Sep 1, 2017

20 Best Minions Themed Products.

Minions are small, cute yellow fellows that are always eager to serve their master. Now these Minions are here to serve you and be part of your day-to-day life.

Minions Cookie Jar: The Minions Cookie Jar is a ceramic replica of Minion Stuart, he is here to serve you now and you can fill him with cookies or chocolates or any other thing of your choice and he will take care of it for you. Buy Now.

Minions Cookie Jar
Minions Automatic Toothpastedispenser: Making kids brush their teeth isn't an easy task, but now you have Minions to take care of the issue. They are sure going to get your kids' attention and make brushing an interesting task. It even holds two toothbrushes. Buy Now.

Minions Automatic Toothpastedispenser
Minions iPhone Recharger Stickers: Now you have Minions iPhone Recharger Stickers to personalize your iPhone recharger and cable. Buy Now.

Minions iPhone Recharger Stickers
Minions Shoes: These Minions inspired shoes are handpainted and are sure to look cool on your feet. Just one other thing, now that the Minions are in control of your feet, just hope they don't take you to their master's lair. Buy Now.

Minions Shoes
Minions Plush Pillow: Minions Plush Pillow is perfect for your room, and for those times when you want someone close to you. Buy Now.

Minions Plush Pillow
Minions Lamp and Savings Bank: The Minions are here to light up your desk and also let you save your change. Buy Now.

Minions Lamp and Savings Bank
Minion Bed: Generally Minions are small, but now to serve you even better they are growing. The Minion Bed is a double bed made of super short plush, that lets you sit back, relax and enjoy. Buy Now.

Minion Bed
Minions In-ear Headphones: The Minions In-ear Headphones lets you take your Minions everywhere - gym, school, work, or on walks. Buy Now.

Minions In-ear Headphones
Minions Nail Decals: The 42 Minions Nail Decals are here to make your nails look cute. Buy Now.

Minions Nail Decals
Minion Cookie Cutter Set: Now cut your cookies in shape of Minions with the Minion Cookie Cutter Set, and kids are sure going to enjoy eating them. Buy Now.

Minion Cookie Cutter Set
Minion Party Cutlery: Now make your kid's party rememberable one with the Minion Party Cutlery. The Minion Party Cutlery contains a yellow plastic fork, spoon and knife wrapped in a blue paper napkin with yellow and black ribbon, with wiggle eyes and minion goggles. Buy Now.

Minion Party Cutlery
Minion Ring: The Minion Ring is perfect for you to wear on your fingers and let the world know about your liking for Minions. Buy Now.

Minion Ring
Minion Earrings: The Minion Earrings are sure to look cute with every outfit. Buy Now.

Minion Earrings
Minion Hat: The crochet Minion Hat is perfect for everyday wear or photo props. Buy Now.

Minion Hat
Minion Centerpieces: The Minion Decorations are perfect for decorating your party and their happy eyes are sure to make every one smile. Buy Now.

Minion Centerpieces
Minion Dog Costume: We do know that your four-legged friend doesn't require anything to look cute, as he/she is already cute. But the Minion Costume is sure to give them an edge over the others. Buy Now.

Minion Dog Costume
Minion Coffee Cup Cozy: The Minion Inspired Crocheted Coffee Cup Cozy keeps your hands safe, is a reusable sleeve and is here to give a Minion touch to your coffee cup. Buy Now.

Minion Coffee Cup Cozy
Minion Dress: The Minion Dress and Hat is here to turn you into a cute looking Minion. Buy Now.

Minion Dress
Minion Slippers: The Minion Slippers looks cute, and are sure to make you happy with every step. Buy Now.

Minion Slippers
Minion Bathrobe: It's beyond any reasonable doubt that you are going to look a cute over sized minion wearing this Minion Bathrobe, but who are you eager to serve? Just kidding. Buy Now.

Minion Bathrobe

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