Jul 6, 2017

20 Best Chopstick Rests for Your Table.

Eating with spoon and fork is all good, have you given a thought about doing something new, try eating with chopsticks? Many people find it difficult to use chopsticks; what if you happen to eat at an Asian restaurant, and everyone is using chopsticks and you ask for a fork and spoon? We leave that to you to decide to use chopsticks or not, but if you use them, then you should consider using chopstick rest too. Chopstick Rest is similar to a knife rest or a spoon rest; you rest your used chopsticks on these so your chopsticks don't touch the table surface. You don't want to put the chopsticks that have touched the table surface in your mouth, do you? These Chopstick Rests come in various shapes and are made from variety of materials but mostly from ceramic and gives you numerous creative and interesting options to rest your chopsticks.

Mini Flower Vase Chopstick Rests: These cute Mini Flower Vase Chopstick Rests are perfect for your chopsticks, and you can make your own flower arrangement to give your dinner table a personal touch. Buy Now.

Mini Flower Vase Chopstick Rests
Skateboard Chopstick Rest: This cute chopstick rest comes in the shape of a skateboard, looks ready to take off, hope it won't take off along with your chopsticks. Buy Now.

Skateboard Chopstick Rest
Moon Chopstick Rest: This cool full moon chopstick rest keeps your used chopsticks off the table. Buy Now.

Moon Chopstick Rest
Mountain Chopstick Rest: How about resting your chopsticks on Mt. Fuji? No kidding, we have a motif of Mt. Fuji chopstick rest that makes it happen. Buy Now.

Mountain Chopstick Rest
Airplane Chopstick Rest: Now that you got this cute Airplane Chopstick Rest on your dining table, you need to keep your table clear for this tiny guy to take off and land, kids are sure gonna like it. Buy Now.

Airplane Chopstick Rest
Duckling Chopstick Rests: This cute duck team is here for you, use them as chopstick rests or ornaments; its up to you. Just one more thing, you don't need to worry about ducklings as mumma duck is there along too. Buy Now.

Duckling Chopstick Rests
Bean Chopstick Rest: This cute Bean Chopstick Rest is round and makes your dining table lively. Buy Now.

Bean Chopstick Rest
Geometric Chopstick Rests: The Geometric Chopstick Rests are fun and cool, these simple shaped chopstick rests look different depending on the viewing angle. Buy Now.

Geometric Chopstick Rests
Origami Chopstick Rests: The origami crane and turtle are here so you can rest your chopsticks on them. Buy Now.

Origami Chopstick Rests
Whale Chopstick Rest: This cute blue whale has come from the ocean to take care of your chopsticks. It's available in two colors, white and light blue. Buy Now.

Whale Chopstick Rest
Glass Chopstick Rest: The Chopstick Rest is handmade from glass, comes with a thin gold or platinum leaf placed luxuriously in the center, perfect for displaying your riches. Buy Now.

Glass Chopstick Rest
Manini Chopstick Stand: The Manini Chopstick Stand comes with friendly fingers designed to hold your chopsticks. It's made of porcelain. Buy Now.

Manini Chopstick Stand
Lying Down Chopstick Rest: The group of panda, pig and others seemed to be relaxed and gazing the sky while ready to take care of your chopsticks. Buy Now.

Lying Down Chopstick Rest
Patterned Chopstick Rests: The Patterned Chopstick Rests are sure to look cool on your dinner table while doing its work. Buy Now.

Patterned Chopstick Rests
Banana Chopstick Rest: This mini banana shaped chopstick rest looks cute, and takes care of your chopsticks. Buy Now.

Banana Chopstick Rest
Petal Chopstick Rest: How about giving a feeling of spring by spreading the petals around your dinner table? If interested, we got the petal chopstick rest for you. Buy Now.

Petal Chopstick Rest
Gourd Chopstick Rest: The Gourd Chopstick Rest lets you arrange Japanese contemporary dyeing technology in contemporary style right on your dining table. Buy Now.

Gourd Chopstick Rest
Beautiful Chopstick Rest: How about upgrading your dining table with this beautiful chopstick rest? Buy Now.

Beautiful Chopstick Rest
Japanese Chopstick Rest: The Japanese Chopstick Rest is designed to match Japanese food with contemporary western space. Buy Now.

Japanese Chopstick Rest
Butterfly Chopstick Rest: Now to get butterflies you don't need to have a beautiful garden, with the Butterfly Chopstick Rest you get them right on your dinner table. Buy Now.

Butterfly Chopstick Rest
Wooden Chopstick Rest: The Chopstick Rest keeps your chopsticks off the table for you. Buy Now.

Wooden Chopstick Rest


Munchtime Chopsticks: The Munchtime Chomping Chopsticks makes every meal enjoyable for kids. As you squeeze these animated chopsticks the colorful toucan opens and closes its mouth. Buy Now.

Munchtime Chopsticks
Good Fortune Chopsticks: It holds your chopsticks at just the right angle so you don't drop your food. Perfect for kids who want to learn how to eat Asian style and for grown ups too. Buy Now.

Good Fortune Chopsticks
Stache Sticks Chopsticks: The Stache Sticks Chopsticks provides the perfect hinge for your chopsticks, and also doubles as a nifty disguise between bites. Buy Now.

Stache Sticks Chopsticks
Dinosaur Chopsticks: The Dinosaur Chomping Chopsticks makes every meal enjoyable for kids. As you squeeze these animated chopsticks, the dinosaur opens and closes its mouth. Buy Now.

Dinosaur Chopsticks
Drumstick Chopsticks: The Drumstick Chopsticks are drumsticks and chopsticks in one. On one end you have the standard reusable wooden chopsticks while the other has drumsticks. Now play and eat. Buy Now.

Drumstick Chopsticks
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