Sep 7, 2017

20 Best Holders for Daily Life.

We need holders for our keys, towels, pencils, pens, and a lot more thing, or we can say that we need holders for organizing things in our day-to-day life. Look no further; we have the Best Holders for Daily Life.

Hedgehog Pencil Holder: You need a pencil holder to organize your favorite pencils, then why opt for a boring pencil holder, when you have Hedgehog Pencil Holder? Once you place the pencils in the Hedgehog Pencil Holder, they give the Hedgehog the spiny look to complete its design. Clever, isn't it? Buy Now.

Hedgehog Pencil Holder
Tweexy - Wearable Nail Polish Holder: Do you wear nail polish? It's a silly question, my bad. Let us rephrase this; applying nail polish like a pro isn't easy, is it? Or if you have someone caring enough who applies nail polish whenever you want, then its great you don't need Tweexy, but if you don't then Tweexy is for you. Tweexy is an oversized rubber ring that you can wear on your fingers and it holds the nail polish bottle while you apply nail polish. Buy Now.

Tweexy - Wearable Nail Polish Holder
Modesto Towel Holder: Modesto is a tiny guy who uses your towel to cover himself while holding the towel for you. Stick him in your bathroom or kitchen, and leave the rest to him. Buy Now.

Modesto Towel Holder
Mr. Brooman: Mr. Brooman looks like a butler's coat, is designed to keep things neat and tidy. This butler keeps the broom and dustpan together. You can fix it onto your broom, place it on the wall by its collar and it holds a dustpan in his hand. Buy Now.

Mr. Brooman
Tricerataco Taco Holder: Tricerataco Taco Holder is a dinosaur shaped taco holder that holds two of your favorite tacos on its back and you can eat tacos with style with this cool taco holder. Buy Now.

Tricerataco Taco Holder
Indoor Beach Cottage Plant Holder: The Indoor Beach Cabin Plant Holder is prefect for growing your own mint or any other herbs of your choice. Its human nature that once we have what we want we lose its importance over the time, and once that thing starts getting away or is gone we realize its importance again. Beach life is really beautiful, the sound of the waves, the warm sand, sipping your favorite beverage while relaxing on the beach, doesn't it sound alluring? Its only when vacations are faraway that you start missing those happy moments / holidays in our life. Least we have the Indoor Beach Cottage Planter that holds your mint flowerpot, and we can always have lemonade with fresh mint, isn't it? Buy Now.

Indoor Beach Cottage Plant Holder
Ziploc Bag Holder: The Ziploc Bag holder is a fridge organizer for your ziploc bags. It holds 19 storage bags, it rails attach to the glass shelves in your fridge and makes things a lot easy for you. Buy Now.

Ziploc Bag Holder
Mr. Sponge - Sponge Holder: Mr. Sponge is a sponge holder that comes in the shape of a classy gentlemen who holds your sponge as his bowtie. Buy Now.

Mr. Sponge - Sponge Holde
Pug Out Plug Holder: It's not uncommon to have multiple plugs nearby your wall outlet, and everytime you need to plug in those plugs, you need to bend over and pick it from the floor. Now we have Pug Out Plug Holder to take care of the issue. The Pug Out Plug Holder attaches below your wall outlet and holds the extra plugs that you aren't using. So when you need to plug something in, just unplug the one not in use and put it on the hold. Buy Now.

Pug Out Plug Holder
Handsfree Ziploc Bag Holder: Do you remember those times when you try putting your leftovers into a ziploc bag and end up creating more mess to clean up? The Handsfree Ziploc Bag Holder holds the Ziploc bag open for you so that you can fill it with ease. Buy Now.

Handsfree Ziploc Bag Holder
Giraffe Kitchen Paper Holder: This small giraffe with its stretched neck makes a perfect kitchen paper holder. Buy Now.

Giraffe Kitchen Paper Holder
Taco Truck Taco Holder: Trucks are perfect for transporting things for you, and now we have this cool Taco Truck Taco Holder that comes in a truck shape, that holds up to 2 tacos at a time while keeping them perfectly balanced and makes a playful addition to your table. Buy Now.

Taco Truck Taco Holder
Dog Leash Holder: The Dog Leash Holder is perfect for keeping your dog leash in place so that when your four legged friend wants to go for a walk, you wont go around searching for his leash. Buy Now.

Dog Leash Holder
Montessori Wood Pencil Holder: The Montessori Wood Pencil Holder is perfect for organizing your pencils and its design makes best use of every inch of space. Buy Now.

Montessori Wood Pencil Holder
His and Hers Key Holder: The His and Hers Key Holder is an adorable handmade holder that's perfect to organize your keys. Buy Now.

His and Hers Key Holder
Cactus Ring Holder: The Cactus Ring Holder comes with a jewelry dish, place it by your washbasin and while you wash your hands, it takes care of your jewelry. Buy Now.

Cactus Ring Holder
Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder: The Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder is perfect for holding your pencils and glasses, features bright red lips and the words You're Spectacular. Buy Now.

Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder
Wooden Key Holder: The Wooden Key Holder is perfect for giving a classic touch to your entryway, comes with hooks for keys, jackets, or towels, and mason jar holder for flower decor or candle. Buy Now.

Wooden Key Holder
Bathtub/Shower Glass Holder: The Bathtub/Shower Glass Holder is perfect for holding your favorite beverage glass while you relax in your bathtub. Buy Now.

Bathtub/Shower Glass Holder
Calla Lily Outlet Cover: The Calla Lily Outlet Cover turns your wall outlet into a recharging station for your smartphone; the calla lily holds your phone while recharging. Buy Now.

Calla Lily Outlet Cover
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