Jul 12, 2017

20 Best Chemistry Themed Products.

Its said that some are born leaders, some are born businessmen, though many are made and if you go by what we learnt during our MBA days then its said that managers are always made. That's why we have these really good business schools all over the world preparing good managers. Though on a second thought, we can say that leaders are made in business schools too; or least, all of us can agree to that business leaders are surely made here. So what about you? For those who isn't a born leader, or businessman or didn't go to a business school, but is a chemistry major, science teacher, scientist and more, what about them? Now with these cool chemistry themed products, you can display your liking, flair and apt for your subject and its elements - Chemistry.

Water Molecules Tumbler Glass: The Water Molecules Tumbler Glass comes printed with water molecules on the glass, and chemistry of this water glass is carefully crafted so that your water retains all its essential oxygen with twice hydrogen. It holds 15 oz of your favorite water-based beverage and lets you enjoy your favorite molecule with water. Buy Now.

Water Molecules Tumbler Glass
Chemistry Clock: The Chemistry Clock is a cool analog clock where time is the elements. Instead of having the usual numbers that are found on the face of a clock, it comes with symbols of elements having corresponding atomic numbers. Just think of it, if someone needs to learn reading time from this clock, it would mean that the guy needs to get the element table first then only he can read the time. Happy that we aren't one of them; perfect for science classroom or department of chemistry or whereever you think is good. Buy Now.

Chemistry Clock
Chemistry Crayon Labels: Kids like playing with crayons, and these Chemistry Crayon Labels gives playful ways to get them to learn the chemical names that makes those colors. The set comes in set of 24. Buy Now.

Chemistry Crayon Labels
Periodic Table Cutting Board: Most of us really hate cooking, or at least we think so. We aren't talking about those occasional chefs who just come to kitchen to show that they can really cook, but about many like us who are responsible for daily cooking. So even though we cant skip the cooking, unless we make it big, we are here to cook. So let us find some solace in this Periodic Table Cutting Board that reminds us of our schooling days when it was just pure fun and education. Buy Now.

Periodic Table Cutting Board
Chemistry Baby Shoes: Most of the regular parents opt for cute and adorable shoes for their babies. But if you are among those few who want these cool Chemistry Baby Shoes for your bundle of joy, then we can expect great things from your baby in near future. The baby is about to wear chemistry on his feet all the time and is sure to get a thing or two before he/she says even a word, just a thought. Buy Now.

Chemistry Baby Shoes
Chemistry Camera Strap: The Chemistry Camera Strap is an adorable camera strap that lets you personalize your camera with a touch of chemistry. This DSLR / SLR camera strap goes good with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and other cameras. Buy Now.

Chemistry Camera Strap
Chemistry Spicerack: The Chemistry Spicerack is here to store your spices, though it looks like its right off the chemist's table. It comes with 9 glass containers and stickers for spices; you can use these stickers and label your spices in periodic table flair. Apart from these, it also comes with three small containers to hold salt, pepper, and sugar and a large one to hold oil. Buy Now.

Chemistry Spicerack
Periodic Table Keychain: The Periodic Table Keychain lets you customize it with elements from the periodic table, so you can spell out your name or more. Seems to be perfect for chemistry majors, science teachers and others, just clip it to your backpack, and show the world what elements your name is made of. Buy Now.

Periodic Table Keychain
Chemistry Mug: If you had a flair for chemistry, this mug lets you show it off to the world; it displays the chemical formula of coffee. Buy Now.

Chemistry Mug
Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers: If you need to enhance the taste of your food, then you need these salt and pepper shakers. These come with element labels to let you identify them to use for salt and pepper. Though on second thought, these are transparent so you can just look at the content and know which is what. Buy Now.

Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers
Elements Glowing Coaster Set: The Elements Glowing Coaster Set comes with elements and their numbers; are pressure-sensitive coasters that lights up every time you place your drink on them. Buy Now.

Elements Glowing Coaster Set
Chemistry Bracelet: This Chemistry Bracelet comes with molecule design (in two tones: silver and gold) along with a 1 mm black nylon cord and is adjustable. Buy Now.

Chemistry Bracelet
Periodic Table Cotton Fabric: What we have here is a full yard sized periodic table of the elements and we leave it to your imagination on how to use it to display your flair for chemistry. Buy Now.

Periodic Table Cotton Fabric
Chemistry Bowtie: The Chemistry Bowtie is dual layered, made from a black and white chemistry formula cotton print, comes with black metal clip and an adjustable strap. Buy Now.

Chemistry Bowtie
Chemistry Skirt: This Colorful Chemistry Skirt features periodic table print and lets you display your liking for the elements to the whole world. Buy Now.

Chemistry Skirt
Chemistry Leggings: This cool Chemistry Leggings does what is expected out of any standard leggings, but what makes it interesting is the periodic table printed on it. Buy Now.

Chemistry Leggings
Chemistry Pillow: This adorable chemistry pillow sends out a message that your guests are sure to think it over; it looks perfect on you couch, bed, or bench. It's made of natural colored canvas and black print. Buy Now.

Chemistry Pillow
Chemistry Scarf: The periodic table scarf is made in jersey fabric, total length all around is 57 inches x 9 inches and lets you wear your chemistry around your neck. Buy Now.

Chemistry Scarf
Science Lanyard: The Science Lanyard comes with print of chemistry inspired things, measures 40 inches all the way around, is about 3/4" wide and comes with 2 attachment options - a swivelclasp that easily attaches to a plastic badge holder or a d-ring to attach to keys. Buy Now.

Science Lanyard
Chemistry Necktie: Girls got their cool Chemistry Scarf to wear around their necks, then how can we leave the guys out? So the guys for who are into chemistry or science, we have this cool Chemistry Necktie. Buy Now.

Chemistry Necktie
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