Aug 2, 2017

20 Best Soap Dishes To Keep Your Soap Dry.

The soap needs to be kept dry after usage, and without a soap there is no meaning of having a shower, isn't it? Or do you know of someone how doesn't use soap regularly while bathing or shower? Or least when they are in quite a bit of hurry? No, neither do we. The soap dishes and holders are designed for a specific purpose of keeping your soap dry that also makes it last even longer when well drained. But who says that the soap dishes and holders have to be simple and can't get creative? These soap dishes and holders are elegant statement pieces for your bathroom, don't believe it, then check them out.

Waterfall Soap Dish: The Waterfall Soap Dish is designed to keep your soap dry while the excess water flows down in a cascading effect creating a miniature waterfall right in your shower. Buy Now.

Waterfall Soap Dish
Soap Holder by Ronmoustudio: This holder is your soap's best friend; it comes with a soft texture that makes your soap feel like its on the bed. It features a an efficient drain system to keep your soap dry and its special curved surface keeps the soap in a good shape and increases its durability. Buy Now.

Soap Holder by Ronmoustudio

Whale Soap Dish: The Whale Holder is a ceramic multipurpose holder, holds your soap in your bathroom or also can be used as a spoonrest in the kitchen. Buy Now.

Whale Soap Dish
Surf Soap Dish: The Surf Soap Dish is a ceramic soap dish crafted in New York and comes stamped with an impressionable image consistent with Izola's six old-world themes. Buy Now.

Surf Soap Dish
Chalk It Up Soap Dish: The Chalk It Up Soap Dish is a chalkboard-inspired soap dish that is sure to remind you of your good old school days, or it can also serve as a daily reminder to use soap. Buy Now.

Chalk It Up Soap Dish
Coconutshell Soap Dish: The Coconutshell Soap Dish is a beautifully handcarved soap dish in the shape of a seashell, features holes in its center to drain water and keep your soap dry. Buy Now.

Coconutshell Soap Dish
Spout Soap Saver: The Spout Soap Saver is a functional and creative soap holder that features a slightly raised and slanted surface and a spout that allows excess water to flow off naturally. The raised surface keeps the soap dry by letting the airflow around the soap. Buy Now.

Spout Soap Saver
Cleo Soap Dish: The Cleo Soap Dish is a ceramic soap dish that comes with a rubber coating, drain holes and a beautiful shape to keep your soap dry. Buy Now.

Cleo Soap Dish
Ikea Svartsjön Soap Dish: The Ikea Svartsjön Soap Dish features a faceted design, a deep aqua tone, looks sophisticated and has an appeal of its own. Buy Now.

Ikea Svartsjön Soap Dish
Charcoal Stone Soap Dish: The Charcoal Stone Soap Dish is perfect for holding your favorite soap. Buy Now.

Charcoal Stone Soap Dish
Brass Anchor Soap Dish: The Brass Anchor Soap Dish is perfect for giving a touch of nautical theme to your bathroom. Buy Now.

Brass Anchor Soap Dish
Bird Soap Dish: The Bird Soap Dish is a ceramic soap dish that features a sculpted songbird to guard your soap, and it also keeps your soap dry. Buy Now.

Bird Soap Dish
Wooden Soap Holder: The Wooden Soap Holder is perfect to keep your soap dry, its designed to allow water to flow out and comes in antiqued dark brown. Buy Now.

Wooden Soap Holder
Frog Soap Dish: This ceramic frog is going to do the least expected of a frog, its going to keep your soap dry and secure in its mouth. Buy Now.

Frog Soap Dish
Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish: The Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish is a unique designed soap dish that holds your soap aloft to completely drain off the water and catch the moisture below in the container. Buy Now.

Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish
Wooden Soap Dish: The Wooden Soap Dish is handcrafted from beach wood, comes in dark brown Hawaii style and keeps your soap dry by letting the water to flow out. Buy Now.

Wooden Soap Dish
Vintage Brass Peacock Soap Dish: This solid brass peacock soap dish is sure to make a great addition to your bathroom. It's perfect for your soap, or can also be used as a coin dish, trinket dish and more. Buy Now.

Vintage Brass Peacock Soap Dish
Savons Aux Fleurs Soap Dish: How about getting a cool bathtub for your soap? This ceramic soap holder looks like a mini bathtub, keeps your soap dry. Buy Now.

Savons Aux Fleurs Soap Dish
Wood Soap Holder: The Wood Soap Holder is handmade soap holder that's best suited for handcrafted soaps. Buy Now.

Wood Soap Holder
Vintage Style Soap Dish: This ornate Victorian style Soap Dish is perfect for your soaps, keeps them dry, it can also be used as business card holders, for keychains, and other small things. Buy Now.

Vintage Style Soap Dish
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