Jun 7, 2017

15 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets 2017.

If you have ever worked in a kitchen or least made a meal for yourself then you are sure to know how important it is to have proper tools, gadgets and appliances in the kitchen to make cooking easy.

Your Slyce: When preparing a pizza if you find that there are always disagreements over topping of your pizza, then Your Slyce is for you. Your Slyce is your customizable pizza slice toppings divider that lets you top each slice of pizza with your favorite pizza ingredients. Buy Now: $9.81-$29.99.

ustomizable pizza slice toppings divider
Flippin' Fantastic Nonstick Pancake Maker: Flippin' Fantastic is a nonstick pancake maker that lets you make perfect pancakes each time. All you need to do is place the pancake-making insert in your vessel, pour batter in the rings, brown, then lift and flip. Its perfect tool for your electric griddle or sandwich maker. Buy Now: $4.65.

Flippin' Fantastic Nonstick Pancake Maker

Poké Ball Cupcake Maker: The Poké Ball Cupcake Maker lets you bake 4 delicious Poke Balls shaped cupcakes. It consists of two parts that join together to keep the batter in place and gives you a perfectly round cupcake. Buy Now: $19.99.

Poké Ball Cupcake Maker
Inirv React: Inirv React is a smart knob for your stovetop that lets you control your stove from your smartphone and more. It makes your stovetop smarter and safer. It comes with smart smokesensors, and motiondetectors that monitor your kitchen and if detects anything out of ordinary happening, or if the motionsensor recognizes that the stove was left on unintentionally, this unit signals the knob units via Bluetooth technology to turn off your stovetop and keep your home safe. You can attach these smart knobs to your existing stove knobs. Pre-order: $239.

Inirv React smart knob

Slash and Serve Shredded Meat Claws: The Slash and Serve Shredded Meat Claws remind us of the Wolverine's claws, these stainless steel meat claws are perfect for shredding your cooked meat - roasts, turkey, chicken, and more. Buy Now: $19.99.

Slash and Serve Shredded Meat Claws
Personalized Cutting Board: The Personalized Cutting Board gives your preparation work and presentation a personal touch. This handcrafted maple board features a name of your choice along the top. Buy Now: $159 - 166.75.

15" Non-Stick Skillet: This divided skillet lets you cook multiple dishes at the same time. This is sure to save your time while cooking and cleaning too. Buy Now: $62.99.

divided skillet

Moley Robotic Kitchen: Moley is a robotic kitchen that features an advanced, fully functional robot integrated into a professional kitchen. Its fully articulated robotic hands recreates the entire function of human hands with the same speed, sensitivity and more. It cooks with the skill and flair of a master chef. You can control it using its touchscreen or via smartphone. More info.

Moley Robotic Kitchen
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Steam Cleaner: Just fill the cleaner with water and vinegar and power on the unit for 7 minutes and let the steam do its work. It softens the dirt and stains for easier cleaning. Buy Now: $7.29.

Steam Cleaner
R2-D2 Cupcake Maker: The R2-D2 Cupcake Maker looks like your favorite droid from Starwars. Just pour your batter directly into R2's body and bake it for getting perfect cupcake every time. Buy Now: $6.50.

R2-D2 Cupcake Maker
Triple Frypan: The Triple Frypan lets you cook 3 different things at the same time while keeping their oils and liquids separate. It makes your cooking fast, while lessening the vessel clean up for later. Buy Now: $49.99.

Triple Frypan
Starwars Rollingpin: The Starwars Rollingpin imprints Starwars characters on to your dough and lets you create perfect cookies. Buy Now: About $20 (NZ$27.44).

Starwars Rollingpin
Philips Pasta Maker: The Philips Pasta Maker is an automatic pasta maker that lets you make fresh and flavorful homemade pasta easy. Just put the ingredients, choose the program and press start button, the machine automatically mixes, kneads and extrudes and gives you fresh pasta or noodles within 15 minutes. Buy Now: $239.95.

automatic pasta maker
Counter Edge Plastic Chopping Board: The Counter Edge Plastic Chopping Board comes with integrated removable bin that collects food and scraps and folds for easy storage. Buy Now: $24.

Counter Edge Plastic Chopping Board
Starwars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set: The Starwars R2-D2 measuring cup set comes with 4 measuring cups plus 4 measuring spoons. It disassembles to give you measuring cups and spoons and reassembles in a minute. Buy Now: $26.99.

Starwars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set
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