Sep 23, 2017

20 Best Power Banks.

Now our life revolves around gadgets, you can't live without your smartphone, just remember how you felt the last time when your smartphone ran out of juice. To keep your gadgets juiced up on the move we have the 'Best Power Banks'.

Re-Fuel Power Banks: The Re-Fuel Power Bank comes with three individual power banks, each packing 2600mAh of juice. Each of these power bank is compact, gives you USB and micro-USB ports. Buy Now.

Re-Fuel Power Banks
Starwars Mighty Minis Power Bank: The Starwars Mighty Minis Power Bank runs on standard AA, gives you up to 3 hours extra use time and lets you get by till you get a proper recharger. You can put it on your laptop bag, backpack, or keychain. Buy Now.

Starwars Mighty Minis Power Bank
French Fries Power Bank: The French Fries Power Bank is a portable power bank that features French fries 'n sleeve shaped bank, comes with 2600mAh, and gives you 8 hours to get by. Buy Now.

French Fries Power Bank
Leaf Power Bank: The leaf shaped portable power bank comes with 2600mAh, is compatible with iOS / Android and comes with USB 5V/1A. Buy Now.

Leaf Power Bank
Block Power Bank: Now with the Block Power Bank you can enjoy twisting the blocks while recharging your smartphone, it comes with 2600mAh. Buy Now.

Block Power Bank
Pokeball Power Bank: The Pokeball Power Bank announces to the world that you are a serious trainer; juicing up your smart phone while you are busy with Pokémon GO catching the Pokemons. It comes with 10,000 mAh and a flashlight. Buy Now.

Pokeball Power Bank
Candy Cane Power Bank: The Candy Cane Power Bank looks like candy cane, comes with 2,000 mAh, and gives you up to 3 hours of additional talk time for mobile devices. Buy Now.

Candy Cane Power Bank
Walnut Wood Power Bank: The Walnut Wood Power Bank features pineapple design and is available in two options: 4000mAh and 10000mAh. Buy Now.

Walnut Wood Power Bank
Horde Power Bank: The Horde Power Bank is dimensional, lights up, comes with 7000 mAh and has 2 USB 5V/2A output ports for faster recharging. Buy Now.

Horde Power Bank
Timber Power Bank: The Timber Power Bank is a portable USB power bank that comes with 2600mAh, wood exterior, can recharge up to two devices and comes with built in recharging cables. Buy Now.

Timber Power Bank
Starwars Power Bank: The Starwars Power Bank comes with indicator lights in the front, power on/off button, comes with 2,800 mAh, and USB 5V/1.2A. Buy Now.

Starwars Power Bank
Solar Power Bank: The Solar Power Bank is a 80,000 mAh portable solar recharger, is compatible with any mobile phone or device with USB recharging. You can recharge it using solar or wall outlet. It comes with 5V - 1A and 5V - 2.1A USB output. Buy Now.

Solar Power Bank
Cedar Power Bank: The Cedar Power Bank comes with 6000mAh, USB 2.1 amp fast recharge and is made from real wood. Buy Now.

Cedar Power Bank
'Dandelion in Mason' Power Bank: You can personalize this 'Dandelion in Mason' Power Bank, it comes with 12,000mAh and is perfect for juicing up your gadgets on the move. Buy Now.

'Dandelion in Mason' Power Bank
Porter Power Bank: The Porter Power Bank is inspired by the beauty of our earth from the perspective of a satellite, comes with 6000mAh, and USB output 5V/2.1A to recharge your devices. Buy Now.

Porter Power Bank
Credit Card Power Bank: This credit card style USB power bank comes with built in recharging cable for iOS and Android phones. You can personalize it. Buy Now.

Credit Card Power Bank
Floral Design Power Bank: How about getting a floral designed power bank? And what more you can personalize it. Buy Now.

Floral Design Power Bank
Geometric Lion Power Bank: The Kerby Rosanes Geometric Lion Power Bank is made from real wood, comes with 6000mAh, and a customizable front. Buy Now.

Geometric Lion Power Bank
Gold Power Bank: The Gold Power Bank comes with 12,000mAh, and you can personalize it with your own sketch or your handwriting. Buy Now.

Gold Power Bank
Han in Carbonite Power Bank: The Han in Carbonite Power Bank comes with 8000mAh to recharge your gadgets on the move. It features two USB ports that let you recharge two devices at one go. Buy Now.

Han in Carbonite Power Bank

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