Aug 30, 2017

20 Best Guitar Themed Products.

Music is beautiful, music has power, and music can even change our lives. For those who are truly music inspired, we have the 'Best Guitar Themed Products' that we are sure you want to make them a part of your day to day life.

Guitar Salt and Pepper Shakers: Now you can rock on your dinner table while seasoning your meals with these cool Guitar Salt and Pepper Shakers. The Guitar Salt and Pepper Shakers are shaped like electric guitars, feature transparent design that let you see the content inside and hence no confusion while you tap on the guitars to season your food. Buy Now.

Guitar Salt and Pepper Shakers
Guitar Pencil and Eraser: The Guitar Pencil and Eraser is perfect for those times when you had enough of studies, want to rock, but can't. The pencil forms the fretboard, while the erasers form the head and the body of this cool guitar. Buy Now.

Guitar Pencil and Eraser
Electric Guitar Necklace: The Electric Guitar Necklace seems so real, looks like a miniature version of the red Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Comes with beautiful detailing, with tiny strings, fretboard, tuningpegs, bridge, and pickguard. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Necklace
Guitar Sponge Set: Dishwashing isn't something that one looks forward to, but yet we cant skip it, can we? Now with the Dish Hero Sponge Set you can be a rockstar while you are busy doing the chore. Buy Now.

Guitar Sponge Set
Guitar Shaped Paper Clips: A quarter of our lives goes over getting educated and the rest goes off in the office till the day we retire. Well some of us aren't just here to pay the bills. We want to take every opportunity even the smallest of it that comes our way to live and enjoy our lives to the max so that at the end of the day we have no regrets. But for the rest, life in office is quite monotonous; how about having little fun without boss having something to complain about? The Guitar Shaped Paper Clips are just perfect, these come in set of 12, 4 shapes, so you can choose the best guitar for your documents. Buy Now.

Guitar Shaped Paper Clips
Guitar Citrus Squeezer: You can squeeze a lemon using a fork, if you don't like to use a fork, then you can always use a lemon squeezer, and when you have thought of using a lemon squeezer then why opt for a boring one when you can have a Guitar Citrus Squeezer? Buy Now.

Guitar Citrus Squeezer
Guitar Bottle Opener: Does your prefect evening means spending time with your friends watching your favorite show or sports while everyone is having their favorite beverage? Sounds perfect, isn't it? How about opening these bottles like a rockstar? The Guitar Bottle Opener that comes with Seattle Skyline is just perfect for the job. Buy Now.

Guitar Bottle Opener
Guitar Pen: The Guitar Pen is perfect for taking your notes or jotting down those great ideas that are sure to change the world. Buy Now.

Guitar Pen

Guitar Tweezers: The Guitar Tweezers are just perfect for you to remove that unwanted hair right off. Just one other thing, just because you have a Guitar Tweezers doesn't mean that you need to rock on; you don't want a patch of missing hair, do you? Buy Now.

Guitar Tweezers
Guitars Glass: Why opt for a boring glass when you can have a guitar glass? Then again why opt for a guitar solo when you can have a guitar duo? You get a magenta guitar teamed with a silver guitar, rock on all night out. Buy Now.

Guitars Glass
Guitar Shaped Mirror: The guitar shaped wall mirror is perfect for giving a musical touch to your home. Buy Now.

Guitar Shaped Mirror
Electric Guitar Wall Decal: The Electric Guitar Wall Decal is perfect for your living room, lets you express your feelings in a subtle way. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Wall Decal
Guitar Earrings: The Guitar Earrings are perfect for letting the world know about your liking for music. Buy Now.

Guitar Earrings
Electric Guitar Keyring: The Electric Guitar Keyring is perfect for holding your keys. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Keyring
Electric Guitar Brooch: Do you wear a brooch? Have you ever tried wearing one? How about now? There are ways to wear a brooch that can make you look really cool. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Brooch
Guitar Pizza Cutter: The Rockin' Pizza Cutter wont play for you, but is great at cutting your pizza, comes with guitar design holder with 2.5-inch stainless steel blade. Buy Now.

Guitar Pizza Cutter
Guitar Cutting Board: There are two kinds of people, one who enjoy cooking while others think it as a necessary task that cant be avoided or least avoid it till its possible. Well if you are among those who don't like cooking, maybe this cool Guitar Cutting Board can change your opinion and get your interest in cooking. Buy Now.

Guitar Cutting Board
Guitar Salad Servers: These acoustic and electric guitar shaped wooden spoons are perfect to use with salads. Buy Now.

Guitar Salad Servers
Guitar Teainfuser: Coffee fuels us and the same way there are many who enjoy a cup of good tea. Next time you need to make a cup of tea, just put your favorite tealeaves in this guitar, let it steep in the cup and rest is taken care of. Buy Now.

Guitar Teainfuser
Guitar Cakepan: How about making a Guitar shaped cake? Buy Now.

Guitar Cakepan
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