Jun 16, 2017

15 Cool Oversized Products.

Well if you had enough of regular sized products, and want to move to the next level to super sized products, we got you covered.

Oversized Cork Table: The Oversized Cork Table takes its inspiration from the shape of a cork and looks like a really big cork. Its decorational and functional too, can be used as a side table or seating, and is perfect for your home. It measures 50 cm height x diameter 34 cm. Buy Now: $191.74.

Oversized Cork Table
Oversized Floor Lamp: The Oversized Floor Lamp looks like any other table tamp that you may have on your desk but this one is really big, measuring 165.4" height x 151.4" length. Its based on normal sized JJlamp that was originally designed in 1937; this oversized floor lamp takes things to a much grandeur scale. Its on/off switch is located on its power cord. Buy Now: $6,750 - $7,290.

Oversized Floor Lamp
Oversized Foldback Clip: The Oversized Foldback Clip is part of super size stationary from German design brand Donkey Products; it is a functional oversized clip that can hold photos, postcards and more. Buy Now.

Oversized Foldback Clip
Oversized Pencil Sharpener: The Oversized Sharpener Desk Tidy looks like an oversized pencil sharpener that keep your pencils, pens, paperclips and more organized on your desk. It measures 8.3 x 12.7 x 12.1 cm. Buy Now: $25.95.

Oversized Pencil Sharpener
Oversized Pencil: The Oversized Pencil lets you write big, and is best suited for fun work station. It's also a part of its super size stationary from Germany for design brand Donkey Products. Buy Now.

Oversized Pencil
Oversized Carrot Body Pillow: The Oversized Carrot Body Pillow looks like an oversized carrot, measures six feet long from the orange tip to the end of the leafy greens on top, and weighs 3 lbs. Buy Now.

Oversized Carrot Body Pillow
Oversized Tooth: The Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar looks like a tooth that you can fill with goodies. Use it to store your chocolates, candies or cookies while it reminds you of the wisdom of brushing and flossing our teeth after meals and snacks. Its made of ceramic, measures 6.5"l x 6.5"w x 8.75"h. Buy Now: $44.

Oversized Tooth
Oversized Beach Ball: The Oversized Beach Ball measures a full 10 feet tall when inflated. Its perfect for your beach play. Buy Now: $199.

Oversized Beach Ball
Oversized Eraser: The Big Eraser comes from Germany for design brand Donkey Products; it is also a part of its super size stationary that lets you erase your super sized mistakes that you make with your over sized pencil. Buy Now.

Oversized Eraser
Oversized Tennis Ball: You know there is something with dogs and ball, go fetch. Well this oversized tennis ball measures 9.5 inches in diameter, and weighs 9.5 oz. Now you got two options: one give it to your dog as a toy to play with it or get an oversized tennis racket and play with it, go figure. Buy Now: $7.99.

Oversized Tennis Ball
Oversized Clip Bag: The Clip Bag looks like an oversized version of a binder clip. More info.

Oversized Clip Bag
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Oversized Icecream Cone Lamp: The Oversized Icecream Cone Lamp looks like a super sized icecream cone, measures 26 inches tall x 11 inches in diameter and looks perfect in your home. Buy Now: $80.

Oversized Icecream Cone Lamp
Oversized Inflatable Rubber Ducky: When you were a kid you must have had your bathroom rubber ducky to play with while bathing. Now you get this super size inflatable rubber ducky that's over 6 feet tall and is perfect for lakes, ponds or swimmingpool. Buy Now: $350.

Oversized Inflatable Rubber Ducky
Oversized Chess Set: The Oversized Chess Set takes things to a super sized level; the pieces come in three parts and at 24" high for the largest playing pieces. Buy Now: $580.

Oversized Chess Set
Oversized Peppermill: On the first causal glance, the Oversized Peppermill looks more of a baseball bat, the peppermill measures 3'-tall, and holds over 2-lbs. of peppercorns. It features an indicator on the top that lets you adjust from a fine to coarse. Its made from hardwood with a satin ebony finish, measure 36" H x 4" D and weighs 7 lbs. Buy Now: $180.

Oversized Peppermill
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