor Pillow
Dinosaur Plush Pillow: The Cartoon Dinosaur Plush Pillow goes good with your home decor, and can be used as handwarmer plush. Buy Now.

Dinosaur Plush Pillow
Oversized Carrot Body Pillow: The Oversized Carrot Body Pillow looks like an oversized carrot, measures six feet long from the orange tip to the end of the leafy greens on top, and weighs 3 lbs. Buy Now.

Oversized Carrot Body Pillow
Minions Plush Pillow: Minions Plush Pillow is perfect for your room, and for those times when you want someone close to you. Buy Now.

Minions Plush Pillow
Math Pillow: If numbers keep you happy and you like working with numbers then why should your home be different? Isn't your home supposed to be the extension of you? Then let the numbers surround you, and this math pillow does it for you. Buy Now.

Math Pillow
Carrot Pillow: The Carrot Pillow looks adorable, and perfect to cuddle. Buy Now.

Carrot Pillow
Nutella Kid's Pillow: The Nutella Kid's Pillow is just the thing for your kid's room. Its handmade, water based inks are used on cotton for digital printing, and the back of the pillow features plain cream fabric. Buy Now.

Nutella Kid's Pillow
Batman Costume Cushion: The Batman Costume Cushion comes printed with Batman Costume that includes utility belt minus the gizmos. Certainly you wont be able to use the utility belt like the Batman does; though you get three pockets, which you can use it for your TV remote, smartphone or however you find it comfortable. It measures approx 15 x 15 inches and is washable. Buy Now.

Batman Costume Cushion
Zip and Flip Elephant Travel Pillow: A travel pillow is must if you want to rest your head on a prolong travel and this cute elephant unzips into a travel pillow and when not in use place it on your suitcase or backpack. Buy Now.

Zip and Flip Elephant Travel Pillow


Giraffe Throw Pillow Cover: The Geometric Giraffe Throw Pillow Cover is handsewn and features double side print and is sure to look great in your home. Buy Now.

Giraffe Throw Pillow Cover
Spaceman Dream Pillowcase: The Spaceman Dream Pillowcase is just the thing you need in your room if you like the space. Buy Now.

Spaceman Dream Pillowcase
Record Cushion Cover: This adorable record pillow is just the thing you need to remind you of the gone by days of records. Buy Now.

Record Cushion Cover
Captain America Throw Pillow: So what do you think the Captain America Throw Pillows are best suited for, the sofas, armchair, beds or the floor? Buy Now.

Captain America Throw Pillow
Polyjuicepotion Pillowcase: Wont it be cool if the polyjuicepotion really worked and we can transform? Only if it was real; but until someone comes with some tech in this muggle world you can have some comfort with this Polyjuicepotion Pillowcase. Buy Now.

Polyjuicepotion Pillowcase
Pineapple Decorative Throw Pillow Cover: The Pineapple Decorative Throw Pillow Cover is perfect for any home, it measures 14"x14" and you can even personalize it. Buy Now.

Pineapple Decorative Throw Pillow Cover
Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover: The Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover features a screen print of your favorite scooter on a cotton cushion cover, comes with zipper closure for easy removal and measures 16" x 16". Buy Now.

Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover
Pokemon Pillow Cover: This cool Pokemon Pillow Cover features Pikachu, Squirtle, Charamander, and Bulbasaur, and makes a cool addition to your kid's room. Buy Now.

Pokemon Pillow Cover

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