Sep 12, 2017

20 Best Polaroid Themed Products.

Remember the gone by era of instant pictures? Now we have for you the 'Best Polaroid Themed Products' that are perfect for your day to day life.

Polaroid Cheese Slicer: Most of us say "cheese" to a camera, and the Polaroid Cheese Slicer takes this to the literal sense. You say cheese for the camera and now you have a camera for your cheese. Buy Now.

Polaroid Cheese Slicer
Polaroid Table lamp: Now you get a Polaroid to light up your desk, this Polaroid Table Lamp is made from an 80's Polaroid camera. Buy Now.

Polaroid Table lamp
Polaroid Camera Necklace: The Polaroid Camera Necklace is perfect for letting the world know of your liking for the vintage camera, and what more, you can even customize the photo. Buy Now.

Polaroid Camera Necklace
Polaroid Pocket Mirror: The Polaroid Pocket Mirror lets you pose for a selfie everytime you look into it. Buy Now.

Polaroid Pocket Mirror
Polaroid Wedding Thank You Cards: How about giving a retro feel to the wedding thank you cards? You agree; then these Polaroid inspired wedding thank you cards are just perfect. Buy Now.

Polaroid Wedding Thank You Cards
Polaroid Magnetic Photo Frames: The Polaroid Magnetic Photo Frames are designed to make your photos appear to be real Polaroid pictures. Just place your pictures in the frames and decorate your fridge or any other place of your choice. It comes with a transparent protective overlay and dry-erase functionality; you can personalize these with messages, and doodles. Buy Now.

Polaroid Magnetic Photo Frames
Polaroid Cushion: Now with the Polaroid Cushion you can display your favorite photo as Polaroid image upon a huggable cushion. Buy Now.

Polaroid Cushion
Polaroid Ring: The Polaroid Picture Ring is perfect to display your favorite picture on your finger. Buy Now.

Polaroid Ring
Pollaroll Toilet Paper Holder: Polaroll is a Polaroid camera shaped toilet paperroll holder that gives out colorful photo style toilet paper. Buy Now: $19.99.

Pollaroll Toilet Paper Holder
Photo Cup: The Retro Camera Cup is a ceramic coffee cup that comes with a printed camera design, perfectly combines the worlds of photography and your java. Buy Now.

Photo Cup
Retro Lunch Box: Digital cameras have changed the world of photography forever; previously it was developing the film and now its transferring the images to your laptop. This cool Retro Shaped Camera Lunch Box looks similar to one of those large cameras of the gone by days. Its perfect for keeping your photographs, letters or even can be used as a school lunchbox for your kid. It measures 6.5 x 2.87 x 7.56 inches and is airtight and easy to clean. Buy Now.

Retro Lunch Box
Polaroid - iPhone 7 Case: How about giving a retro touch to your latest smartphone with the Polaroid - iPhone 7 Case? Buy Now.

Polaroid - iPhone 7 Case
Polaroid Candle: Before the smartphone era the instant camera was just perfect for those "special moments". And now this Beeswax Instant Camera Candle is here to give you light for about 50 hours. Buy Now.

Polaroid Candle
Polaroid Notebook: The Polaroid Notebook features the raised image of a Polaroid camera and is perfect for jotting down personal notes and memories. Buy Now.

Polaroid Notebook
Polaroid Portrait Tile: Any ideas on how to put this Polaroid Portrait Tile to a good use? Buy Now.

Polaroid Portrait Tile
Polaroid Macbook Decal: Correct us if we are wrong, isn't it true that all Macbooks look the same or for that matter its the same story with any other laptop? Now you can personalize your Macbook with this Polaroid Macbook Decal and make it stand out from the rest. Buy Now.

Polaroid Macbook Decal
Polaroid Pin: The Polaroid Pin is modeled after the Polaroid 600 Camera, and is just perfect to let everyone know of your liking for instant photography. Buy Now.

Polaroid Pin
Polaroid Photo Book: The photo book called Me and My Car contains 50 pages of cool vintage Polaroids from the '50s to the '80s. Buy Now.

Polaroid Photo Book
Polaroid Washi Tape: The Polaroid Washi Tape is good for your project work, scrapbook decoration, cards, gift-wrapping and a lot more. Buy Now.

Polaroid Washi Tape
Polaroid Camera Scarf: Over the years you must have worn numerous scarves, now how about giving a try to Polaroid Camera Bandana Scarf? Buy Now.

Polaroid Camera Scarf
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