Jun 15, 2017

15 Best Belts for Every Occasion.

Basically belts are built to hold up your pants, but if you get a belt that does much more than just holding up your pants, wont you be interested? Apart from this, we have utility belts, tool belts, and more, like we were saying we got you covered for every occasion.

Smart Belt: Weltbelt is a smart wearable that tracks your health and gives you tips and alerts about your health. It tracks three main general health indicators: waist size, activity and food intake. Its pedometer tracks steps taken, it also tracks sitting time. It can sense waist sizes from 28 to 44 inches in circumference, as waist size is a key starting point for gauging overall health, it comes embedded with smartsensor in its buckle that tracks your waist size in real time. You can recharge it via its micro USB port, and on a one full recharge it lasts for more than 20 days (varies by usage). Personalized health guidance can be seen on its app. It analysis for you and provides health insights and alerts so you can focus on staying active. It even lets you set a personalized goal based on your health data. Apart from all these, it holds up your pants too. More info.

Weltbelt Smart Belt

Storage Pockets Belt: The Storage Pockets Belt is real tough; its so strong that you can even use it to tow a vehicle, its belt buckle made of solid brass is strong enough to easily break a car window. It's handcrafted from English leather (similar to those used in horse saddles), stitched together using polyester thread (those used in the sails of sailing yachts), and metal rivets are used to secure the belt buckle in place, all these making it strong. Apart from these what makes it stand out is its storage pockets; it features three hidden zippered storage areas on the inside of the belt that you can use to store things like utility knife, matches, dollar bills, tools and more that can be of use to you in unfriendly situations. Buy Now: $99.

Storage Pockets Belt

Venturi Adjustable Belt: When most of us wear a belt, we clip on the buckle to a particular hole, and over some time, due to usage and the buckle pressure the belt gets demarcations. And if you happen to gain weight or loose weight and you want to change the hole that you have been using, the demarcation shows out. With Venturi Adjustable Belt you don't need to worry about it, it comes with no holes. It gives you at least 5 inches of adjustability. It's made from materials like military grade webbing, aircraft grade aluminum buckle and more. Pre-order: $39.

Venturi Adjustable Belt

Cache Belt: The Cache Belt is a cool survival multi-tool belt that comes with a ceramic knife, a compass, whistle, flashlight, zip ties, fishhooks, a brass cord, and more. Pre-order.

Cache Belt

Patagonia Tech Web Belt: The Patagonia Tech Web Belt is built like any other belt to hold up your pants, apart from this, the 1½" polyester webbing belt that features an aluminum buckle can also be used as a bottle opener or lashstrap. Buy Now: $29.

Patagonia Tech Web Belt
59 Utility Belt: The 59er Utility Belt is made from used seat belts and industrial strength closure. It comes with two front pockets that are large enough to hold your mobile gadgets, a large main pocket with expandable pleats and an inside pocket that's perfect for your passport. It also features a loop for your keyring. Apart from these you can even place other pouches onto the strap and build it as per your requirement. Buy Now: $ 88.

59 Utility Belt
FlipBelt: The FlipBelt provides you an easy way to hold your smart phone, keys, cash, cards and more while running. Buy Now.

Travel Adventure Belt: The Travel Adventure Belt provides you with up to 50ft of high tensile cord, micro survival guidebook and concealed kit hidden inside to be used in a variety of situations. Buy Now: $69.99 - $84.99.

Travel Adventure Belt

Pelican Hook Belt: The Pelican Hook Belt is handcrafted from full-grain English leather and features a solid brass hook closure. It's a nautically inspired belt. Buy Now: $136.

Pelican Belt
Leather Utility Belt: This handmade designer pocket belt is best suited for those who don't like to take along a cumbersome handbag. It comes with 2 external pockets with closure and 2 inner pockets with zipper, perfect for keeping money and cards. Its best suited for travel, riding around the city and more. Buy Now.

Leather Utility Belt
Royal Runway Designer Tool Belt: The Royal Runway Designer Tool Belt features multiple pockets; comfortably holds your notebook, scissors, blade, pens, thread spool, and other things you need to be at your professional best. Buy Now.

Royal Runway Designer Tool Belt
Cotton Utility Belt: Cotton Utility Belt comes with a total of five pockets, can be worn on your waist or you can also wear it as a satchel around your shoulders. It keeps your essentials safe and at easy access. Its zippered and buttoned pockets are large enough and comfortably hold your passport and smartphone. Buy Now.

Cotton Utility Belt
Leather Tool Belt: The Leather Tool Belt is best suited for woodworkers, finish carpenters and taskmasters. It keeps your basic tools close by, with 3 tiers of fully riveted pockets, double-reinforced belt line for extra durability, and more. Buy Now.

Leather Tool Belt
Leather Belt Bag: The Moroccan handmade Leather Belt Bag is perfect for traveling, features front zipper pockets and phone pouch, a back zipper pocket and more. Buy Now.

Leather Belt Bag
Sportfishing Belt: The Sportfishing Belt features articulating gimbal that makes it easier to fight fish and it can accommodate waist sizes from 28-46 inches. Buy Now: $58.26.

Sportfishing Belt
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