Jun 6, 2017

15 Coolest Gadgets and Gear for Dogs.

If you have a dog, then you know and understand what it means to be with one. Dogs give you undivided attention, you are its whole world, and if you are really attached to your dog then you know they are also an integral part of your life. These gadgets and gear is our small effort to make our four legged best friends a bit more comfortable.

Ruffit Dog Backpack: The Ruffit Dog Backpack is perfect to take your dog along on your adventures. This backpack has enough room for your dog to sit comfortably, it protects your dog, keeps your dog safe, comfortable and relaxed during your adventures. Its lightweight and can be placed both back and front of the body and it securely attaches and lets you enjoy any activity. It comes with mesh side panels that allow the optimum airflow; its components are durable, firm and scratchproof. It's the perfect solution for you to take your dog and enjoy some time outdoors. Buy Now.

Ruffit Dog Backpack
Woof Washer 360: The Woof Washer 360 cleans your dog in under a minute. All you need to do is connect it to your garden hose, pour shampoo in, slip the hoop over your dog and turn on. The shampoo mixes with water and creates a sudsy solution to scrub your dog clean, from head to tail and your dog will be shampooed and rinsed in under one minute. Buy Now: $10.

Woof Washer 360

Shed Defender: Dogs shed hair everywhere and this is one issue that every dog owner faces, and needs to clean it all the time. Shed Defender gives you the perfect solution, this fashionable suit is made out of breathable lightweight material that's stretchy and comfortable and doesn't overheat your dog. It can be worn in the house, car, or anywhere. The suit is snug, it puts pressure around the dog giving the dog a calming effect. And it can be worn for many other reasons. Buy Now.

Shed Defender
Dog Travel Bag Bundle: The Personalized Dog Travel Bag Bundle is a cool and convenient way to organize everything you need to keep your dog comfortable when away from home. Its perfect for dog daycare, outdoors, overnights, and more. Its available in two sizes, and you can choose the one that suits your dog. Buy Now.

Dog Travel Bag Bundle
Multi-Function Smart Collar: The Multi-Function Smart Collar lets you track your dog via GPS, training, behavior, eating schedule, health, and more. Its best suited for small dogs and cats. Pre-order: $90.

Multi-Function Smart Collar

Werewolf Dogmuzzle: We are personally against use of dogmuzzle, and at the best it should only be used in certain unavoidable conditions. Well that been said, the Werewolf Dogmuzzles makes your dog look truly scary. It surely turns a cute looking pooch into a scary werewolf. Buy Now.

Werewolf Dogmuzzle
BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System: The BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System is a portable bathing system that lets you to bathe your dog practically anywhere and anytime with virtually no mess. It features specially designed nozzles that lets water and shampoo to reach beneath the fur and down to the skin and wash the skin clean. And the dirty water gets sucked back into a separate water tank. Pre-order: $150.

BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

Flexy Paw: Have you every tried taking a photo of your dog? Then you know how difficult it is to keep him still. You make him sit for the perfect pose and move to take the photo and the next second he will be following you. Flexy Paw is a smartphone attachment that holds the treats and lets you take photo of your dog with ease. More info.

Flexy Paw
PawPlunger: The PawPlunger is a paw cleaner for dogs that cleans them quickly and easily. It features bristle brushes that remove mud, dirt, road salt, and more from your dog and keeps cars, floors, and furniture dirtfree. Buy Now: Starting at $21.95.


Dog Bowl Water Bottle: The Dog Bowl Water Bottle is designed to keep your dog hydrated on the go. All you do is squeeze the bottle and the bowl attached on the top of the bottle fills up with water. Buy Now: $15.

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Aquapaw: Aquapaw looks like a shower glove that's designed for your best friend. This patent-pending device combines water sprayer and bath scrubber in one unit. You can turn on and off this wearable sprayer/scrubber combination by closing your palm. It lets you control your dog and the flow of water while you clean your best friend. Pre-order: $30.


Travel Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag: The Ultralight Compressible Travel Dog Bed transforms into a sleeping bag and keeps your buddy warm at night. It's perfect for keeping your dog warm during camping and other outdoor adventures. Buy Now: $159.

Travel Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag
Pooch Power Shovel: The Pooch Power Shovel Vacuum is a cordless vacuum scooper that lets you vacuum the nasty surprise your dog leaves behind on your lawn. Buy Now.

Pooch Power Shovel

Ball Launcher: There is really something with dogs and balls, the way they chase it once your throw it and want to do it again and again. Though all the dogs don't retrieve or fetch the ball to give to you, but instead they sit and chew it off. For those who need the ball to be thrown again and again, this tennis ball launcher is the best. Once you throw a ball, another one is there for the next round right in the storagerack of the launcher itself. The dual balls are sure to keep your dog busy, and exercise them well too. Buy Now: $10.20.

Ball Launcher
Dog T-Shirt Skirt: Nature has done its best and gave fur to the dog to keep them warm. But all dogs don't have long hair coat, for those who don't have a built-in sweater or for those whom you want to dress, then this t-shirt skirt is perfect. Its handmade, has white as its base color and red as secondary color. Buy Now: About $10 (NZ$14.53).

Dog T-Shirt Skirt

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