Sep 4, 2017

20 Best Carrot Themed Products.

Carrots are most widely used and enjoyed vegetables in the world, and even have many health benefits. Some of those include - it promotes healthier skin, and is good for your eyes, but our carrots are very useful and take the thing to next level, these are going to be part of your daily life and make things a lot more fun. And kids are sure to be happy with these carrot themed products, so would be Bugsbunny. And what about those kids who are fuzzy eaters, and don't like their veggies, these carrot themed products can be of use too.

Oversized Carrot Body Pillow: The Oversized Carrot Body Pillow looks like an oversized carrot, measures six feet long from the orange tip to the end of the leafy greens on top, and weighs 3 lbs. Buy Now.

Oversized Carrot Body Pillow
Carrot Bag: This cute bag comes in the shape of a carrot, features zipper closure, adjustable shoulder strap up to 50", has an inner pocket, is fully lined and its your call how to use it. Buy Now.

Carrot Bag
Carrot Umbrella: While its pouring outside, you take this Carrot Umbrella and walk out, people are sure to get a bit confused seeing an oversized carrot in your hand? Its ok if you look like Bugsbunny, then again he is a cartoon character but we are in real world, aren't we? The Carrot shaped Umbrella is foldable, compact, lightweight, looks cute too and is sure to bring a smile on people's faces. Buy Now.

Carrot Umbrella
Carrot Whisk: Why use a regular whisk to blend ingredients smooth when you can have a carrot whisk! Buy Now.

Carrot Whisk
Carrot Gel Pen: Till now you have seen carrots been used for cooking and salads, but now with the Carrot Gel Pen you can write as well. Buy Now.

Carrot Gel Pen
Carrot Erasers: The Carrot Erasers come in a tiny wicker farmer's basket directly from the farmer's market so that you can fix your little mistakes. Buy Now.

Carrot Erasers
Carrot Spoon and Fork Set: Its known that carrots have numerous health benefits, and the Carrot Spoon and Fork Set is kid friendly and here to promote healthy eating. Buy Now.

Carrot Spoon and Fork Set
Carrot Scarf: You must have worn numerous scarves, but the Carrot Scarf is different. It looks just like a carrot, comes with tassels at one end that serve as the greens on top and the tassels at the other are the roots. It measures approximately 1 foot by 6 feet. Buy Now.

Carrot Scarf
Carrot Necklace: The Carrot Necklace looks really cute, is handmade, has adjustable length, and carrot measures about 4 cm long (with leaves). Buy Now.

Carrot Necklace
Ippon Demo Ninjin Carrot: Do you like or want to grow a carrot? It just takes about 3-4 months for you to have your own fresh carrots once you plant it, but what to do if you don't have gardening space to do it? No issues, the Ippon Demo Ninjin Carrot is a bag planter that comes with soil, seed for a carrot, that you can stick on your kitchen shelf and watch your carrot grow. Buy Now.

Ippon Demo Ninjin Carrot
Carrot Earrings: Have you ever given a thought about wearing Carrot Earrings? No, how about now? The Carrots Earrings are handmade, measures 2.5 cm long with the leaves, and are lightweight. Buy Now.

Carrots Earrings
Carrot Pillow: The Carrot Pillow looks adorable, and perfect to cuddle. Buy Now.

Carrot Pillow
Carrot Bracelet: The Carrot Bracelet is handmade, gives a cool way to promote vegetables and wear them on your wrist. Buy Now.

Carrot Bracelet
Carrots Tote Bag: The Carrots Tote Bag features a colorful bunch of carrots illustration, is a reusable bag, an alternative to plastic grocery bags, and is perfect for shopping, or for a visit to the market. Buy Now.

Carrots Tote Bag
Carrot Coffee Cup: If you are like us who are fueled by coffee and you even like carrots then the Carrot Coffee Cup gets your two of the most preferred things together. Buy Now.

Carrot Coffee Cup
Carrots Tea Towel: The Carrots Tea Towel is a cotton floursack tea towel that features handdrawn group of carrots and is perfect for everyday use. Buy Now.

Carrots Tea Towel
Carrot Temporary Tattoo: May be your favorite veggies are carrots, but would you have a carrot tattoo for any reason? If yes, don't you think a permanent tattoo may be way too much just in case your taste changes in future? How about a temporary tattoo? Buy Now.

Carrot Temporary Tattoo
Carrot Costume for Dogs: The dog hat is knit with acrylic yarns and is perfect as a treat for your four-legged friend. Buy Now.

Carrot Costume for Dogs
Carrot Ribbon: The Carrot Ribbon is 1" wide, is sure to look cool in your crafts and sewing. Buy Now.

Carrot Ribbon
Carrot Cushion: The Carrot Cushion looks really cute, and kids are sure to like it a lot. It measures approximate width 22 cm x height 60 cm, is handsewn and perfect for your kid's room. Buy Now.

Carrot Cushion

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