Jul 18, 2017

20 Best Math Themed Products.

For most of the students, math isn't easy, its boring, confusing, but only if you understand it or shall we say if you have a proper foundation then you will learn to appreciate the beauty that even lies in math. If you are a fashionable mathematician or want to show off your mathematical prowess or just want to be surrounded by numbers and everything that concerns math, then read on.

Math Glasses: These old-fashioned glasses come printed with equivalent mathematical constants along with standard ounces and an expanded formula on the other side. Buy Now.

Math Glasses
Math Pencil Set: For everyone their life revolves around something and if your life revolves around math, then its perfect to have math stationery. This pencil set consists of 5 pencils that are hexagonal shaped with gold ferrules and pink erasers for a retro look. These pencils come with goldfoil math phrases pressed manually onto the side. Buy Now.

Math Pencil Set
Math Clock: The Math Clock is a cool analog clock where time is the math. Instead of having the usual numbers that are found on the face of a clock, it comes with equations, fractions, tables and more. Just think of it, if someone needs to learn reading time from this clock, it would mean that the guy needs to get the math basics first, then only he can read the time. Happy that we aren't one of them; perfect for math classroom or department of math or wherever you think is good. Buy Now.

Math Clock
Math Cufflinks: The Math Cufflinks feature Pi and lets you display your liking for the numbers to the whole world. Buy Now.

Math Cufflinks
Math Scarf: This cool Math Scarf lets you wear mathematical symbols, comes in black with white symbols and pattern though out. You can choose from The Golden Ratio, Infinity, or Pi, it's made from feather weight black cotton, measure 22" by 67", has fringed ends, and makes a perfect beach wrap. Buy Now.

Math Scarf
Pi By The Numbers Blanket: How about wrapping yourself in a warm blanket while watching your favorite show? And what better can be than wrapping yourself in numbers if you are a mathematician? The Pi Blanket measures 45" x 64" and features your favorite irrational number (413 digits of Pi) in green text against a black background. 413 being 3.14 backwards, interesting… Buy Now.

Pi By The Numbers Blanket
Math Necklace: This cute Pi Symbol Necklace made of sterling silver is a perfect way to let the world know about your liking for math. Buy Now.

Math Necklace
Math Camera Strap: The Math Camera Strap is an adorable camera strap that lets you personalize your camera with a touch of math. This DSLR / SLR camera strap goes good with Nikon, and other cameras. Buy Now.

Math Camera Strap
Math Equation Watch: This cool Math Equation Watch is sure to remind you every time you check the time to get back to studies, it comes with math equations as its dial face. Buy Now.

Math Equation Watch
Math Pillow: If numbers keep you happy and you like working with numbers then why should your home be different? Isn't your home supposed to be the extension of you? Then let the numbers surround you, and this math pillow does it for you. Buy Now.

Math Pillow
Math Baby Bib: Most of the regular parents go for cute and adorable bibs for their babies. But if you are among those few who want this cool Math Baby Bib for your bundle of joy, then we can expect great things from your baby in the near future. The baby is about to wear math around him/her most of the time and is sure to get a thing or two before he/she even says a word, just a thought. It's reversible and comes with Pi on one side, and numbers decorated throughout on the other side. Buy Now.

Math Baby Bib
Math Purse: Any purse will hold or store your keys, smart phone, makeup, rings, earrings and more, but this cool Math Purse does all this for you and gives you an edge over the others with its cool math equation print. Sure to make you look smart, if not smart least studious, just a thought. Buy Now.

Math Purse
Math Lanyard: The Math Lanyard comes with print of math equations, drop length choices of approx 16" - 20", is about 3/4" wide and comes with 2 attachment options - a swivelclasp that easily attaches to a plastic badge holder or a split keyring to attach to keys. Buy Now.

Math Lanyard
Math Leggings: This cool Math Leggings does what is expected out of any standard leggings, but what makes it interesting are the math equations printed on it. Buy Now.

Math Leggings
Math Necktie: Girls got their cool Math Scarf to wear around their necks, then how can we leave the guys out? So the guys for who are into numbers or math, we have this cool Math Necktie. Buy Now.

Math Necktie
Pi Bowl: The Pi Bowl is perfect for integrating numbers further into your life, use it for meal preparation, or serving. This large bowl is made from Pi numbers, and comes in mirror or a brushed finish to choose from. Buy Now.

Pi Bowl
Mathematics Cup: This cool Mathematical Formulae cup comes with 20 of the most significant mathematical formulas written in history; relive your schooling days reading these formulas every time you have your tea or coffee. Buy Now.

Mathematics cup
Pi Pizza Cutter: Pi is a mathematical constant and if during your schooling if you were good at math, then you will enjoy working with it and if it troubled you throughout your schooling, then its time to get back at it. The Pi symbol-shaped pizza cutter features dual stainless steel blades for slicing pizza pieces. Buy Now.

Pi Pizza Cutter
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Pi Bottle Opener: This mathematical bottle opener is a brilliant creation made from steel and with near-infinite ease solves bottle tops. More info.

Pi Bottle Opener
Math Bookshelf: This cool equation bookshelf beautifully utilizes the math equation while displaying its utility and beauty; lets you place your books as per your priority. Place your important books that you need regularly between parentheses while the others in between square brackets and curly brackets. More info.

Math Bookshelf

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