Jul 8, 2017

20 Best Pizza Cutters for You.

Now when it comes to pizza, we don't think that there's anyone who wouldn't want to have a pizza. Lets say if two people are there in a room and are talking about pizza that means its not about having it or not, but its about toppings or cheeses at the most. We just can't think of someone who doesn't want or like the most popular Italian food in the world, the pizza. And if you want to bake it like a professional, then you need to have all the tools and that includes 'Best Pizza Cutters' too. So, next time you throw a pizza party, slice your pizzas like a pro with these cool pizza cutters.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter: The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 has been on numerous voyages over the years, and now it comes in the shape of a mini pizza cutter to cut your pizzas. Buy Now: $29.99.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Pi Pizza Cutter: Pi is a mathematical constant and if during your schooling if you were good at math, then you will enjoy working with it and if it troubled you throughout your schooling, then its time to get back at it. The Pi symbol-shaped pizza cutter features dual stainless steel blades for slicing pizza pieces. Buy Now: $19.99.

Pi Pizza Cutter
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Pizza Scissors: If you are a perfectionist, want everything in its precise order, then slicing pizza pieces shouldn't be different. Or lets put it this way, if you don't want others to have a bigger piece, the Pizza Scissors lets you cut exact pieces as per your liking. Buy Now.

Pizza Scissors
Starwars Pizza Cutter: The Starwars Pizza Cutter gives you a clean cut, but the only worry is that as it comes from the dark side, hopefully it wont energize your pizza with its dark energy and turn you to the dark side. Just one other thing, it plays sound from the original trilogy when you slice. Buy Now: $9.99.

Starwars Pizza Cutter
Monkey Pizza Cutter: We got this monkey on his unicycle that is eager to slice your pizza. Just glide him; and while seated on his unicycle, he slices your pizza to your liking. Buy Now: $15.

Monkey Pizza Cutter
Motorbike Pizza Cutter: Things change with time, a convertible car to a minivan, chopper to car, and many more. And if you ever were a part of a biker group during your young days, then this Chopper Pizza Cutter lets you relive those day, though not exactly the same way. With this Motorbike Pizza Cutter, you can glide through the topping and cheese with ease and relive those days when you used to do the same on asphalt of roads with your motorbike. Buy Now: $9.99.

Motorbike Pizza Cutter
PZT-2 Pizza Tool: The PZT-2 Pizza Tool looks like a vintage exercise bike, lets you cut your pizza with ease as per your liking. Now this cool pizza cutter is supposed to remind you to workout or are you supposed to workout after pizza? A tough question, really confusing, we need a pizza break to think it over. Buy Now: $15.95.

PZT-2 Pizza Tool
Snail Pizza Wheel: The Snail Pizza Wheel is apt for what its designed for, cuts pizza efficiently with a sturdy stainless-steel wheel. And you don't go by its looks, just because it's a snail doesn't mean its slow. Press a little button and the wheel retracts in for safe storage. Buy Now: $29.99.

Snail Pizza Wheel
Guitar Pizza Cutter: The Rockin' Pizza Cutter wont play for you, but is great at cutting your pizza, comes with guitar design holder with 2.5-inch stainless steel blade. Buy Now: $10.59.

Guitar Pizza Cutter
Wood Pizza Cutter: How about slicing your pizza like the professional? The Wood Pizza Cutter lets you slice your pizza like a professional and doubles as a trivet. Buy Now: $25.

Wood Pizza Cutter
Scooter Pizza Cutter: It's a dual-blade pizza cutter that comes in the shape of a retro scooter. Buy Now: $14.99.

Scooter Pizza Cutter
Ax Pizza Cutter: Now to hold an axe and chop wood, you don't need to be a lumberjack. With this cool Ax Pizza Cutter you can chop the pizza the lumberjack way. Its made with a stainless steel blade and attached by a wood holder. Now that you should be chopping pizza, should be shouting timber……. or pizzaaaaaaaaa….. Buy Now: $6.95.

Ax Pizza Cutter
R2-D2 Pizza Cutter: This R2-D2 Pizza Cutter is a fully functional pizza cutter and it beeps happily as it slices. Buy Now: $21.94.

R2-D2 Pizza Cutter
Protractor Pizza Cutter: If you weren't good at math during your schooling, then it doesn't mean that you need to pay for it now, that too when you want to slice your pizza and have a fair share along with your friends or family. It isn't fair, is it? The Protractor Pizza Cutter does the math for you and measures up your pizza into 6 or 8 identical pieces and cuts into equal portions. Buy Now: $20.

Protractor Pizza Cutter
Epicurean Pizza Cutter: The Epicurean Pizza Cutter is made of Richlite, cuts your pizza swiftly into uniform slices. Buy Now: $28.

Epicurean Pizza Cutter
Bike Pizza Cutter: Now if you are lazy for cycling, least you can do is use the Bicycle Pizza Cutter to cut your pizza and have the joy of cycling. It comes with dual stainless steel wheel cutters. On the second thought, who doesn't want to be healthy? Most of us aren't into workouts or cycling just because we are too tired and not that we are lazy. Think it over. Buy Now: $10.99 .

Bike Pizza Cutter
Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter: The Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter does best what its designed for, slicing pizza and while doing its work, it plays original sound effects when the wheel rotates. Buy Now: $15.99.

Screwdriver Pizza Cutter
Rosle Pizza Wheel: The Rosle Pizza Wheel makes slicing pizza easy with its comfortable holder that effectively distributes pressure to cut through. Its perfect for cutting pizza, flat bread, pastry dough and disassembles for easy cleaning. Buy Now: $27.05.

Rosle Pizza Wheel
Pizza Cutter and Server: The Pizza Cutter and Server lets you cut your pizza and also works like a server too, it's a two-in one stainless steel tool. Buy Now: $ 20.

Pizza Cutter and Server
Scizza Pizza Cutter: The Scizza Pizza Cutter perfectly slices your pizza on any surface and even serves it too. Buy Now: $43.50.

Scizza Pizza Cutter
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