Jul 31, 2017

20 Best Vespa Themed Products.

Vespa made its first appearance in 1940's and since then has been part of our lives, and we cant relegate it to only two-wheeler sector alone as it has even inspired many artists and is still doing so. And now to make Vespa a part of your daily life; we bring to you the Best Vespa Themed Products.

Vespa Chair: This cool scooter chair is made from original parts of the old 1980's Italian scooters. This fully functioning office swivel chair uses the chassis from an old Vespa, comes with reclining feature, hydraulic piston for height adjustment and reinforced internal structure. It's handmade by Bel and Bel, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The scooter chair weighs 20 Kg, and measures 120 cm tall x 60 cm wide x 70 cm deep. Buy Now.

Vespa Chair
Vespa Ring: The Vespa Ring looks like a miniature replica of a Vespa, features artificial diamonds for its headlamp and rearlights, and artificial ruby for the tail light. It even features seats, handlebar, and its wheels take the shape of the ring. Buy Now.

Vespa Ring
Vespa Desk: The Vespa Desk is made from 1968 Vespa sprint; its original characteristics were retained by transforming the back half into a functional workstation, complete with adjustable laptop stand. More info.

Vespa Desk
Vespa Floor Standing Lamp: The Vespa Floor Standing Lamp looks like the front half of Vespa, but it's a working standing lamp. It measures height 108cm, width 67cm, depth 110cm and base diameter 50cm. Buy Now.

Vespa Floor Standing Lamp
Vespa Cup: What can be more better than having coffee in a Vespa Cup? Buy Now.

Vespa Cup
Scooter Pizza Cutter: It's a dual-blade pizza cutter that comes in the shape of the retro scooter. Buy Now: $14.99.

Scooter Pizza Cutter
Z-Scooter: Z-Scooter is a self-balancing scooter design inspired by Corradino D'Ascanio. It has a 100 kg maximum load capacity, can reach maximum speed up to 20 km / h, recharges in 3-4 hours and gives you a range of 35 km. Buy Now.

Skootcase: Kids really enjoy riding on wheeled suitcases at the airport, and Skootcase is specially designed for that purpose. The Skootcase is designed like the Italian scooter, features a fully functional steering, sturdy rubber wheels that makes it perfect for airport, zooming around your home or neighborhood. This ride-on has enough room for your kid's favorite things and can be placed in plane's overhead cabin. Buy Now.

Vespa Chair: These classic 1960's Vespa 150 Super styled indoor seats give you the choice of your registration plate, while giving a comfortable seating. Buy Now.

Vespa Chair
Vespa Macbook Sticker: Normally your scooter takes you and your Macbook, but how about taking your favorite scooter on your Macbook? Now stick this sticker on your laptop and take your favorite scooter with you. Buy Now.

Vespa Macbook Sticker
Vespa cufflinks: How about wearing your favorite bike right on your sleeves? These cool Vespa cufflinks lets you do it. Buy Now.

Vespa cufflinks
Mini Vespa Necklace: The Vespa Necklace is perfect for those who feel someway associated with Vespa. The scooter necklace features movable wheels, customizable number plate, and a real leather seat. It's handcrafted with 3 types of wood. Buy Now.

Mini Vespa Necklace
Vespa Clock: The Vespa Clock puts old records to good use. Buy Now.

Vespa Clock
Vespa Scooters Salt and Pepper Shakers: No dining table is complete without Salt and Pepper Shakers, and if these come in the shape of your favorite scooter, then what more can you ask for? Buy Now.

Vespa Scooters Salt and Pepper Shakers
Vespa Keychain: You need a keychain to keep your keys organized and easy to find, and these keys can be of your car, scooter, or home. But how about letting Vespa manage your keys? This mini scooter keychain keeps your keys in order, and lets you have your favorite scooter on you all the time. Buy Now.

Vespa Keychain
Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover: The Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover features a screen print of your favorite scooter on a cotton cushion cover, comes with zipper closure for easy removal and measures 16" x 16". Buy Now.

Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover
Vespa Hair Clip: The Vespa Hair Clip is made using cute 100% cotton fabric in colored scooter design. It measures 4" x 3". Buy Now.

Vespa Hair Clip
Vespa Scooter Rocking Horse: This cool rocking horse resembles a Vespa scooter and is made from a combination of fiberglass, metal and artificial leather for the seat. More info.

Vespa Wall Sticker: If you have a palatial home, or a mansion and really like your scooter then you can rightly give it a special place in your living room. But if you have limited space or live in an apartment and really like your favorite scooter to be with you right in your living room, this Vespa Wall Sticker lets you do so. Buy Now.

Vespa Wall Sticker
Vespa Headlamp Alarmclock: This cool table clock takes its inspiration from the headlight design of the first Vespa model. Buy Now.

Vespa Headlamp Alarmclock

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