Jun 14, 2017

15 Coolest Drink Coasters.

These drink coasters look great and are a must have with your chilled drink to protect your tables.

Cacti Coasters: The Cacti Coasters does all the things you expect from the regular coasters, but in addition to this it turns into a decorative succulent when not in use. The set includes six cork covered wooden mats stored neatly inside a terracotta flowerpot. You can arrange the six drink mats in the included planter and create an artificial cactus plant. Buy Now.

Cacti Coasters
Grab and Go Coasters: The Grab and Go Coasters are designed to attach to your bottles, glasses, cans, and glasses and therefore follow you around. These coasters come in a set of four and in assorted colors. Buy Now: $7.

Grab and Go Coasters
Great Coasters: The Great Coasters are all-terrain coasters that keep your drinks stable on uneven surfaces like sandy beaches, and more. These are perfect for beach, tailgating, BBQs, picnics, parties, lunches, and more. These hold variety of cans, bottles, cups or snacks and come in pack of 6. Buy Now: $14.99.

Great Coasters
Two-in-One Wooden Coasters: What can be better than a coaster that prevents the formation of condensation rings, keeps your tabletop protected and even opens your beverage bottles? The Two-in-One Wooden Coasters are handcrafted from wood and features a built-in bottle opener underneath. These measure approximately 3.5" x .5" x 3.5", and come in set of 4. Buy Now: $24.95.

Two-in-One Wooden Coasters
Godinger Race Coasters: The Godinger Race Coasters are perfect for any auto enthusiast; these come in 4-piece set, made of nickel-plated metal, and keeps your tabletop protected. Buy Now: $25.50.

Godinger Race Coasters
Rewritable Coasters: The Re-Writable coasters let you scribble your thoughts, you can write, erase and write again. This Bubble Text Coasters comes with erasable marker. Buy Now: $12.95.

Rewritable Coasters
Instant Glass Coasters: The Instant Glass Coasters lets you use your own photos to personalize them. It comes in set of 4, features a provision to insert your favorite photos and protects your tables. Buy Now: $12.

Instant Glass Coasters
4 Piece Mixed Coasters: This 4 coasters set consists of 4 different coasters in one set. It's made from solid Baltic birch wood, and measures 4 inches - 4.5 inches square. Buy Now: $32.

4 Piece Mixed Coasters
Puzzle Coaster Set: This cool puzzle inspired coaster set is made of stainless steel. Buy Now: $15.

Puzzle Coaster Set
Bottle Coaster: The Bottle Coaster stays with the bottle and catches drops. It protects your table from marks, scratches and prevents the formation of condensation rings on the tabletop. It works with most 750 ml bottles. Buy Now: $17.67.

Bottle Coaster
Fruit Coasters: The Fruit Coasters feature interior ridges, steadies your beverages and prevents the formation of condensation rings. Buy Now: $17.97.

Fruit Coasters
Record Coasters: These multi-colored record shaped coasters protect your table while displaying your preference for records. Buy Now: $10.61.

Record Coasters
Slate Coasters: These naturally edged slate coasters feature protective backing that protects your tabletop, and prevents the formation of condensation rings. The set consists of four 4"x4" coasters. Buy Now: $8.96.

Slate Coasters
Granite Coaster Set: The Granite Coaster Set is made from used countertop granite, features thick natural cork to contain condensation and prevent table scratches. This set of 2 unique drink holders includes On the Rocks chill stones. Buy Now: $48.

Granite Coaster Set
Copper Coasters: These copper coasters are woven together to create a design and no two coasters are ever the same. Apart from this, every viewing angle shows a different color spectrum from luminous gold, orange to deep burgundy and blue. Buy Now.

Copper Coasters
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