Jun 30, 2017

20 Best Vertical Wall Planters for Indoors and Outdoors.

These vertical wall planters are best suited for urban dwellers who have limited space, yet want to have a touch of greenery to their walls. If you are looking for vertical and wall planters for your home, we have the best for you.

Rainypot: The Rainypot is a cool wall planter that comes with a water filter that waters the plants. All you need to do is pour some water into the opening on the top of the water filter and the water falls through the small holes in its base onto the plant below. Buy Now: $15.90.

(Image: Credit).

Urbio Magnetic Modular System: The Urbio Magnetic Modular System is an attractive way to stay organized while adding a touch of greenery to your walls. It attaches to the wall, and you can attach the containers of your choice. The magnetic containers attach to wall plate. Buy Now.

Urbio Magnetic Modular System
Chalkboard Wall Planter: The Chalkboard Wall Planter is best suited for growing herbs, it comes with moisture mat technology that ensures even distribution of water throughout and the chalkboard paint finish on border lets you to label the herbs. You can water as needed through the top irrigator and the hidden collector tray catches excess runoff. Buy Now: $115.96.

Chalkboard Wall Planter
Oak Frame Wall Planter: The Oak Wall Frame Kit is perfect for your vertical garden, it includes grovert , irrigator, collector and frame. It makes watering easy, when you pour the water in the irrigator, the excess water gets collected in the collector at the bottom. Buy Now: $ 124.90.

Oak Frame Wall Planter
Living Wall Planter: The Living Wall Planter is perfect for growing a living wall and turns even the blackest of thumbs, green. Buy Now: $19.

Living Wall Planter
Cable Wall Planter: The Cable Wall Planter makes turning your wall green as easy as placing a picture on the wall. Using a marine-grade braided cable, you can place this planter from a single point on the wall. It holds two 4" nursery plants comfortably. Its water port is concealed yet accessible for adding water. Buy Now: $58.

Cable Wall Planter
Cool Wall Planter: With this cool wall planter you can make your own beautiful vertical garden, it comes with leaking sieve, and promotes healthy root growth. Buy Now: $13.

Cool Wall Planter
Serenity Garden Planter: The Serenity Garden Planter is perfect for your outdoors, looks elegant, and is a decorative accent and a garden adornment. Buy Now: $60.

Serenity Garden Planter
Faceted White Wall Planter: This succulent planter is made of slipcast porcelain with a clear glaze, has a hole at the back for easy fixing to the wall, and its weight is kept to a minimum, as it is hollow. The planter is 5.5" wide, 3.5" out from your wall, and 3.5" tall. Buy Now.

Faceted White Wall Planter
Walnut wood Wall Planters: These Walnut wood Wall Planters are handmade from sustainable walnut, and the interior is lined with a colored laminate; are best suited for succulents, small house plants and more. Buy Now.

Walnut wood Wall Planters
Off The Wall Planter: The Off The Wall Planter is a cool ceramic planter that you can fix on your walls at an angle. It features hidden wall fixture for a seamless look and are perfect for cacti or succulents. Buy Now: $15.99.

Off The Wall Planter
Hiveplanters: Turn your wall into a living work of greenery with these planters. These are designed to display airplants on the wall, made with white stoneware, matte finish on the outside, and glazed clear on the inside. Comes in set of 9. Buy Now.

Leather Porcelain Wall Planter: The Leather Porcelain Wall Planter features a leather strap that can be used to fix the planter on the wall. It looks like a cute tote to grow your greens on your walls. Comes in set of 3. Buy Now.

Leather Porcelain Wall Planter
Bubble Shape Wall Planters: These handmade Bubble Shape Wall Planters are best suited for airplants, comes in set of 5. Buy Now.

Bubble Shape Wall Planters
Geometric Minimal Wall Planter: The Geometric Minimal Wall Planter looks cool by itself or in a group; this porcelain wall planter is best suited for airplants, trailing plants, kitchen herbs, cactus or succulent mini-garden and lets you give a touch of greenery to any wall. It's available in 5 convenient sizes and 10 customizable colors. Buy Now.

Geometric Minimal Wall Planter
Vertical Planter Frame: The Vertical Planter Frame is handmade from vintage picture frames, comes with plastic-coated wire mesh fastened to the back of each frame, providing approx. 3" of depth for planting. Buy Now.

Vertical Planter Frame
Rustic Wooden Planter Box: This beautiful three tier herbs planter box lets you give a touch of greenery along with a rustic look to any wall. Buy Now.

Rustic Wooden Planter Box
Wall Pocket Wall Planter: This waterproof wall planter is made from felt, that lets the soil to breathe and your plants to grow healthy. The planter's back and bottom are watertight. Buy Now.

Wall Pocket Wall Planter
Succulent Wall Planters: The Succulent Wall Planters are perfect for adding a touch of greenery to any wall. These planters are made in a light material, and sure to look good in any style home or room. Buy Now.

