Jul 10, 2017

20 Best Artificial Plants for Your Home.

Now who wouldn't like to have greenery around them? But most of us are too busy with our lives, tired and short of time to maintain live plants. And what more, some of us are even doing two jobs to keep the things moving. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have greenery in our home, for people like us who like having plants in their home but can't, we have the 'Best Artificial Plants' to make our surroundings greener. These beautiful artificial trees let you enjoy greenery with zero maintenance around the year.

Bamboo Silk Plant: The Bamboo Silk Plant measures 4', contains nine stalks and 540 leaves, and comes pre-arranged in a black plastic planter. Display it by itself, or combine with other silk bamboo plants to create your indoor bamboo garden. Buy Now.

Bamboo Silk Plant
Artificial Snake Plant: The Artificial Snake Plant looks realistic, comes in a ceramic planter, and lets you give a touch of freshness to your home without maintenance. Buy Now.

Artificial Snake Plant
Majestic Golden Cane Palm Tree: The Majestic Golden Cane Palm Tree measures over six feet, comes adorned with 333 palm leaves, and lets you create a tropical setting in your home. Buy Now.

Majestic Golden Cane Palm Tree
Artificial Succulent Vertical Wall Garden: The Artificial Succulent Vertical Wall Garden is a handmade vertical wall garden, constructed on wooden frame, features carefully crafted top of the line artificial succulents that creates an amazing illusion of real plants. Buy Now.

Artificial Succulent Vertical Wall Garden
Artificial Mountainash Plant: The Mountainash Plant looks fresh and real, each of its twig measures 50 cm, and has 53 leaves, and is a perfect natural plant replica. Buy Now.

Artificial Mountainash Plant
Artificial Aloe and Cactus Stems Set: These mini aloe and cactus stems come with bright green color and realistic texture and are perfect for terrariums, crafts and tabletop displays. Buy Now.

Artificial Aloe and Cactus Stems Set
Artificial Ficus Silk Tree: The Nearly Natural Ficus Silk Tree looks lifelike, measures six feet, features over 1008 individual leaves on several sturdy branches making it perfect for picture window, home entranceway, and more. Buy Now.

Artificial Ficus Silk Tree
Artificial Plants Wall Décor: These Artificial Plants Wall Décor looks realistic and gives you a feeling of being closer to nature. Buy Now.

Artificial Plants Wall Décor
Artificial Capensia Bush: The Artificial Capensia Bush measures 4 feet tall, comes with 504 leaves in various shades, and is potted in a decorative rattan basket. For a realistic look, it features real wood trunk, and varying size foliage. Buy Now.

Artificial Capensia Bush
Cedar Tree: The Cedar Tree lets you bring the feel of the Rocky Mountain forests into your home. Its realistic look is everlasting, and perfect to sit by the front door. Buy Now.

Cedar Tree
Artificial Eucalyptus Plant: The Artificial Eucalyptus shrubs let you brighten up your home with its overflowing greenery. Each shrub comes with 7 flexible stems and generous leaves. Buy Now.

Artificial Eucalyptus Plant
Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree: The Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree stand at 165cm, is created with beautiful deep red or natural green foliage, comes in 7 inch diameter plastic terracotta colored planter. Buy Now.

Artificial Japanese Fruticosa Tree
Luxury Japanese Fruticosa Tree: The Japanese twisting tree comes with real bark, is handmade, measures 165 cm, comes in 7 inch planter and is perfect for your home decoration. Buy Now.

Luxury Japanese Fruticosa Tree
Artificial Plants with Concrete Planter: This set of beautiful artificial green plants come with concrete planters and are perfect for giving a touch of greenery to your home. Buy Now.

Artificial Plants with Concrete Planter
Artificial Plum Plant: This artificial plum plant features beautiful flowers that look so realistic that it is sure to look perfect anywhere you place them. Buy Now.

Artificial Plum Plant
Artificial Vines: These artificial vines are perfect for balcony, over the stairs or anywhere you want. Buy Now.

Artificial Vines
Outdoor Potted 38-Inch Artificial Cycas Plant: The cycas plant goes all the way back to prehistoric times, this realistic looking cycas plant comes in beautiful mineral planter, perfect for indoors and outdoors. Buy Now.

Outdoor Potted 38-Inch Artificial Cycas Plant
Artificial Fig Tree: The Fig Tree is six foot tall, comes with broad leaves, poseable branches and a sculptural silhouette that lets you make a style statement in your home. Its lush and lifelike, all you need to do is place it in a planter that complements your home decor. Buy Now.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Green Cypress Spiral Tree: The nearly natural 5-Foot Green Cypress Spiral Tree looks realistic; this leafy plant creates an interesting spiral design that's sure to look good at your home entrance. Buy Now.

Green Cypress Spiral Tree
Pear Cactus: The potted 39-Inch Pear Cactus looks incredibly lifelike and gives you desert feel for years to come right in your home. And what more, it requires no maintenance. Buy Now.

Pear Cactus
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