Jul 28, 2017

20 Best Retro Themed Products.

We are who we are due to the rights and wrongs we did in our past. There are many like us who must have done more wrongs than rights in the past, but now when we see those events that occurred in the past with our present level of understanding, maturity and experience, we feel that we should have acted a bit differently. Now given a chance we are sure that we will deal with those events in a much better way, but we are able to do so only due to what we have learnt from our past mistakes, isn't it? In the similar way, there are things that we feel associated or happy remembering about from our past, and if are looking for a product of gone by era that reminds you of your happy memories, then please read on.

Handset Design Earphones: These cool Telephone Design Earphones are shaped like a tiny retro style telephone handsets and come with integrated button and microphone for answering incoming calls. Comes with a standard 3.5 mm audiojack, just plug it into your smartphone and listen to your favorite music or answer calls. Buy Now.

Handset Design Earphones
Retro Cassette Tape Coffee Table: From Walkman to CD player to iPod, things have changed a lot, and so the cassette tape lost much of its importance. This cool retro design music inspired coffee table takes you back in the era where cassette tapes were prime. The cassette tape coffee table features a 9" hidden shelf that is shown once the side of the tape folds down, integrated cup-holders in place of the tape reels, dry-erase board on the top of the tape for writing down reminder notes, and hairpin legs that complete its retro look. It measures width 42" x depth 26" x height 16". Buy Now.

Retro Cassette Tape Coffee Table
Retro iPhone Stand: Do you like Macintosh that is if you are old enough and had a chance to work on it, and if you are young then most probably you have a MacBook or MacBooks, and so Macintosh won't be of interest to you. For those who still have Macintosh in their memories or feel connected to it, we have this cool Vintage Stand for iPhone 7 and iPhone 6/6s. This cool Retro iPhone Stand turns your iPhone into a look alike of a mini version of a retro Apple computer. The iPhone Stand lets you work on it while recharging, and you can even adjust the volume without removing your iPhone. Buy Now.

Retro iPhone Stand
Retro Calculator Notepad: The pocket-sized device of the 1970's that used to perform calculations seems to be history now; and at the most if we need to calculate anything we just go about using the calculator app in our smart phones. Or if you are among the smart guys then you can do the calculations right in your head. And what more if you are among those who have been trained with abacus during the schooling, then calculations is altogether a different ballgame. We prefer our smartphone and what about you? Lets get back to the notepad, this notebook is designed to look like a retro calculator, and features an image of a calculator, measures 3 by 4-1/4 by 0-1/2-inch, has lined pages, hardbound cover and lets your record your notes the retro way. Buy Now.

Retro Calculator Notepad
Retro Handset: Do you miss the retro handset from 60's: and want to use it again? The Retro Handset looks like the handset of retro telephone from 60's and even has a spring wire, just plug it into your smartphone and you are good to go. Though it looks like a retro handset but comes with latest technology. It features noise-reducing technology for a crisp and polished sound. It also comes with a one-touch button that lets you directly take the call from the handset. It's compatible with all smart phones and computers with 3.5mm headphonejack, including iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad and latest MacBooks. Buy Now.

Retro Handset
Retro iPad Cover: This cool Retro iPad Cover transforms your iPad into a Macintosh and takes to the era where Macintosh wasn't yet Mac. The Padintosh iPad Cover protects your iPad, features ultrathin 2mm hardcasing, and is compatible with the iPad 2 or 3. Buy Now.

Retro iPad Cover
Turntable Clock: Turntable is a device for playing sound recordings of the gone by era, and now we see records mostly with the old collectors, or mostly been reused. This cool Turntable Clock reminds us of those record players / gramophones which were source of music to people, when people used to dance to it and enjoyed listening music on it. This Turntable Clock is here to give your home a touch from the 1960s, features a record as its clock dial, and comes with knobs, buttons and more. Buy Now.

Turntable Clock
Apple Watch Vintage Stand: This cool Apple Watch Vintage Stand turns your Apple Watch into a look alike of a mini version of a retro Apple computer. The Watch Stand turns your smart watch into a bedside clock while recharging. Its compatible with Apple Watch I and II. Buy Now.