Succulent Wall Planters
Watertight Wall Planter: The 3x3 wall garden is made from felt, that allows the soil to breathe and your plants to grow healthy. Planter's backs and bottoms are watertight. Its modular, portable, waterproof, watertight and handcrafted. Buy Now.

Watertight Wall Planter
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Jun 29, 2017

15 Best Shipping Container Shaped Products.

If you have been looking for products to give a touch of industrial look and feel to your room or home, we got you covered. We have the best freight storage container shaped furniture, boxes, storage cabinets and more for you from all over the world.

Shipping Container Tissuebox: This cool Shipping Container Tissuebox holds your tissuebox, looks like one of those big shipping cargo containers, except it's a miniature version of it. It's made of iron to make it even more authentic. The large shipping container box measures 30.5*12.5*14.0 CM, and the smaller box measures 16.5*12.5*14.0 CM. You can even get your own customized logo screen printed onto these mini-shipping containers if you order 50 qty. Buy Now: $69.

Shipping Container Tissuebox
Shipping Container Cabinets: These Shipping Container Cabinets are a contemporary take on industrial freight storage containers by Sander Mulder. These are built to resemble industrial shipping containers, can be placed and rotated to create multiple storage configurations. Buy Now.

Shipping Container Cabinets
Shipping Container Cabinets
Shipping Container Cabinets
Shipping Container Cabinets
Shipping Container Coffee Table Wrap: Now you can transform a cardboard box into a coffee table that looks like an intermodal shipping container with this cool shipping container adhesive wrap. The intermodal shipping container wrap measures 48 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches, includes the top, two side doors, and two long side panels. Buy Now: $220.

Shipping Container Coffee Table Wrap
Industrial Container Trunks: These freight container trunks are perfect for creating an industrial style setting in your room. These are handmade from wood and handpainted and the largest trunk is size L70cm x W 50cm x H 50cm. Buy Now: $950.

Industrial Container Trunks
Container Box With Pen Holder: This container box is perfect for your desk; it holds your tissuebox along with your pens. It comes with a tissuebox holder and a penholder. It measures 30.5*12.5*14.0 CM, to give it an authentic industrial look its made of iron. You can even get your own customized logo screen printed onto these mini-shipping containers if you order 50 qty. Buy Now: $75.

Container Box With Pen Holder
Box Container Auto Flip Clock: The Box Container Auto Flip Clock is perfect to give a touch of industrial setting to your room, it shows time of the original props, similar to sports scoreboard. Buy Now: $99.

Box Container Auto Flip Clock
Desktop Shipping Container: The Desktop Shipping Container is made from corrugated plastic, and comes with realistic metal texture printed on the surface. It measures approximately 7.5 in wide by 4.75 in tall and 3.75 in deep. Perfect for keeping your pens, pencils or other desktop instruments within reach. Buy Now: $19.95.

Desktop Shipping Container

Shipping Container Veneer For Ikea Side Table: To get an industrial look in your home, this corrugated shipping container sheath for your Ikea Lack side table is perfect. The 5 corrugated plastic sheets need assembling and the included 8 stickers hold the panels together. Buy Now: $ 149.

Shipping Container Veneer For Ikea Side Table
Industrial Container Side Table: The Industrial Container Side Table is constructed from iron, comes equipped with a removable shelf and a large amount of storage space, and includes a hasp and ring for lockable functionality. Buy Now.

Industrial Container Side Table
Container Lockers: These creative Container Lockers are handmade, to make it look more authentic its made of iron, measures 30*12*14 CM, and are prefect to hold your things. You can even get your own customized logo screen printed onto these mini-shipping containers if you order 50 qty. Buy Now: $69.

Container Lockers
ABS Container Tissuebox: This miniature container holds your tissuebox, measures 25x12x11cm, is made from ABS and available in colors: yellow, green, orange, brown, blue, and red. Buy Now: $15.

ABS Container Tissuebox
Container Storage Boxes: These cool storage boxes look like a miniature version of the big shipping cargo containers, this metal series is available in silver, gold and copper, perfect for storing your stationary, small things or whatever you want. Buy Now: $45.

Container Storage Boxes
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Jun 28, 2017

15 Best Tools To Grow Your Own Tomatoes and Potatoes.

How about growing your own tomatoes and potatoes for making fresh ketchup and fries? If you have ever grown your own vegetables or fruits or even herbs, then we are sure you know what it really means getting the fresh vegetables or herbs right of the plant. Its aroma, and freshness cant be described; you need to feel it yourselves. And if you haven't grown a vegetable plant in your life, then how about doing it now? Its never too late, read on.

Tomato Success Kit: The Tomato Success Kit is perfect for those who have limited knowledge about gardening or limited space. It comes with everything you need to grow your own delicious tomatoes. Its self-watering, includes planter, support system, soil mix and more and lets you grow big crops of tastier tomatoes. Buy Now: $79.95.

Tomato Success Kit
Potato Barrel: The Potato Barrel is a frost proof potato planter that lets you grow delicious potatoes right on a patio or even a balcony and when you need fresh potatoes simply lift up the sides of the barrel to harvest just few at a time or as needed. It comes with 80 liters capacity, measures 60cm H x 43cm D and you can plant 5 seed potatoes. Buy Now: About $25 (£19.95).

