Aug 31, 2017

20 Best Train Themed Products.

There is something with trains and kids, kids seem to be drawn towards trains. Or for that matter, in Japan there are many otaku who are into trains. There can be a reason for this; Japanese kids learn about Shinkansen from kindergarten, after all Japanese were the first ones to set up the first high speed railway lines in the world and their trains are capable of reaching up to a world record 603 km/h (375 mph). You don't need to be a kid or a Japanese to have special interest in trains, you just have to be you.

Shinkansen Baumspit Cake: The Shinkansen Baumspit Cake was made to celebrate the extension of the Shinkansen train from Nagano to Kanazawa, by a local Ishikawa Prefecture sweets shop (Japan). Buy Now.

Shinkansen Baumspit Cake
Train Shaped Power Bank: The Shinkansen powerbank looks like a miniature replica of a beautiful locomotive, comes with 6,000 mAh to recharge your smart phones, smart devices and other USB devices. Buy Now.

Train Shaped Power Bank
Train Themed PC Case: The PC-CK101 looks like an old steam locomotive with a small wagon, is made of aluminum, and weighs about 4.1 kg. Buy Now.

Train Themed PC Case
Train Bed: Some kids are fussy when it comes to going to bed, but this Train Bed is here now and is sure to change things while kids will be looking forward to get into it. Buy Now.

Train Bed
Sushi Train: The Sushi Train is a replica of the N700 series Shinkansen that lets you play with the train and eventually eats your food. It comes with a controller that makes you the meal conductor. Set it up on your dinner table, load it with sushi and man the controller. Buy Now.

Sushi Train
Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks: The Hashi Tetsu set of chopsticks is based on the most famous locomotive in the world, the Shinkansen train. If you are a slow eater then these aren't going to speed up things, just kidding. Buy Now.

Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks
Rc Tissuebox Train: The Rc Tissuebox Train is a train shaped tissuebox case that you can drive around like a RC toy car. Buy Now.

Rc Tissuebox Train
Blue Shinkansen Kid's Lunch Tray: The Blue Shinkansen Kid's Lunch Tray is shaped like the first Shinkansen series, the 1964 Zero-Kei, which could reach 210km/h (130 mph). The removable tray features three containers that let you serve different kinds of food, its heatresistant to 120°C/248°F and is also suitable for dishwashers. Buy Now.

Blue Shinkansen Kid's Lunch Tray
Train Costume: The 3D train costume is comfortable, and can easily be pulled over your kid's clothes. Buy Now.

Train Costume
Train Bag: How do you plan to use this Train Bag? Buy Now.

Train Bag
Express Train Lamp: The Express Train Lamp is shaped like a train, is made of steel and decorated with black and brown accents, constructed with premium craftsmanship and is perfect for your kid's room. Buy Now.

Express Train Lamp
Train Cabin Tissuebox Holder: This cool Train Cabin is perfect for holding your tissuepaper and pens. Buy Now.

Train Cabin Tissuebox Holder
Train Crayons: Kids enjoy coloring and when crayons are train shaped then its sure to make things more fun. Buy Now.

Train Crayons
Train Bracelet: The adjustable train bangle bracelet is perfect for you to let the world know of your liking for trains. Buy Now.

Train Bracelet
Train Necklace: This necklace is made from a vintage souvenir teaspoon end, and is sure to be an attention seeker. Buy Now.

Train Necklace
Train Earrings: How about wearing these cute locomotives? Buy Now.

Train Earrings
Train Themed Cookie Cutters: With the Train Themed Cookie Cutters, you can cut your cookies in shape of engine, caboose, freight cars and assorted signs. Buy Now.

Train Themed Cookie Cutters
Train Candle Holder: The Train Candle Holders are perfect for holding birthday candles, and kids are sure to enjoy it. Buy Now.

Train Candle Holder
Train USB Drive: The Train USB Drive comes in the shape of a steam locomotive and can hold 8 GB of data. Buy Now.

Train USB Drive
Hogwarts Express Bookends: The Hogwarts Express is a fictional legendary train that takes students to the school, but this Hogwarts Express is here to keep your books in order. These Hogwarts Express Bookends create a scene where the carriages and engine are entering and exiting a tunnel while holding your favorite books. Buy Now.

Hogwarts Express Bookends

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Aug 30, 2017

20 Best Guitar Themed Products.

Music is beautiful, music has power, and music can even change our lives. For those who are truly music inspired, we have the 'Best Guitar Themed Products' that we are sure you want to make them a part of your day to day life.

Guitar Salt and Pepper Shakers: Now you can rock on your dinner table while seasoning your meals with these cool Guitar Salt and Pepper Shakers. The Guitar Salt and Pepper Shakers are shaped like electric guitars, feature transparent design that let you see the content inside and hence no confusion while you tap on the guitars to season your food. Buy Now.

