Jul 4, 2017

20 Best Bookends For Your Home Library

If you are an avid reader, then it's natural for you to have a collection of books, and to keep your favorite books organized on the shelf you must be needing bookends? Look no further, we have the 'Best Bookends For Your Home Library' to hold your precious books from all over the world.

Starwars Bookends: These cool bookends take its inspiration from Starwars. These are handmade from wood; the two parts when placed together side by side (holding books) forms the replica from the movie. Coming to its functionality, these are meant to hold the books unlike the one from the Starwars. Buy Now.

Starwars Bookends
Vintage Camera Bookends: The Vintage Camera Bookends are made from vintage cameras. The set consists of one camera with the iconic flash bulb and one without. If you are into photography and reading what more can you ask for. Buy Now: $ 285.

Vintage Camera Bookends
Iron Man Bookends: It looks like Iron Man has sided with you, and is here to hold your books in order. Now you need to worry only about Captain America as he and others have pitched up against Iron Man and the group until they patch up again. Just another thought, you can encourage your little ones to read and become smart by citing Stark. Buy Now: $65.

Iron Man Bookends
Evolution Bookends: We see evolution charts where monkey to man is shown in various stages, but with these bookends you get monkey one side while the other side is an intelligent human. Buy Now: $29.99.

Evolution Bookends
Record Bookends: How about giving your shelf a retro look with these cool record bookends. Buy Now.

Record Bookends
Hogwarts Express Bookends: The Hogwarts Express is a fictional legendary train that takes students to the school, but this Hogwarts Express is here to keep your books in order. These Hogwarts Express Bookends create a scene where the carriages and engine are entering and exiting a tunnel while holding your favorite books. Buy Now.

Hogwarts Express Bookends
R2-D2 Concrete Bookend: The iconic droid from the far away galaxy is here to keep your books organized. The R2-D2 Concrete Bookends are inspired by Starwars, handmade, and measures 7-3/4 x 5-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches. Buy Now.

R2-D2 Concrete Bookend
Strong Man Bookends: How about giving the task of getting your disorderly books in order to strong men? Well these bookends feature muscular double-sided figures with an antique silver finish to keep your books organized. Buy Now: $128.

Strong Man Bookends
Book and Hero Bookend: The Book and Hero Bookend is a clever bookend that creates an illusion of the superhero in mid air and stopping the books from falling. It uses a magnet for creating this impression while keeping your books organized. Buy Now: $31.90.

Book and Hero Bookend
DSLR Camera Bookends: The DSLR Camera Bookends is handcrafted with detailed carvings, is 2/3 of real life size of the popular Canon 7D camera with zoom kit lens, keeps your books in order and is perfect for those who are into photography. Buy Now: $75.

DSLR Camera Bookends
Balloon Dog Bookends: The Balloon Dog Bookends are based on the classic art of balloon animal making. The big top bookend is shaped like a top dog, but it wont deflate and is sturdy to hold your books in place. Buy Now: $45.

Balloon Dog Bookends
Skateboard Bookends: The skateboard bookends is a cool addition to your kids room, keeps the books organized while giving a touch of your personality. Buy Now.

Skateboard Bookends
Action Man Bookends: These are men of steel, trained hard, disciplined, and best of the best. The best part is these guys are on your side and are going to get your books disciplined and make them stand in order. Buy Now: $28.99.

Action Man Bookends
Bike Bookends: The bike bookends keep your books well organized on the shelf, while creating an illusion of a white bike is next to the literature. Buy Now: $20.08.

Bike Bookends
Circus Bookends: These handmade bookends features a silhouette of a man launched over your latest reads, creating a circus act on your bookcase. Buy Now: $ 65.

Circus Bookends
Giraffe Bookends: The Giraffe Bookends features a silhouette of giraffe and a tree, these are handmade from steel, are heavy enough to hold up your books. Buy Now: $65.

Giraffe Bookends
Golden Gate Bridge Bookends: The Golden Gate Bridge Bookends are metal book holders inspired by the iconic construction of 1937, consists of two separate pieces, and can hold any number of books. Buy Now: $59.

Golden Gate Bridge Bookends
Mr. ED Bookend: Mr. ED Bookend is a lamp that comes with two vertical, book-like shapes that seems to hold the light bulb in place. It's strong enough and doubles as bookend. Buy Now.

Mr. ED Bookend
Ship Bookends: The Ship Bookends create an illusion of a big octopus rising out of the sea and the ship is in its hold. Its handmade, made from solid steel, and heavy enough to hold up your reading collection. Buy Now.

Ship Bookends
Industrial Pipe Bookends: How about giving an industrial feel and look to your shelf? These Industrial Pipe Bookends are perfect; these are constructed from authentic black iron pipe fittings, comes in set of two, and holds your favorite books. Buy Now.

Industrial Pipe Bookends
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