Potato Barrel
Tomtato: This unique Tomtato plant produces potatoes and tomatoes; tomatoes above the ground and potatoes below the ground. You can grow them indoors and outdoors. Buy Now: From $25 (£19.99).

Self-Watering Tomato Planter: The Self-Watering Tomato Planter lets you grow your own organic tomatoes right at home and all year-round. It uses olla technology-an ancient technique used by desert farmers; the olla container releases the water to the soil only as the plants need it. Its 64 oz. mason jar comes with organic moisture-balancing biochar and organic nutrient-rich soil perfect for efficient plant growth. Just pour water once a week and the olla container does its work. Now you can harvest fresh organic cherry tomatoes right at home for months. Buy Now: $28.49.

Self-Watering Tomato Planter
Grow Your Own Potatoes Planter: The Grow Your Own Potatoes Planter lets you watch your potatoes grow from small bulbs to ripe veggies. It consists of two containers - inner and an outer. Just lift the inner container to look at your potatoes as they grow from little bulbs to fresh potatoes in 8-10 weeks. Its inner container gives you access to your potatoes and you can harvest just few at a time as needed. Buy Now: $19.95.

Grow Your Own Potatoes Planter
Tomato Barrel: The Hydrofarm Tomato Barrel is a self-watering planter that provides strong support and expands to over 4-feet tall. It includes a round planter, 3 support rings and 3 connecting risers. It's designed to provide lightweight, strong support for tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables. Buy Now: $34.

Tomato Barrel
Upside-Down Tomato Garden: The Upside-Down Tomato Garden lets you grow a compact garden almost anywhere. The tomato plant grows downward from the top. Buy Now: $29.99.

Upside-Down Tomato Garden
Potato Grow Bag: The Potato Grow Bag makes it easy for you to grow potatoes anywhere you want in your home - patio, stairs, roof, corner, and more. This 7-gallon planter bag lets roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts yield and plant growth. Its access cover makes it easy for you to get the potatoes. It's lightweight, waterproof and easy to handle. It measures 13.3" D and 13.7" H, you can plant about 4 to 6 seed potato plants in each bag. Buy Now: $13.99.

Potato Grow Bag
Honeycomb Tomato Planter: The Honeycomb Tomato Planter is a self-watering tomato planter that's designed for maximum harvest in minimal space. This innovative, low-maintenance planter comes with integrated 33" high tomato support, dual-hydrate watering system, honeycomb ventilation and lightweight grow bag liner. Now you can grow a super-productive tomato plant right on your patio or deck. Its honeycomb ventilation and lightweight grow bag liner air prunes roots, its dual-hydrate watering system takes care of watering, and its integrated 33" high tomato support provides extra support for the branches. Buy Now: $33.99 - $39.99.

Honeycomb Tomato Planter
Pop Up Tomato Accelerator: The Pop Up Tomato Accelerator is a protective miniature growhouse that protects young tomato plants from cool temperatures and wind. It features a zippered mesh top that opens for even better ventilation, lets the warm air out, and prevents overheating and flattens for easy storage. Buy Now: $14.95.

Pop Up Tomato Accelerator
Micro Drip Irrigation Kit: The Micro Drip Irrigation Kit gives water to the root zone where the young tomato plants need it most, keeps foliage dry, and conserves water. It is said to use up to 90% less water than sprinklers. It comes with 6 stakes to hold dripnozzles and water to 6 plants. Buy Now: $24.95.

Micro Drip Irrigation Kit
Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter: The Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter is perfect for those with limited space, apartments and more. You can place it from a tree, balcony, porch, patio or deck. It comes with a built in funnel on top of the bag for watering and fertilizers. Just plant your tomato plant after filling in the soil, water as needed, and get ready to have ripe tomatoes harvest in a months time. Buy Now: $13.75.

Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter
Geopot Potato Bag with Handles: The Geopot Potato Bag is a 15 gallon fabric bag that features an opening that lets you access your delicious potatoes and harvest as needed. As it's a fabric bag, its completely breathable and provides perfect conditions for root structure by aerating the root zone and also drainage. Buy Now: $14.79.

Geopot Potato Bag with Handles
Pack Ultomato Tomato Support System: The Gardener's Blue Ribbon Ultomato adjustable tomato support system is designed specifically for growing tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables. It consists of three 5' heavy-duty sturdy stakes and nine fully adjustable support clips that continuously supports throughout the plant's growth. Buy Now: $29.99.

Pack Ultomato Tomato Support System
Tomato Ring: The Tomato Ring is a plant support that's made of galvanized spring steel and specifically designed for growing tomatoes though it supports peppers, dahlias, and more. It comes in set of 6, use one, two or three depending on the expected size of your plant, it works will all typical support stakes and holds your large tomato plants. All you need to do is secure the first ring about 1 foot off the ground, and move the top ring up as your plant grows. Buy Now: $21.

Tomato Ring
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