Guitar Salt and Pepper Shakers
Guitar Pencil and Eraser: The Guitar Pencil and Eraser is perfect for those times when you had enough of studies, want to rock, but can't. The pencil forms the fretboard, while the erasers form the head and the body of this cool guitar. Buy Now.

Guitar Pencil and Eraser
Electric Guitar Necklace: The Electric Guitar Necklace seems so real, looks like a miniature version of the red Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Comes with beautiful detailing, with tiny strings, fretboard, tuningpegs, bridge, and pickguard. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Necklace
Guitar Sponge Set: Dishwashing isn't something that one looks forward to, but yet we cant skip it, can we? Now with the Dish Hero Sponge Set you can be a rockstar while you are busy doing the chore. Buy Now.

Guitar Sponge Set
Guitar Shaped Paper Clips: A quarter of our lives goes over getting educated and the rest goes off in the office till the day we retire. Well some of us aren't just here to pay the bills. We want to take every opportunity even the smallest of it that comes our way to live and enjoy our lives to the max so that at the end of the day we have no regrets. But for the rest, life in office is quite monotonous; how about having little fun without boss having something to complain about? The Guitar Shaped Paper Clips are just perfect, these come in set of 12, 4 shapes, so you can choose the best guitar for your documents. Buy Now.

Guitar Shaped Paper Clips
Guitar Citrus Squeezer: You can squeeze a lemon using a fork, if you don't like to use a fork, then you can always use a lemon squeezer, and when you have thought of using a lemon squeezer then why opt for a boring one when you can have a Guitar Citrus Squeezer? Buy Now.

Guitar Citrus Squeezer
Guitar Bottle Opener: Does your prefect evening means spending time with your friends watching your favorite show or sports while everyone is having their favorite beverage? Sounds perfect, isn't it? How about opening these bottles like a rockstar? The Guitar Bottle Opener that comes with Seattle Skyline is just perfect for the job. Buy Now.

Guitar Bottle Opener
Guitar Pen: The Guitar Pen is perfect for taking your notes or jotting down those great ideas that are sure to change the world. Buy Now.

Guitar Pen

Guitar Tweezers: The Guitar Tweezers are just perfect for you to remove that unwanted hair right off. Just one other thing, just because you have a Guitar Tweezers doesn't mean that you need to rock on; you don't want a patch of missing hair, do you? Buy Now.

Guitar Tweezers
Guitars Glass: Why opt for a boring glass when you can have a guitar glass? Then again why opt for a guitar solo when you can have a guitar duo? You get a magenta guitar teamed with a silver guitar, rock on all night out. Buy Now.

Guitars Glass
Guitar Shaped Mirror: The guitar shaped wall mirror is perfect for giving a musical touch to your home. Buy Now.

Guitar Shaped Mirror
Electric Guitar Wall Decal: The Electric Guitar Wall Decal is perfect for your living room, lets you express your feelings in a subtle way. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Wall Decal
Guitar Earrings: The Guitar Earrings are perfect for letting the world know about your liking for music. Buy Now.

Guitar Earrings
Electric Guitar Keyring: The Electric Guitar Keyring is perfect for holding your keys. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Keyring
Electric Guitar Brooch: Do you wear a brooch? Have you ever tried wearing one? How about now? There are ways to wear a brooch that can make you look really cool. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Brooch
Guitar Pizza Cutter: The Rockin' Pizza Cutter wont play for you, but is great at cutting your pizza, comes with guitar design holder with 2.5-inch stainless steel blade. Buy Now.

Guitar Pizza Cutter
Guitar Cutting Board: There are two kinds of people, one who enjoy cooking while others think it as a necessary task that cant be avoided or least avoid it till its possible. Well if you are among those who don't like cooking, maybe this cool Guitar Cutting Board can change your opinion and get your interest in cooking. Buy Now.

Guitar Cutting Board
Guitar Salad Servers: These acoustic and electric guitar shaped wooden spoons are perfect to use with salads. Buy Now.

Guitar Salad Servers
Guitar Teainfuser: Coffee fuels us and the same way there are many who enjoy a cup of good tea. Next time you need to make a cup of tea, just put your favorite tealeaves in this guitar, let it steep in the cup and rest is taken care of. Buy Now.

Guitar Teainfuser
Guitar Cakepan: How about making a Guitar shaped cake? Buy Now.

Guitar Cakepan
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Aug 29, 2017

20 Best Bathrobes For You.

You need a bathrobe, then why opt for a boring or a monotonous bathrobe? You can choose from the best bathrobes that are interesting and cool to look, don't believe us? Have a look.

Shaun The Sheep Bathrobe: Shaun is one smart sheep who always works out a problem; he lives with his flock at Mossy Farm. The flock is always up to something and they always look up to Shaun; Shaun works along with the farm sheepdog Bitzer before the Farmer knows of the issue. Now we have this cool Shaun The Sheep Bathrobe that comes with all the ears and hoodie; whom are you going to impress by turning into Shaun? Buy Now.

