Sep 9, 2017

20 Best Knife Blocks and Storages.

Whether one is a master chef or a novice chef they do need a knife to get started. Just think of it, you want to cook a meal and when you are about to chop the veggies you don't find a knife; does this sound familiar? A bad start is sure to leave a bad taste, but if you have knife block then you know where to find your knives and all your knives will be stored at an easy accessible place. So how about having a knife block for your kitchen? Interested?

Spartan Knife Block: The Spartan Knife Block is shaped like a Spartan who with his shield seems to stopping numerous knives as these are plunged towards him. Its handmade from American maple and walnut, is sure to be an instant conversation starter. Buy Now.

Spartan Knife Block
Calphalon Self-Sharpening Knife Block: The Calphalon Self-Sharpening Knife Block comes with built-in ceramic sharpeners that sharpen your knives everytime you remove them. It also comes with a set of 15 knives. Buy Now.

Calphalon Self-Sharpening Knife Block
Ninja Knife Block: The Ninja Knife Block is cleverly designed to make your knives as a part of his attire. Buy Now.

Ninja Knife Block
Self-Locking Knife Block: The Self-Locking Knife Block features a cam-lock mechanism and you need to press the button on the either side that releases the knives; its designed to keep knives inaccessible to the kids and keep them safe. Buy Now.

Self-Locking Knife Block
Starwars Xwing Knife Block: The Starwars Xwing Knife Block looks like the Xwing and comes with a full set of knives. You need to just place the knives into the block to make it look like the Xwing. Buy Now.

Starwars Xwing Knife Block
New-wave Knife Block: Its understandable that knives and cutting boards go together. Then why didn't we have these knife blocks that come integrated with the cutting boards earlier? The New-wave Knife Block sure looks practical. More info.

New-wave Knife Block
Under Cabinet Knife Block: The Under Cabinet Knife Block is perfect for removing the clutter from your counters and displays your entire selection of knives. It comes in two sizes for under cabinet knife storage, its small unit is perfect for limited cabinet space. Buy Now.

Under Cabinet Knife Block
Black Diamond Knife Block: The Black Diamond Knife Block is designed for maximum flexibility and its clever use of the block's angles and the balance of its weighing keeps your knives safely in their placement. Buy Now.

Black Diamond Knife Block
Zwilling Pro Knife Block: The Zwilling Pro Knife Block comes with 12 knives that are sure to take care of your culinary needs. Buy Now.

Zwilling Pro Knife Block
Kitchen Counter Top Knife Block: This bamboo knife block is perfect for displaying and storing your knives in a sophisticated style. Buy Now.

Kitchen Counter Top Knife Block
Walnut and Cherry Knife Block: The Walnut and Cherry Knife Block is a handcrafted knife block that's perfect to protect your knives; wont take much of your valuable counter space and compliments your décor. Buy Now.

Walnut and Cherry Knife Block
In-Drawer Knife Block: The In-Drawer Knife Block is perfect for organizing your knives out of sight in the cutlery drawer. Buy Now.

In-Drawer Knife Block
Wall Fixable Knife Holder: The Wall Fixable Knife Holder is best suited if you are looking for a knife storage that you can fix on the wall; it displays all your knifes and you can fix it at any height to keep the knives away from the kids. Buy Now.

Wall Fixable Knife Holder
Kitchen Knife Holder: This beautiful handcrafted wooden knife holder is perfect for your kitchen knives. Buy Now.

Kitchen Knife Holder
Monogrammed Knife Block: The Monogrammed Knife Block can be personalized and comes with 14-piece knife set. Buy Now.

Monogrammed Knife Block
Bespoke Knife Block: The Walnut and Cherry Kitchen Knife Block is made to order, you can store multiple knives and even scissor too. Buy Now.

Bespoke Knife Block
Magnetic Knife Holder: The Magnetic Knife Holder is a magnetic wall fixable knife holder that comes with a magnet that will securely hold a single knife weighing up to 400 grams. Buy Now.

Magnetic Knife Holder
Magnetic Knife Block: The Magnetic Knife Stand is a magnetic wall fixable knife block that keeps your knives at one place and easily accessible. Buy Now.

Magnetic Knife Block
Hardwood Wall Knife Block: The Solid Hardwood Wall Knife Block puts your knives at display and its open construction lets the knives to dry easily. Buy Now.

Hardwood Wall Knife Block
Wüsthof 22 Knife Block: This cool knife block can store four cook's knives, eight steak knives in base and 10 more mix and match knives and is perfect for a customized knife set. Buy Now.

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