Apple Watch Vintage Stand
Retro Bluetooth Popphone: The original retro handset takes its inspiration from the 1950s Bakelite phone, connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth and allows you to navigate your device while you talk and reduces background noise for clearer conversation. It works with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, smart devices and computers. Buy Now.

Retro Bluetooth Popphone
Retro Lunch Box: Digital cameras have changed the world of photography forever; previously it was developing the film and now its transferring the images to your laptop. This cool Retro Shaped Camera Lunch Box looks similar to one of those large cameras of the gone by days. Its perfect for keeping your photographs, letters or even can be used as a school lunchbox for your kid. It measures 6.5 x 2.87 x 7.56 inches and is airtight and easy to clean. Buy Now.

Retro Lunch Box
Retro Cooler: This cool retro self-serve cooler can be a conversation piece at your home or office. It features an all-metal construction with embossing on all sides and under the cover, and a bottle opener on the outside. It's an exact replica of the famous Westinghouse Junior Machine that was popular in the stores of the 1930s and 40s. It holds 80 cans of soda and measures 17.8 x 25.2 x 35.2 inches and weighs 90 lbs. Buy Now.

Cola Retro Cooler
Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard: The Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard is a retro typewriter styled keyboards that comes with latest technology. You have your choice of Diamond or Chrome keycaps, features macrobars to enable frequently used keys, uses cherry key switches, connects via Bluetooth 4.2, and is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Buy Now.

Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard
Photo Cup: The Retro Camera Cup is a ceramic coffee cup that comes with a printed camera design, perfectly combines the world of photography and your java. Buy Now.

Photo Cup
Popdesk: Do you miss the retro handset from the 1960's? The Popdesk consists of an original retro handset and a cleverly designed stand that holds your mobile or smartphone while it's been recharged. The desk seems to try to recreate the phone of 1960's, has a handset and a spring wire but instead of the rotary dial you get a touchscreen. What more, you can even connect the handset directly to your smartphone. Its compatible with all smartphones, needs a 3.5mm head phonejack. A touch of latest technology with retro feel, what you got to say on this one? Buy Now.

Vintage Trailer Loft Bed: How about creating a camping site right in your kids room and let them enjoy great outdoors every night with this cool vintage 1960's style camper. It features luggagerack railings, awnings; customized license plate, window seat bench, lights and tires, door with round window and retro trim. It measures 10' wide x 3' 8" deep. Buy Now.

Vintage Trailer Loft Bed
Record Bookends: How about giving your shelf a retro look with these cool record bookends. Buy Now.

Record Bookends
Retro Controller USB Hub: Do you have any good memories of 8 and 16-bit era? The NES controller of the 1980s reminds you of anything interesting? The Retro Controller USB Hub extends your notebook's USB connectivity with four additional 2.0 USB ports. Buy Now.

Retro Controller USB Hub
Retro Phone: We live in an era where smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. In the gone by days, a landline was good enough, then came cordless phone that made things a bit easy and with mobile phones things changed for ever. And smartphone was a complete gamechanger. And now with change of times, most landlines have become irrelevant, but if you like to have a cool retro phone in your living room then this is for you. This Retro Telephone from 60's has a spring wire handset and its rotary dial instead comes with a numeric keypad. You can plug into a standard phone socket. Buy Now.

Retro Phone
Vintage Style Camera Shaped Storage Tin: The Vintage Style Camera Shaped Storage Tin is shaped like a blue digital camera, features two storage sections, that can be accessed by the cover and another via the camera lens. The tin features a realistic camera designs on all sides that includes an embossed cover and is perfect to use as a memory box, or to store photographs. It measures approximately 9" high x 7" wide x 5.5" deep overall. Buy Now.

Vintage Style Camera Shaped Storage Tin
Macintosh iPad Stand: Macintosh iPad Stand comes from a Japanese site and is written in what we think is Japanese which of course makes no sense whatsoever. Though tried it with Google Translator and it did its job, but still these was as good as ideograms for us. What we assume is that this is a DIY project, but it looks cool and turns your iPad into a mini Macintosh. More info.

Macintosh iPad Stand

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