Shaun The Sheep Bathrobe
Rocky Bathrobe: You remember Rocky Balboa from the Rocky series, right? This cool bathrobe is Rocky themed, comes with gloves that you can place around your neck and more around your home as if your are getting ready to be in the ring next. Buy Now.

Rocky Bathrobe
Gryffindor Bathrobe: Harry Potter belonged to Gryffindor? The Gryffindor Bathrobe comes with a cool badge on the chest and an oversized hoodie. Buy Now.

Gryffindor Bathrobe
Wonder Woman Bathrobe: Wonder Woman has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, longevity and a lot more. This Wonder Woman Bathrobe is perfect for you to cuddle up in it, but it won't give you any superhuman power. On a second thought (just hypothetically) if given a choice what would you choose? Being ageless? Buy Now.

Wonder Woman Bathrobe
Yoda Bathrobe: Yoda is the legendary Jedi Master from Starwars who has trained Jedi for over 800 years. He is small, but wise and really powerful. And here we have for you this Yoda Bathrobe that you can cuddle up after shower or bath. Comes with two front pockets that provide storage space. Buy Now.

Yoda Bathrobe
Batman Bathrobe: Batman is always there for Gotham and its people, ready to take on every challenge that comes his way, and this Batman Bathrobe is perfect for you if want to get a feel of Bruce Wayne.. Buy Now.

Batman Bathrobe
Groot Bathrobe: Baby Groot is cute, adorable, and naïve, he is an iconic member of the superhero team or shall we say band of misfits ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. The Groot Bathrobe features an embroidery baby Groot over/in the chest pocket creating an impression as if the pocket is its planter. Buy Now.

Groot Bathrobe
Startrek Bathrobe: Startrek - 'where no one has gone before', the Enterprise needs its officers and these officers are divided into three divisions; three division colors are used on their uniforms - red, yellow and blue. What's your favorite division? Buy Now.

Startrek Bathrobe
Spiderman Bathrobe: Spidey is always ready to take on any challenge that comes in his way and is always there for New York City. And he is now here for you too, no not in person but as a Spiderman themed retro bathrobe. Buy Now.

Spiderman Bathrobe
Minion Bathrobe: Minions are small, cute yellow creatures that are always eager to serve their master. It's beyond any reasonable doubt that you are going to look cute over sized minion wearing this Minion Bathrobe, but who are you eager to serve? Just kidding. Buy Now.

Minion Bathrobe
Pokeball Bathrobe: Pokeball is a must if you have to catch the Pokémon around you, and with this Pokeball Bathrobe you are sure to look like a cute oversized Pokeball, just wish there aren't any Pokémon or Pokémon trainers around you. Buy Now.

Pokeball Bathrobe
BB 8 Bathrobe: BB 8 from the Starwars needs no intro, we all know about this cute droid, and now we have a cool BB 8 Bathrobe for you to turn cute too. Buy Now.

BB 8 Bathrobe
Chewbacca Bathrobe: Chewbacca, known affectionately as Chewie, has played many roles and one of those is as a co-pilot of Captain Han Solo aboard the Millennium Falcon. Chewie has always been a dependable friend, and now he is here to keep you warm. Buy Now.

Chewbacca Bathrobe
Xwing Bathrobe: Once you get into the Xwing Bathrobe then you need to fall in line, take orders and report in. If we aren't wrong then its Princess Leia and others who generally gives the orders and the pilots need to follow. On the second thought, you don't need to get into any bathrobe to get orders and but you need to follow them through irrespective of your liking if you want to have peace in your home, isn't it? Buy Now.

Xwing Bathrobe
R2-D2 Bathrobe: This cute astromech droid Artoo is always there for his people, holding things for them, doing what's needed and now he is here for you to keep you warm, and dry. Buy Now.

R2-D2 Bathrobe
Ultron Bathrobe: The Ultron Bathrobe isn't going to give you superhuman levels of strength, speed, durability, or reflexes. It's a cool bathrobe that you can wear and move around your home while shuffling off to your bathroom doing your morning protocols. Buy Now.

Ultron Bathrobe
Jedi Bathrobe: You don't need to be a member of the Jedi Order, or is there any need for you to study, or use the light side of the Force to able to wear this cool Jedi Bathrobe. Jedi earn it but you can buy it, just kidding. Buy Now.

Jedi Bathrobe
Starwars Bathrobe: Starwars has many characters, and all these characters are unique in their own way, what's you favorite character in Starwars? Buy Now.

Starwars Bathrobe
Batman Beyond Bathrobe: A young Batman under the tutelage of the experienced Bruce Wayne is ready to protect the futuristic Gotham City - Batman Beyond. This superhero bathrobe comes with a satin emblem on chest, details on the sleeves, a hoodie, and two front pockets. Buy Now.

Batman Beyond Bathrobe
Captain America Bathrobe: For Captain America call of duty is of utmost importance, and this Captain America Bathrobe is here to get a feel of the superhero. Buy Now.

Captain America Bathrobe
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