Sep 16, 2017

20 Best Painting Tools for You.

Painting your home may look really easy and is sure to make your home look great but without the proper tools you are sure to make a mess. To make things easy and comfortable for you we have the Best Painting Tools, have a look.

PaintStick EZ Twist Applicatorkit: The PaintStick EZ-Twist draws paint directly from the paint can into the stick and pushes the paint to the end of the stick while giving the right amount of paint to avoid paint blobs. It can reach up to 9 ft. and holds up to 18 oz of paint while making painting a lot easier. Buy Now.

PaintStick EZ Twist Applicatorkit

Touch-Up Paint Pen: The Touch-Up Paint Pen is perfect for those small touch-ups you want to give to your walls. Just fill it and place the brush head on and you are good to go. Its brush head vacuum seals the paint inside the brush and keeps it fresh for future use. Buy Now.

Touch-Up Paint Pen

Anti-Gravity Paint Tray: The Anti-Gravity Paint Tray holds up to 12 oz's of paint, comes with the adjustable strap, liner and squeegee tool. You hold the tray at any angle and you need not worry about paint falling down. The bristles inside the liner hold your paint and when you apply the brush it releases the paint for application. Buy Now.

Anti-Gravity Paint Tray

Paint Runner Pro: The Paint Runner Pro makes things simple - just pour and paint. It comes with hollow interior that you can fill with your chosen paint, and get an even coat on nearly any surface. Buy Now.

Paint Runner Pro

Purdy Power Lock Extension Pole: Don't like climbing the ladder? The Purdy Power Lock Extension Pole comes with customized adjustments so that the pole can lock at any length. Buy Now.

Purdy Power Lock Extension Pole
Point 'n' Paint: The Point 'n' Paint is just the right tool you need for painting around fittings. Buy Now.

Point 'n' Paint
Quick Painter Tool: The Quick Painter Tool holds up to 4-1/2 ounces of paint, can quickly and easily paint your trim and paints up to 50 feet per fill. Buy Now.

Quick Painter Tool
Accubrush XT Paint Edger: The Accubrush XT Paint Edger lets you paint the edges of a wall and around the trim without the need of masking tape and without getting onto a ladder. It makes your painting jobs quicker and more professional looking. Buy Now.

Accubrush XT Paint Edger
Paint Edger: The Paint Edger features two guide wheels, attaches to threaded extension poles, pivots and swivels for even control and more. Buy Now.

Paint Edger
Paint Bucket: The HANDy 2500 HANDy Paint Pail comes with built-in magnetic brush holder and brush scraper, adjustable strap, and its disposableliners makes clean up and color changes a breeze. Buy Now.

Paint Bucket
Paint Eater: The Paint Eater is a paint removal tool that's designed to reduce the man-hours to take out the paint and make the task a lot easier and faster. Buy Now.

Paint Eater
Scotchblue Tape with Edge Lock: The Scotchblue Tape features advanced edge-lock paint line protector for super sharp paint lines. Buy Now.

Scotchblue Tape with Edge Lock
Accubrush: The Accubrush is designed to cut your painting time in half while giving you professional-quality results. Buy Now.

Hyde's Multi-Faceted Tool: The Multi-Faceted Tool lets you pour paint safely, the grid attaches to the pour spout that works as a brush wipe. Buy Now.

Hyde's Multi-Faceted Tool
Quickly Clean Glove: The Quickly Clean Glove is perfect for removing oil-based and latex paint, caulk, grease, and more, using just plain water or mild handsoap. Buy Now.

Quickly Clean Glove
Graco Truecoat 360DS Paint Sprayer: The Graco Truecoat 360DS Paint Sprayer features dual speed adjustment that gives you 2 speeds to spray, its stainless steel piston pump lets you spray paint unthinned at high pressure; Vacuvalve technology creates an air tight system that lets you spray in any direction, even upside down and more. Buy Now.

Graco Truecoat 360DS Paint Sprayer
Titan Spray Guide Tool: The Titan Spray Guide Tool is just the right tool for getting those straight edges perfect in seconds. Buy Now.

Titan Spray Guide Tool
Depspray: The Depspray is a dry erase marker that comes in an aerosol can. You can create artwork that can be removed with a simple paper towel. Buy Now.

3M Paint Defender System: The 3M Paint Defender System is perfect for giving you the flexibility to select the surfaces you want to protect. Buy Now.

3M Paint Defender System
Black Paint: The world's mattest and flattest black paint turns any object jet-black with just a single coat. Buy Now.

Black Paint

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